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Mozilla mobilizes for mobile Firefox browser

Mozilla is prepping a mobile version of Firefox, the world's most popular open-source web browser.
Cade Metz, 11 Oct 2007
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Binary interfaces in component development

Part 2In the first part of this series we looked at how problems emerge when we make the transformation from source code to binary code, and we saw that even when the code is correct errors can be introduced by using dynamic libraries instead of a monolithic binary.
Dan Clarke, 11 Oct 2007
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Open source CMS - promise without pitfall

Open source has changed operating systems, application servers and databases. Now, the benefits of open source are being realized in content management systems (CMS), traditionally a vendor-controlled world of expensive licensing and closed APIs.

UK ID card service mounts birth, marriage, death landgrab

The UK Identity & Passport Service (IPS) has staged an identity landgrab on birth, marriage and death records. From April 2008 the General Register Office, which is responsible for recording these matters and is currently a directorate of the Office of National Statistics, is to become part of IPS, meaning that IPS will be logging you from the moment you're born until the moment you die.
John Lettice, 11 Oct 2007

MP warns against Microsoft monopoly in e-gov services

Citizens are being excluded from e-government services because they don't have the right software, an MP has warned.
Kablenet, 11 Oct 2007

Dot-mobi domains go to highest bidders

The first dot-mobi auction has closed on a high, with domain name marketplace Sedo.com selling 100 mobile web addresses to the highest bidders.
Ciara O'Brien, 11 Oct 2007

Apple nears MacBook revamp release?

Revamped Apple MacBook laptops appear to be nearing release, if online reports to be believed. The new models could be the first to sport revised power adaptors prompted byan apparent revision of the unit that ships with the MacBook Pro.
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2007

Disney download rapped for cost and clarity

The Walt Disney Company has been censured by the UK advertising watchdog for not making clear that a children's mobile phone game cost £5 in its advertising.
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Oct 2007

DA suppressed Alabama Baptist pastor autopsy

On 24 June this year, 51-year-old Reverend Gary M Aldridge, senior pastor at the Thorington Road Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, was found dead at his home having failed to put in an appearance at that morning's services.
Lester Haines, 11 Oct 2007

Sage rips hole in US management team

Software maker Sage Group today said that it had ousted two senior executives from the American division of its business.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Oct 2007

EU privacy verdict on Google set for new year

European data watchdogs will deliver their judgement on whether Google's data warehousing policies are violating privacy laws in the new year.
Christopher Williams, 11 Oct 2007
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Security spending soars

Organisations are spending as much as 20 per cent of their IT budgets on security, according to a new survey.
John Leyden, 11 Oct 2007

RIM settles SureType patent infringement spat

Research In Motion (RIM) has reached an agreement with Eatoni Ergonomics, a little-known developer of predictive text input software for mobile devices, who claimed the Canadian company's BlackBerry incorporated technology it had no right to use.
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2007

Boeing delays 787 Dreamliner

Boeing has delayed delivery of its 787 Dreamliner by six months, shortly after rather recklessly claiming it could dispatch the first example to All-Nippon Airways by May 2008 following a compressed flight test schedule.
Lester Haines, 11 Oct 2007

JVC floats buoyant speaker for bathtimes

If you can’t bear to be separated from your music while taking a bath, JVC may be able to help you. It’s created a speaker that’s actually designed to float alongside you while you take your daily scrub.
James Sherwood, 11 Oct 2007

Preterite peter-out: How the end beginned

Those of you who like your English as God intended - complete with the inexplicable spellings and irregular verbs which cause such woe to students of our beloved mother tongue - will doubtless be alarmed at the news that the irregular preterite is heading for possible extinction as the forces of regularisation bring the errant past tense back into line.
Lester Haines, 11 Oct 2007

Sony Ericsson Walkman W660i music phone

ReviewSony Ericsson has made the most of its Walkman resurrection and is cashing in on the brand's cachet with a fast-growing range. But by filing the gaps with samey phones like the 3G-capable W660i, is Sony Ericsson in danger of losing its edge?
Simon Lorne, 11 Oct 2007

Rockstar to battle BBFC over Manhunt 2 ban

Manhunt 2 developer Rockstar will fight the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) over the organisation's second refusal to grant the game a UK rating - a verdict it said was "unacceptable".
James Sherwood, 11 Oct 2007

YouTube invades Google Earth

Google Earth has announced the latest enhancement to its popular topless Dutch sunbather-spotting service in the form of a YouTube layer which "places videos in their geographical context and provides a new way of discovering and understanding the world".
Lester Haines, 11 Oct 2007
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Americans' interest rates plummet

Nevermind what the small ads say, it seems Americans just aren’t curious any more. Latest figures from Comscore show those living North of the Rio Grande are amongst the world’s least prolific internet searchers.
Joe Fay, 11 Oct 2007

Intel and Nokia make first step to forming mobile internet axis

CommentThe announcement that Nokia would use Intel chips in its forthcoming WiMAX devices was hardly unexpected, given that the two giants have been working together for more than two years in this area.
Wireless Watch, 11 Oct 2007

3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

A jack-knifed lorry this morning brought much of central Scotland to a standstill after its cargo of 3,000 chickens broke loose onto the A80 near Haggs, paralysing road traffic and "causing huge tailbacks across the Forth Valley".
Lester Haines, 11 Oct 2007

Chemistry Nobel awarded to semiconductor boffin

The Nobel prize for chemistry has been awarded to Gerhard Ertl, now based at Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Berlin, for his work in establishing a fundamental experimental approach to surface chemistry.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Oct 2007

$3 trillion gets you 14m Microsofts at PC World (Ballmers not inc.)

