4th October 2007 Archive

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  • ARM finds friends for mobile Linux

    A common penguin

    Broadband 04 00:00

  • Microsoft targets developers with 'open' license

    .NOT open source

    Software 04 00:01

  • IBM and HP objects of x86 server customer desire

    Sun and Dell get tepid marks and ire

    Servers 04 00:32

  • Singing in the shower goes high-tech

    Drip-hop beats

    Hardware 04 07:02

  • Mtas put on hold until 2009

    First aid

    Policy 04 08:53

  • Will Bungie jump from Microsoft?

    Halo and goodbye?

    Financial News 04 09:07

  • Harvard boffins brew up chilli-based anaesthetic

    Can you feel the burn? Er, no.

    Science 04 09:23

  • German watchdog opposes Google purchase of DoubleClick

    Double trouble for privacy

    Security 04 09:28

  • Teeny tiny ozone hole for 2007

    Nothing like as impressive as last year

    Science 04 09:29

  • Fifty years since Sputnik

    Everything changes, everything stays the same

    Science 04 09:33

  • China Mobile connects top of the world

    GSM cell tower to mount Everest

    Mobile 04 09:43

  • Late, fast and pricey: O2 broadband is go

    Line rental not included, pay-as-you-goers pay a premium

    Broadband 04 09:56

  • iLuv rolls out iPod-enabled portable DVD player

    iLuv, you love, we all love iLuv

    Hardware 04 10:02

  • Apple TV 160GB media player

    A must-have for anyone with music and movies on a PC?

    Hardware 04 11:02

  • UK start-up tackles PIN fraud with patterns

    Bye-bye shoulder surfing

    Security 04 11:03

  • Apple patches Windows QuickTime bug

    Look before you link

    Security 04 11:05

  • MasterCard caught with pants down twice

    Red and orange balls blush

    Management 04 11:18

  • MIT touts new mind-to-machine algorithm

    Unifying, but not universal, approach

    Science 04 11:20

  • Popping the question the 21st century way

    Buy ring, record message, await answer

    Hardware 04 11:35

  • Schools chief pushes Big Brother out of dinner line

    Gov purees fingerprints for food policy

    Security 04 11:59

  • Microsoft's OS won't die while Palm's doesn't want to be born

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    The Channel 04 12:02

  • BT aims to make UK a Wi-Fi kibbutz

    Hold the FON

    Networks 04 12:18

  • You want to learn about Ubuntu?

    It's all here - from Hardy Heron to Feisty Fawn

    Site News 04 12:51

  • Sage partners worry about falling into Line

    Hey, what happened to the MMS?

    The Channel 04 13:01

  • O2 lurches into MySpace

    So much for Vodafone's 'exclusive'

    Mobile 04 13:30

  • 'It's Britney, bitch' riding high again

    Gimme More tops US digital singles chart

    Media 04 13:41

  • Police cuff 77 in fake cheque crackdown

    Spam scam scum slammed

    Security 04 13:46

  • Nintendo leads DS gamers up the garden path

    Got wood?

    Games 04 13:55

  • Manchester Uni wins radio telescope HQ

    From Sputnik to the future of space science

    Science 04 14:45

  • Intel shares drop on price war warning

    AMD's stock declines too

    The Channel 04 14:48

  • S60 users go Wiiiiiii

    While the Japanese get a fitness phone

    Mobile 04 15:01

  • Scientist punts anti-snoring pillow

    Less noise, more zeds

    Science 04 15:03

  • Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences

    Did algorithms clear path for air raid?

    Security 04 15:17

  • Australian court rings to the sound of satisfaction

    Female orgasm calls for reply

    Mobile 04 15:26

  • eBay boots off Skype rival

    Wounded kitten bites spinning hook

    VoIP 04 15:41

  • Universal goes online to win HD DVD votes

    Studio adds web-enabled content into titles

    Hardware 04 15:56

  • Portrait of an (alleged) cyber bully as a young man

    Accused CastleCops nemesis didn't get mad. He got bots.

    Security 04 17:26

  • EMC buys into online backup via Berkeley Data Systems

    Mozy Osbourne

    Storage 04 18:45

  • IBM attacks HP's dwarf blade with muffler

    Ship the box. Stop the violence

    Servers 04 18:54

  • Oz watchdog sticks to its Google-attacking guns

    'Down with sponsored links'

    Applications 04 19:16

  • Ubuntu chief bids for prima-donna status

    Dell, OpenOffice and Oracle let us down

    Open Season 04 22:17

  • Gartner: no relief for data center costs

    'Significant disruptions'

    Servers 04 22:43

  • Sun hypes new hypervisor and virtualization console

    Marketing now, shipping in '08

    Virtualization 04 23:19

  • Facebook 'friend request' lands UK man in jail

    'I didn't know my ex-wife had an account, your Honour'

    Law 04 23:46

  • OpenSUSE 10.3 opens for business

    Chameleon adds more colours to its palette

    Operating Systems 04 23:52

  • And now for something completely different: Good news on spam

    SEC beats up on pump-and-dump junk mail

    Security 04 23:54