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Epsionage gadgets spied online

The kind of gadgets created by Q in the James Bond films are coming to consumers. Online retailer Brando has begun selling devices for listening in on and blocking other people's telephone calls, helping every wannabe 007 get a little closer to MI5.

MS makes, sells 65nm 'Falcon' Xbox 360s

Microsoft has begun selling Xbox 360 consoles equipped with 65nm chips - parts that pump out less heat than the 90nm silicon found in older 360s - according to buyers who've been poking around inside their new machines.
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Stats office signs up for Flex framework

The statistics agency will be the first organisation to sign up for shared services under a Cabinet Office agreement with Fujitsu.
Kablenet, 01 2007
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Build business-ready XML Schema with JDeveloper

If XML is being used increasingly to describe business actions, then XML Schema is becoming the language that enables companies to actually communicate clearly with, and to understand, each other.

Alphyra merges with Cardpoint

Irish payment services firm Alphyra has merged with UK firm Cardpoint in a deal reportedly worth €800m.

Nvidia ready to roll 'tri SLI'

When Nvidia launched its nForce 680i SLI chipset in October 2006, some boards based on the part were seen to sport three PCI Express x16 graphics card slots. A year on, it now seems that Nvidia may at least be ready to release three-way SLI on the world.
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Facebook wins Manx battle for face-book.com

Facebook has wrestled control of the web address face-book.com away from an Isle of Man-based firm that operates it as a revenue-raising link dump.

Supreme Court examines LG over 'duplicative' licensing claims

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a controversial case in which LG Electronics is accused of trying to "shake down the entire computer industry for several billion dollars in duplicative licensing fees".
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Almost all CCTV systems are illegal, says expert

As many as 95 per cent of CCTV systems in the UK are operating illegally, according to a CCTV expert. The revelation comes as new legislation is about to take effect in Scotland which could render even more systems illegal.
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Brain-sucking parasitic killer menaces warming lake waters

Eat your heart out, David Cronenberg. Mad CIA frankenscience runs amuck in the American heartland. Brain-wasting parasite fans techno-paranoia. The pitch would write itself.
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Dead woman's medical records case could undermine FOI law

A dead woman's medical records should not be released because a duty of confidentiality survives her death, the Information Tribunal has ruled. The decision backs an earlier ruling by the Information Commissioner.
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Cambridge firm gets $26m for tiny-projector tech

A Cambridge company looking to develop miniaturised projection systems for use in converged handsets has secured $26m of VC funding.

Adobe buys into web word processing

Adobe has piled into the escalating web-based office applications scrap with the acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, a Massachusetts-based start-up.

Vertu motors in with £12,600 mobile phone

If you're looking for a handset with more bling than the iPhone then consider Vertu's latest creation. Its ultra-exclusive Ascent Ferrari 60 phone costs €18,000 (£12,600/$25,530) and has been designed to celebrate the sportscar company's 60th anniversary.
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Microsoft punts web-based apps to the masses

In a bid to spin its web-based version of Office into contention with rival internet behemoth Google, Microsoft has said it will begin accepting applications for beta testing its web apps later this year.

Koreans promise WiMax gaming handheld for Xmas

A Korean manufacturer has created a WiMax-compatible games console which it claimed is the world's first online games console. Perhaps it forgot about both the Sony PSP and the Nintendo DS...

LG KG271 and KG275 budget phones

Review We at Register Hardware were enthusiastic fans of Motorola's Motofone F3 - reviewed here. The very simplicity and purity of design seemed to us altogether worthy and estimable. Rather like the Mini - Sir Alex Issigonis' 1959 classic, not the BMW ersatz retro foisted on us today - the very lack of frill and fancy seemed possessed of an intellectual purity not often seen.
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Boffins: Dark times for application development

You know it's bad when two top programmers at different conferences in a two-week period say we're in the dark ages of software development.

Open source development goes Mac-tastic

There is no small irony in the prospect that Apple's Macintosh - arguably the ultimate in closed and proprietary systems, at least until the Intel alliance - could become the open source development platform of choice.
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Science and religion collide for galactic conference

The Vatican is hosting its second astronomy conference in seven years, as the Roman Catholic church strives to avoid being seen as anti-science. Delegates are expected from 26 countries, including Britain, the US, Italy, Germany, and Russia, the BBC reports.

IPTV over wireless? Why not?

Interview You want cheap Wi-Fi? "You'll get what you pay for," warns Selina Lo. "Wi-Fi makers are in denial. The system doesn't work properly, and will get worse."
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Sky confirms Picnic pick 'n' mix

Sky today made a cunningly-timed announcement 'fessing up to its new "Picnic" offering that will let non-satellite customers join its broadband network and terrestrial TV viewers receive its pay TV channels.

