9th October 2007 Archive

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  • Vonage pays Sprint $80m to square patent dispute

    One down...

    VoIP 09 00:32

  • BT home router wide open to hijackers

    Authentication bypass exposes many customers

    Broadband 09 00:34

  • Concern over gas guzzling software

    Code green

    Software 09 01:47

  • Avnet now proud owner of Magirus enterprise biz

    If it's Tuesday, it must be Dubai

    The Channel 09 02:07

  • Gateway and Packard Bell is done deal

    Subject to regulators, workers etc.

    The Channel 09 04:29

  • Dell's new blade server takes M1000e moniker

    The 'e' is for lequed cooling

    Servers 09 07:47

  • An unsatisfactory meal in County Antrim

    Relishing the luxuries of business executive travel

    Verity Stob 09 08:02

  • Facebookers abandon online privacy for virtual doo-doo

    When the s**t hits the social network

    Applications 09 08:51

  • Pilot sacked for footie star on flightdeck shocker

    Airline savages Gulf war vet

    Bootnotes 09 08:56

  • McAfee ties up SafeBoot buy for $350m

    Encryption plus anti-malware to counter data loss worries

    Security 09 09:02

  • Capgemini wins five year LSC deal

    Takes over from Fujitsu and Xansa

    The Channel 09 09:03

  • MPs slam employment agency IT

    Systems at Jobcentre Plus 'slow and problematic'

    Management 09 09:07

  • Bloke buys supercar 'without proper consent from the wife'

    Failed to correctly interpret other half's opinion

    Bootnotes 09 09:08

  • AMD adjusts Athlon prices

    Some up, some down

    Hardware 09 09:24

  • Astronomers witness birth of a mini-Earth

    Distant rocky planets emerging from the dust

    Science 09 09:30

  • Zep promoter piles into eBay

    'Biggest rip-off merchants in the world', thunders Harvey Goldsmith

    Media 09 09:35

  • Rise of the f*cking machines: Arse Elektronika bumps uglies with Web 2.0

    Teledildonics to fill emptiness of modern geek-based life forms?

    Bootnotes 09 09:42

  • Seagate admits Flash-fitted HDDs fall short of promised benefits

    BIOS, driver code to blame, apparently

    Hardware 09 09:48

  • LogicaCMG finds itself a CEO at BT

    Shares jump

    The Channel 09 09:48

  • Samsung shows SIM-squared mobile

    One handset, two SIM cards

    Phones 09 09:57

  • 3UK still haemorrhaging money

    Though loss slowing thanks to interest-free loans

    Broadband 09 09:59

  • Sony to cut Japanese PS3 prices

    Unveils 40GB model there too

    Games 09 10:13

  • Online casinos hit by bot armies

    Don't bet against money laundering robots

    Security 09 10:15

  • C2000 shakes up management team

    Goes after better salesman patter

    The Channel 09 10:20

  • T-Mobile data service collapses

    Feeling left out by robust network

    Broadband 09 10:33

  • .Asia domains are go

    And after the gold rush?

    Applications 09 11:01

  • Content delivery firm trials novel authentication method

    Getting in with Phil's mom?

    Security 09 11:21

  • RM readies Linux sub-laptop... for £169

    Asus eePC reborn as MiniBook

    Hardware 09 12:07

  • Vulture goes awol from Scottish rescue centre

    Search on for African white-backed escapee

    Science 09 12:09

  • Google cranks 'relevant' video-placing contraption

    YouTube ads for all

    Applications 09 12:12

  • Manhunt 2 banned by UK censor - again

    Heads won't roll

    Games 09 12:16

  • US study says Taser cattleprod guns are safe

    Do tase me, bro, if you are so inclined

    Law 09 12:19

  • US nanotech boffins track evanescent light

    By following the Poynting vector, of course

    Science 09 12:21

  • Buckle up. The Developer Highway Code's at the start line

    Purchase a Microsoft Developer title and sit back for the ride

    Developer 09 12:21

  • Sun to blame for yin-yang Moon's dark side

    Paging Pink Floyd

    Science 09 12:53

  • Florida man faces trial for feeding homeless

    Defies Orlando ban on nosh for dossers

    Bootnotes 09 12:55

  • Online gambling law regs revealed

    Unfinished business for late law

    Law 09 13:08

  • Currency launched to cover the cosmos

    In space, everyone can hear you spend

    Science 09 13:20

  • Nissan builds twirly-cab sideways electric pod-car

    Includes Teletubbian dashboard boncebot for added road rage capacity

    Science 09 13:54

  • Hard disk innovators get physics Nobel

    Giant Magnetoresistance - real world nanotech

    Science 09 14:18

  • Cambodian cops cuff killer cow

    Bovine traffic menace coralled

    Science 09 14:32

  • Samsung S85 eight-megapixel digital camera

    The Peoples' Choice?

    Hardware 09 14:40

  • Nanny agency hacking suspect cuffed

    Cor Blimey, Mary Poppins

    Security 09 14:59

  • Amazon punts anal beads to UK kiddies

    Spiderman watch search outrage

    Bootnotes 09 15:03

  • Vodafone gets fixed in Spain and Italy

    Buys up broadband-supplier Tele2

    Broadband 09 15:08

  • BT launches Home Hub backdoor investigation

    Two million exposed?

    Broadband 09 15:31

  • UK.gov to cut corporation tax, plug private equity

    Brown Darling hunts loopholes

    Management 09 15:41

  • Zend predicts Java and PHP oneness

    Big Eclipse unity

    Applications 09 16:02

  • Microsoft and Zend juice PHP for Windows

    Apache challenge?

    Software 09 16:02

  • Indian police academy hosts phishing site

    Keystone khaki cops

    Security 09 16:06

  • Australia to get 1,000 megawatt wind farm

    Power for 400,000 homes

    Science 09 16:11

  • Sun ships Niagara II servers

    High-throughput chip launched in two racks and a blade

    Servers 09 18:12

  • Qinetiq touts 'Transformer-like' mobility-scooter killbot

    Robots in disguise... as slightly different robots

    Science 09 18:36

  • Please ignore the start-up stealing the OS from Microsoft

    DeviceVM's splash with Splashtop

    Hardware 09 20:22

  • Teradata does the grand refresh

    No plans to operationalize HP

    Servers 09 20:29

  • Admins accuse Microsoft of Draconian Hotmail cap

    'Only 10 recipients at a time, please'

    Security 09 21:15

  • Dell cuts 250 tech support jobs in Nashville

    On the road to 8,000

    The Channel 09 21:16

  • Supreme Court denies cert in el-Masri rendition case

    Mistaken identity case tossed on mistaken case law

    Law 09 21:17

  • Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

    'And Google reads your email'

    Software 09 21:32

  • Google acquires Twitter rival

    Appeals to your vanity

    Broadband 09 22:39

  • Supremes wave through HP class action

    1.7 million individuals ready to queue up

    The Channel 09 23:13

  • Princess Fiorina goes on the box with Fox

    When Carly met Rupee

    Media 09 23:39