11th October 2007 Archive

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  • Mozilla mobilizes for mobile Firefox browser

    'We plan to rock it'

    Applications 11 Oct 00:54

  • Binary interfaces in component development

    A template class with static data - how can that possibly go wrong?

    Software 11 Oct 08:02

  • Open source CMS - promise without pitfall

    Introductions all round

    Software 11 Oct 09:02

  • UK ID card service mounts birth, marriage, death landgrab

    A big hello to whole-life logging

    Government 11 Oct 09:02

  • MP warns against Microsoft monopoly in e-gov services

    'Those who don't use Windows should simply not bother'

    Government 11 Oct 09:09

  • Dot-mobi domains go to highest bidders

    Auction generates $850,000

    Mobile 11 Oct 09:23

  • Apple nears MacBook revamp release?

    Speed bump and new iMac-like enclosure suggested

    Hardware 11 Oct 09:29

  • Disney download rapped for cost and clarity

    ASA slams Mickey Mouse outfit

    Law 11 Oct 09:42

  • DA suppressed Alabama Baptist pastor autopsy

    Died of suffocation, but why?

    Law 11 Oct 09:55

  • Sage rips hole in US management team

    Spits out bullish forecast as shares dive

    The Channel 11 Oct 10:02

  • EU privacy verdict on Google set for new year

    Data D-Day

    Law 11 Oct 10:09

  • Security spending soars

    Enforcement tech eats up 20% of IT budgets

    The Channel 11 Oct 10:33

  • RIM settles SureType patent infringement spat

    Licenses predictive text tech from Eatoni

    Phones 11 Oct 10:45

  • Boeing delays 787 Dreamliner

    Six month knock-back to November 2008

    Science 11 Oct 10:46

  • JVC floats buoyant speaker for bathtimes

    Hardware 11 Oct 10:56

  • Preterite peter-out: How the end beginned

    Dark forces of regularisation smite irregular verbs

    Bootnotes 11 Oct 11:40

  • Sony Ericsson Walkman W660i music phone

    3G makeover

    Phones 11 Oct 12:13

  • Rockstar to battle BBFC over Manhunt 2 ban

    Developer says ban is a 'setback for all videogames'

    Games 11 Oct 12:42

  • YouTube invades Google Earth

    Video placemarks add a 'sense of life'

    Applications 11 Oct 12:45

  • Americans' interest rates plummet

    When it comes to internet searches that is

    Software 11 Oct 12:53

  • Intel and Nokia make first step to forming mobile internet axis

    Nokia to use Intel's chipset in WiMAX devices

    Networks 11 Oct 12:55

  • 3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

    Lorry crash poultry pandemonium

    Bootnotes 11 Oct 12:56

  • Chemistry Nobel awarded to semiconductor boffin

    While Doris Lessing scoops literature gong

    Science 11 Oct 13:15

  • $3 trillion gets you 14m Microsofts at PC World (Ballmers not inc.)

    The Channel 11 Oct 13:18

  • Korea IPTV deal recasts Sony PS3 as set-top box

    Games 11 Oct 13:26

  • Mystery Israeli satellite telly disruption blamed on UN

    Independence Day-style alien invasion plot discounted

    Broadband 11 Oct 13:32

  • MS readies second-gen 65nm Xbox 360?

    'Jasper' due next year

    Games 11 Oct 13:43

  • Sony Ericsson profits fall on cheaper phones

    More units shipped though

    Financial News 11 Oct 13:46

  • MoD in £270m splurge on extra HQ computer terminals

    Heads into the 'Above Secret environment'

    Data Centre 11 Oct 13:47

  • Beeb news website goes titsup

    The news is... there is no news

    Servers 11 Oct 13:55

  • iPod Classic to ring till loudly for Apple, analyst says


    Hardware 11 Oct 14:03

  • Britney's wares exposed online

    Forthcoming album escapes into cyberspace

    Bootnotes 11 Oct 14:41

  • Exploit Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday Word update

    Action adds to malicious reaction

    Security 11 Oct 14:42

  • Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

    No drowning polar bears on this planet, Al

    Science 11 Oct 14:43

  • US trade body knocks up disk drive, PC vendors

    Disk patent case spins faster

    The Channel 11 Oct 15:06

  • UK to get Samsung music phone next week

    Company begins SGH handset rollout

    Phones 11 Oct 16:15

  • Telly vision: future display technologies

    Coming soon to a screen near you...

    Hardware 11 Oct 16:42

  • Student suspended in gun rights email row

    Shot by both sides

    Law 11 Oct 18:03

  • US regional bank hacked

    Thwarted hack exposes score

    Security 11 Oct 18:14

  • Suicide website creator arrested for murder

    Latin: sui caedere, to kill oneself — important distinction here

    CIO 11 Oct 19:18

  • Dell pushes $9bn sales through the channel

    Pump up the volume

    The Channel 11 Oct 20:05

  • Logicalis wins big in Wales

    Broadband for the public sector

    The Channel 11 Oct 20:09

  • Windows update brings down TV newscast

    Production system crashes just ahead of show

    Applications 11 Oct 20:22

  • SysAdmin of the Year deadline draws near

    Honor thy troubleshooter

    Data Networking 11 Oct 20:43

  • Crudware pusher to pay $25,000 to settle charges

    Warning! Windows requires immediate attention

    Security 11 Oct 22:14

  • Google, Intel and Sun save the world!

    Or something like that

    Semi-Coherent Computing 11 Oct 22:33

  • Citrix adds OS provisioning to lineup

    Ardence technology digested

    Virtualization 11 Oct 23:07