10th October 2007 Archive

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  • 100Gbps Internet2 is ready

    ...for boring research. C'mon!

    Data Networking 10 Oct 00:35

  • Apple sued over i-Bricks

    'Unlawful tying agreement'

    Phones 10 Oct 00:36

  • Only Sky can save digital TV

    If you're a public broadcaster, every lunch is free

    Broadband 10 Oct 07:02

  • Service Design - ITIL v3

    Integrating IT with the business

    Software 10 Oct 08:02

  • Word vuln stars in Patch Tuesday litter

    Four out of six updates rated critical

    Security 10 Oct 08:04

  • Google nabs patent for Sun's Project Blackbox?

    'I own mobile data centers'

    Data Centre 10 Oct 08:12

  • Burmese cops in UN hard drive snatch kerfuffle

    UN: It never happened. And we don't know any monks either

    Law 10 Oct 08:51

  • MPs praise e-passport roll out

    But there are challenges ahead

    Government 10 Oct 09:13

  • Google's 'Gphone' said to be mobile OS

    No 'iPhone killer' handset

    Mobile 10 Oct 09:16

  • IT spending to top $3 trillion in 2007

    But don't pop the champagne corks yet

    The Channel 10 Oct 09:23

  • Nvidia brings forward G92 launch?

    The better to compete with AMD's latest, apparently

    Hardware 10 Oct 09:33

  • New web accessibility guidelines will be ignored, says critic

    'All the cool kids already know about it'

    CIO 10 Oct 09:42

  • Orange puts plum back in mouth

    Customer tone to be less informal

    Mobile 10 Oct 09:54

  • Sony off-shoot unveils 'cheaper' Blu-ray drive for laptops

    BD burner for desktops too

    Hardware 10 Oct 10:02

  • AMD updates Phenom timetable

    Gathering steam

    Hardware 10 Oct 10:22

  • ISP bosses told to get real on broadband speeds

    Ofcom Consumer Panel wades in

    Broadband 10 Oct 10:24

  • Security researchers plot revamped anti-virus tests

    Behaviour-based testing

    Security 10 Oct 10:47

  • Nintendo limbers up for Wii Fit

    The first weight-loss will be from your wallet

    Games 10 Oct 10:48

  • Email evidence jacks up litigation costs

    Head-scratching all round

    Law 10 Oct 11:22

  • Jihadi-sniffers blame White House for leaking secrets

    Backdoor fingered in DC leaky brief rumpus

    Government 10 Oct 11:27

  • Carphone bets on iPhone peripherals and free laptops

    Numbers grow, but slower

    Broadband 10 Oct 11:33

  • Catholic dating sites exchange rings

    Do you take my assets? I do

    Financial News 10 Oct 12:15

  • Terminator will be back in 2009

    Cameo role for Arnie in Terminator Salvation?

    Bootnotes 10 Oct 12:35

  • BT Tradespace drags small biz kicking and screaming onto Web 2.0

    eBay, Yellow Pages and Facebook walk into a bar...

    Small Biz 10 Oct 13:16

  • Has-beens jump on free downloads bandwagon

    Oasis: still going, apparently

    Media 10 Oct 13:20

  • Foxconn readies its first Intel X38 mobo

    Hardware 10 Oct 13:22

  • Samsung specs up updated UMPC phone

    Big handset or small PC?

    Hardware 10 Oct 13:47

  • MSI lets slip AMD 790FX mobo

    RD790 real-world moniker revealed

    Hardware 10 Oct 13:50

  • World's dumbest file-sharer mulls appeal

    Not so Jammie

    Law 10 Oct 14:47

  • Beijing's Olympian censorship machine laid bare

    Hot favourite for gold in net oppression

    Government 10 Oct 15:09

  • Apple prepares iPhone WebApp catalogue

    While secretly developing real applications

    Software 10 Oct 15:16

  • Fairly realistic flying car offered for 2009 delivery

    It's a car. It can fly. That's it.

    Science 10 Oct 15:45

  • BT puckers up for Frenchie IT outfit

    Another tango in Paris

    The Channel 10 Oct 16:24

  • Plods-turned-gumshoes jailed for hacking operation

    Snoop ring cracked

    Security 10 Oct 16:41

  • Hey car thief! Gonna shut you down

    GM heralds post-theft switch-off

    Security 10 Oct 19:15

  • Future of computing safe, thanks to Excel patch

    Bug gave wrong results when calculating frequently occuring number

    Software 10 Oct 19:34

  • Blinkx targets money-hungry video sharers

    Embed video, insert ad, satisfy greed

    Media 10 Oct 19:44

  • The truth about virtualization

    Hot or Not?

    Virtualization 10 Oct 19:45

  • Mandriva Linux 2008 is out and about

    No longer not available

    Operating Systems 10 Oct 19:48

  • Dell boots disks and fires up streamed PCs

    Thin clients and blades are for the weak

    Virtualization 10 Oct 19:50

  • Reg Dev plunges into Gapingvoid

    Micro comment

    Software 10 Oct 21:02

  • Quantum sues Riverbed over de-dupe patent

    Trying to eliminate IP redundancy?

    Storage 10 Oct 21:56

  • Curl mounts Silverlight and AIR challenge

    Open source RIA

    Software 10 Oct 22:13

  • Virgin Galactic: Flights 'still a few years away'

    Not going ballistic

    Science 10 Oct 22:19

  • This emergency alert has been cancelled by Hotmail

    More friendly fire in the war on spam

    Security 10 Oct 22:31

  • History dictates future of virtualization

    A technology, not a market

    Software 10 Oct 23:06

  • 3Com sues 3Com over 3Com buyout


    The Channel 10 Oct 23:26

  • Ohio docks official one week's holiday for data breach

    Penalty time

    Security 10 Oct 23:28

  • Panasas decides to redefine RAID

    And why not?

    Storage 10 Oct 23:31