8th October 2007 Archive

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  • How can I play Blu-ray Discs?


    Hardware 08 07:42

  • MS admits Halo 3 'disc unreadable' errors

    But it's keeping mum about the cause...

    Games 08 08:03

  • Primary care trusts offered data analysis service

    Support services step up

    Policy 08 08:58

  • Why UML won't save your project

    Modelling a badly thought-out project just doesn't help...

    Software 08 09:02

  • The Misfit Geek and AJAX acceptability

    Microsoft strategy explained

    Applications 08 09:02

  • Law & Order takes on Second Life

    Internet drama meets TV drama

    Bootnotes 08 09:02

  • Eircom moves closer to split

    Reports of submission confirmed

    Financial News 08 09:17

  • Lords to rule on overseas credit card protection

    Appeal threatens confidence in e-commerce

    Law 08 09:27

  • Cheap PS3 won't help Blu-ray, claim HD DVD backers

    Can't hinder the format, though

    Hardware 08 09:32

  • iPod Nano in airport trouser conflagration horror

    'Flames reached his chest' sobs pants-on-fire mum

    Hardware 08 09:44

  • The RIAA will come to regret its court win

    Can you spell p-y-r-r-h-i-c v-i-c-t-o-r-y?

    Law 08 09:48

  • El Reg triumphs in media battle of the wits

    No spelling round. Phew.

    Site News 08 10:07

  • Apple updates iPod software

    Hardware 08 10:20

  • SMS-enabled solar parking meters for Eastbourne

    Txt chat hits new levels of tedium

    Government 08 10:35

  • Nuclear accident messier than we thought

    Checking Windscale's sums after 50 years

    Science 08 10:51

  • SAP splashes out on BO

    €4.8bn buys software firm and strategy change

    Applications 08 11:07

  • MPs call for ID theft czar

    October revolution aims to topple cybercrime kingpins

    Security 08 11:10

  • Genetics boffins on the verge of artificial bacteria

    The other Second Life

    Science 08 11:33

  • Stem cell prof wins Nobel prize

    Switching off mouse genes

    Science 08 11:34

  • New product code points to revamped Wii?

    Accessory bundle, perhaps - or DVD playback

    Games 08 11:41

  • Clap-controlled TV consigns remote to bin of history

    A round of applause, please

    Hardware 08 11:56

  • Get a grip, file-sharing freeloaders: you've never had it so good

    Don't get mad, get licensed

    Law 08 12:15

  • Info chief shrugs off Bluetooth regulation

    Blue spam free for all

    Law 08 12:39

  • Boeing robo-chopper for DARPA's super-spyeye

    Multi-channel perve platform gets whisper mode

    Science 08 12:45

  • McDonald's goes McWireless

    Extra value Wi-Fry

    Data Networking 08 13:11

  • Church slams cathedral gun battle game's Bafta nomination

    'Sacriligeous' Resistance: Fall of Man up for a gong

    Games 08 13:16

  • Slingbox Solo TV-over-the-net device

    Slingbox pared back to basics

    Hardware 08 13:16

  • UK's future depends on science and technology

    Holders of government science budgets delighted

    Science 08 13:17

  • Japanese in exoskeleton ancestor-respect scheme

    Motorised wrinkly porta-parent plan

    Science 08 13:59

  • Interpol launches worldwide hunt for abuse pics man

    Cops unscramble face

    Law 08 14:20

  • Operators show Nokia who wears the housut*

    You and whose portal?

    Mobile 08 14:28

  • VMware makes storage fluid

    The point to point upgrade

    Virtualization 08 14:53

  • Government websites invaded by smut and spyware

    Redirection ruse used to peddle smut bazaars

    Security 08 14:57

  • Tax man praised for owning up to lost laptop

    Encrypted PC passes leak test

    Security 08 15:14

  • Do you want a high-score with that?

    Burger King chomps on mobile gaming

    Mobile 08 15:22

  • BT offers £1K for Wi-Fi application

    Why do mobile phones have Wi-Fi?

    Broadband 08 15:36

  • T-shirt helps geeks detect Wi-Fi networks

    Wearable wireless-finder

    Hardware 08 15:48

  • Canadian prof develops drunk-driving sim

    Why not just get lashed and play Gran Turismo?

    Bootnotes 08 15:53

  • Reborn Teradata bets on the unexpected

    Datawastes Databases are magic

    Servers 08 18:53

  • Intel asks EC to relax deadline

    Needs more time for antitrust response

    The Channel 08 19:59

  • ID thieves bring ease of use to trafficking forums

    Stolen info translated into German, Albanian and French at no additional cost

    Security 08 20:03

  • ITU pools experts to thwart cybercrime

    Meetings about meetings

    Security 08 20:11

  • Google and IBM push cluster computing on colleges

    Program lends gear, curriculum to academia

    Servers 08 22:13

  • Fujitsu to buy Swedish reseller


    The Channel 08 23:07

  • Kiddie coders embrace Facebook as new-age dev platform

    Linked in - but not LinkedIn

    Developer 08 23:12