3rd October 2007 Archive

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  • Levanta freshens up Linux server cure-all

    Like soap for your penguins

    Servers 03 00:14

  • First RIAA file-sharing trial begins

    Accused mom gets jury of her peer-to-peers

    Media 03 00:23

  • SAP licenses NetWeaver to developers

    Consulting play

    Software 03 00:36

  • eBay: Botnets are Linux-happy

    Security chief goes to the bank

    Security 03 03:30

  • UK police can now force you to reveal decryption keys

    Refuseniks face jail time

    Security 03 04:43

  • EC takes aim at Qualcomm

    Chip off the anti-trust block

    Financial News 03 08:57

  • Panasonic strengthens Blu-ray recorder range

    More worry for HD-DVD supporters

    Hardware 03 09:11

  • Gov Gateway upgrade allows for growth

    Room for more traffic and online services

    Government 03 09:12

  • Sky's ITV stake anti-competitive, says regulator

    Competition Commission could force sale of shares

    Business 03 09:19

  • Sony's 40GB PS3 due 28 October?

    Evidence mounts for cut-price console

    Games 03 09:32

  • Data retention law makes little difference to telcos, says trade body

    Move along. Nothing to see here

    Networks 03 09:36

  • 3Com - a company built on ether

    Master of technologies that vanished

    Data Networking 03 09:58

  • Apple to dial x86 for iPhone?

    Claimed shift to Intel could explain downer on third-party apps

    Phones 03 10:05

  • Microsoft revamps Zune with Flash

    Steve Jobs' nighttime uninterrupted?

    Hardware 03 10:40

  • Fraud abroad drives up card losses

    As phishermen pull in a meagre haul

    Security 03 10:48

  • Toshiba pledges 30in OLED TV will ship in 2009

    Rather bigger than Sony's latest

    Hardware 03 10:50

  • Data: It's gotta have meaning, man

    A context for everything and everything in its context

    Developer 03 10:54

  • DLO TuneStik with Remote FM iPod transmitter

    Driver-friendly iPod controller

    Hardware 03 11:02

  • Terror police lock down Soho to smoke out 9lbs of chillis

    Cooking ring bust wide open

    Bootnotes 03 11:04

  • Sony buddies up with Qimonda

    Creates DRAM team

    Hardware 03 11:14

  • Palm admits new OS 18 months away

    Another day, another delay

    Software 03 11:39

  • Kiwi boffins prove that booze makes you clever

    Two or three a day for a healthy brain, like it or not

    Science 03 11:44

  • Google Apps digests Postini, doubles enterprise email inboxes

    How you like me now?

    Applications 03 11:46

  • Nintendo to dish out free Wiimote 'condoms'

    Games 03 13:02

  • Sony sells pink kit to benefit Breast Cancer research

    Hardware 03 13:04

  • Alleged CastleCops DDoS botmaster busted

    Resident weevil

    Security 03 13:25

  • Blokey atmos drives women away from sci/tech

    Too much test-tube waving

    Science 03 13:28

  • Italian website names 40GB PS3 price

    Dollar-Euro exchange rate rewritten

    Games 03 13:42

  • Hackers hit back at iPhone update

    'Bricked' phones get some functions restored

    Mobile 03 13:44

  • Hollywood mobile TV chip is alive (just) in Texas

    TI predicts market surge

    Networks 03 13:46

  • Novell punts world's most expensive Linux distro

    You could get 18.4 copies of Vista Home Premium for that

    Operating Systems 03 14:34

  • UK, Germans, Dutch slam EC Galileo plan

    Those who pay the piper want to call the tune

    Science 03 14:38

  • Halo 3 misses 'UK's fastest selling game' slot

    Guns, police chases and 'hot coffee' still favourite

    Games 03 15:02

  • Braindead obituarists hoaxed by Wikipedia

    Only fools and journos

    Media 03 15:19

  • Cisco WiMAX acquisition rumors resurface

    Cisco licking its chops?

    Data Networking 03 15:26

  • Jan Baan slices through the 'bullsh*t'

    Passionate, crazy old guy takes on BPM

    Applications 03 15:40

  • Microsoft chiefs at odds on Google-DoubleClick

    International boss puts faith in Antitrust regulators

    Applications 03 15:44

  • Utah gives up new dino species

    Duck billed, and a danger to all plants

    Science 03 16:02

  • Check Point plays down FireWall-1 bug reports

    Privilege escalation

    Security 03 16:13

  • AT&T to deliver IBM services for $1bn a year

    Mutual back scratch fest

    Financial News 03 17:47

  • Email still king on wireless handhelds

    One size fits very few

    Mobile 03 19:50

  • Boy beats Reaper at 20,000 feet

    How not to board a Boeing 737

    Science 03 20:22

  • Microsoft and LogicaCMG open Factory 2.0 doors

    But where are the Campbell soup prints?

    Networks 03 20:23

  • Message storm turns DHS email list into social networking utility

    'May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits'

    Security 03 20:28

  • What do you call a convention of European ISVs?

    To pose the question is to know the answer

    The Channel 03 20:55

  • Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund

    Say XP, XP won't you die for me

    The Channel 03 21:32

  • US men wrangle over three-year-old amputated leg

    America, Halloween, and the mighty dollar

    Science 03 21:59

  • ARM to bash 'non-issue' Intel with multi-core chip

    Cortex-A9 joins the collective

    Hardware 03 22:43

  • MySQL loses joint custody of SAP database

    Gains visiting rights for Netweaver

    Applications 03 23:50

  • Texas patent holder sues Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft

    And (yawn) AOL

    Law 03 23:56