As usual, we'll start with the good news. Carly Fiorina is back in the public eye after far too long an absence following her departure from HP two years ago.
Billy MacInnes, 11 Oct 2007
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Korea IPTV deal recasts Sony PS3 as set-top box

Korea Telecom will next month connect its IPTV service that will feed shows to Sony's PlayStation 3 games console.
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2007

Mystery Israeli satellite telly disruption blamed on UN

Mysterious high-powered transmissions have caused a month of severe interference with Israeli satellite television, threatening the commercial viability of the country's major sat-broadcaster.
Lewis Page, 11 Oct 2007

MS readies second-gen 65nm Xbox 360?

Microsoft will release updated versions of its Xbox 360, this time with even more 65nm chippery, from August 2008, the console's pundit-in-chief has claimed.
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2007

Sony Ericsson profits fall on cheaper phones

Mobile manufacturer Sony Ericsson's third quarter profit fell by 10 per cent despite shipping more units over the past year.
Charlie Taylor, 11 Oct 2007
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MoD in £270m splurge on extra HQ computer terminals

The UK MoD has added a further 3,300 network terminals to its massive Defence Information Infrastructure (Future) - or DII(F) - project*. These new machines will be specifically intended for command of military operations from frontline headquarters nodes.
Lewis Page, 11 Oct 2007
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Beeb news website goes titsup

The BBC news website was down for over an hour at lunchtime today due to an apparent technical glitch with its servers.
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Oct 2007

iPod Classic to ring till loudly for Apple, analyst says

Apple's $349 160GB iPod Classic contains $190 worth of components, it has been claimed. While the remaining $159 isn't all profit, it still means the Mac maker does very nicely, thank you, out of every Classic it sells.
Tony Smith, 11 Oct 2007

Britney's wares exposed online

The release date of troubled chanteuse Britney Spears' forthcoming album has been moved forward two weeks after some of the tracks found their way into cyberspace, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 11 Oct 2007
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Exploit Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday Word update

The trend for exploiting vulnerabilities around the same time as Microsoft's monthly Patch Tuesday update continues.
John Leyden, 11 Oct 2007

Judge rules Gore's film an inconvenient catalogue of errors

A UK judge has ruled that schools are allowed to show Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, but only if the film is accompanied by guidance highlighting the areas where the ex-vice president of America strays off the scientific terra firma, the BBC reports.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Oct 2007
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US trade body knocks up disk drive, PC vendors

A quintet of disk drive and PC vendors are being investigated by the US International Trade Commission as part of a patent infringement case.
Joe Fay, 11 Oct 2007

UK to get Samsung music phone next week

Brits will next week get first dibs on one of Samsung’s latest music handsets. The company is launching three music phones across Europe over the coming weeks, starting with the SGH-F210 in the UK.
James Sherwood, 11 Oct 2007

Student suspended in gun rights email row

A US University has suspended a student after he sent emails suggesting that incidents such as the Virginia Tech massacre might have been prevented if students were allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.
John Leyden, 11 Oct 2007

US regional bank hacked

Hackers infiltrated the systems of Commerce Bank and accessed the records of 20 customers, the US regional bank said today.
John Leyden, 11 Oct 2007

Suicide website creator arrested for murder

Police in Japan arrested a man who ran an internet suicide help site for allegedly being a little too helpful.
Austin Modine, 11 Oct 2007

Dell pushes $9bn sales through the channel

For a mostly direct company, Dell has bloody big channel revenues too - $9bn a year and rising. That's what High Panjandrum Michael Dell told the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida this week.
Team Register, 11 Oct 2007
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Logicalis wins big in Wales

Logicalis has won a £74m gig to build and run the public sector broadband network in Wales. The reseller says the seven-year deal is the biggest commercial contract it's won to date. Press release here. ®
Team Register, 11 Oct 2007
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Windows update brings down TV newscast

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania television station was forced to broadcast its noon newscast from its parking lot on Wednesday because this month's Windows update wasn't installed in time. The "major meltdown" occurred during a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate Channel 11's new facility, attended by executives from Cox Broadcasting, the station's parent company.
Dan Goodin, 11 Oct 2007

SysAdmin of the Year deadline draws near

Do you have a System Administrator who needs some loving? We've got a tip: Nominate him or her for SysAdmin of the Year.
Austin Modine, 11 Oct 2007

Crudware pusher to pay $25,000 to settle charges

A California man has agreed to pay $25,000 to settle charges he dished out misleading advertisements that duped computer users into buying unneeded software they were told would fix critical operating system errors.
Dan Goodin, 11 Oct 2007
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Google, Intel and Sun save the world!

Radio RegWelcome to Episode 8 of Semi-Coherent Computing - the savior edition.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Oct 2007

Citrix adds OS provisioning to lineup

Ten months after the Ardence acquisition, Citrix is ready to add the technology to its lineup.
Austin Modine, 11 Oct 2007

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