HTC adds real, virtual keypads to second-gen Touch

HTC has introduced a version its Touch smartphone - reviewed here - this time with the company's trademark slide-down keypad.
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Bigwigs haven't a clue on IT asset values

Businesses that dominate the global economy have no idea what the financial value of their IT assets is, according to a new study.
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Israelis offer 'British' pukka-lingo ware to Blighty

An Israeli company has recently issued a "British English" version of its prose-polishing software suite, winning plaudits in the quality UK press.
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CERN BOFH needs a bigger storage array

Preparations are well underway at CERN to commission the world's largest particle accelerator. Advances in networking technology have allowed the particle physics lab to bring in scientists from around the world to analyse the data is will generate.

BenQ touts 3G-less Window Mobile 6 smartphone

BenQ has taken the wraps off its latest phone. The E72 opts for quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge connectivity instead of 3G but it can connect you to five instant messaging networks.

HTC names Windows Vista handheld release date

HTC will release the long-promised Windows Vista-running Shift sub-notebook in Europe and beyond during November, the company said today. The same timeframe will also see the arrival of the follow-up to the S710 Qwerty slider phone.

BT buys into Lynx effect

British Telecom (BT) has acquired IT consulting and outsourcing firm Lynx Technology in a move that sees the UK telecoms giant continue to muscle in on the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) space.
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Official: James Blunt is a w*nker

The Great British public have spoken. After allowing warbling military aristocrat James Blunt to inflict his peculiar brand of vanilla-acoustic mewl on a broken nation for two years, they have risen up to declare he's a w*nker.
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Network yellow pages wrapped into an appliance

The push to wrap up a network admin's more mundane tasks in easier to use appliances is continuing with the launch of an IP address management appliance from Infoblox.
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Tidal power plans pit greens against greens

The Sustainable Development Commission has given its backing to a proposed tidal power project in the Severn Estuary, despite objections from environmentalists.

Sony Ericsson, Vodafone to offer Havanas for Xmas

Sony Ericsson has become all chummy with Vodafone. It's created a Havana range exclusively for the network provider, which includes the launch of its new V640i phone and re-sprays of the Walkman W880i and W910i handsets.

Sony talks up 'world's first' OLED TV

Sony demo'd a series of OLED-based TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past January. Today, it said one of them go on sale on 1 December - the first ever commercial OLED TV, the company claimed.
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Telefonica goes Yahoo! around world

Telefonica has signed a deal with Yahoo! to provide its OneSearch mobile search engine to all the mobile operator's customers across 15 countries in Europe and Latin America, including O2 customers in the UK.
Bill Ray, 01 2007
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Orange marches out of Netherlands

France Telecom has sold its Orange NL operation to rival operator T-Mobile for €1.33bn, moving itself right out of the Netherlands market and leaving T-Mobile with hoped-for savings of €1bn once they combine the networks over the next six years.
Bill Ray, 01 2007
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Radiohead lets fans price new CD

Labelless, but hardly penniless, Radiohead are letting their fans set the price for digital downloads of the band's new CD.
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Opportunity goes panoramic on Victoria

The Mars rover Opportunity has sent back yet another gobsmacking image from the red planet. This picture is close to true colour, the space agency says, and was captured from a spot known as Duck Bay.
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Dutch pull the plug on e-voting

A Dutch judge has declared the use of Nedap e-voting machines in recent Dutch elections unlawful.
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Pentagon claims missile-defence success

The Pentagon's Missile Defence Agency (MDA) has announced a successful test of its ICBM-nobbling space interceptor system.
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Skype founder quits

Skype co-founder and chief executive Niklas Zennstrom has quit his job running the eBay-owned IP telephony outfit day-to-day.

Which NAS box is best?

I'm after a NAS box to use at home but I'm confused by all the options out there and can't figure out if there is one that actually meets all my needs...
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Google proposes 'crumbled cookies' in privacy pledge

Google has proposed breaking up the information gathered on users of its services in order to better preserve their privacy. The company told the US Senate that it was investigating the measure after consultation with privacy groups.
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Nokia pays $8bn for Navteq

Nokia has jumped into the personal-navigation business with the acquisition of Navteq, for €5.7bn ($8.1bn).
Bill Ray, 01 2007
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Would-be politician fails in Yahoo! and Ask.com lawsuit

A would-be candidate for Governor of New York who failed to gather enough signatures to be placed on the ballot has failed in his attempt to sue Yahoo! and Ask.com for undermining his 'master election plan'.

Farewell, Miss Moneypenny

The original Miss Moneypenny has died at age 80.
Cade Metz, 01 2007

Brute force attack yields keys to Google's kingdom

This story was updated on 2nd October to add comment from Google.
Larry Ellison

Ballmer jabs at Larry Ellison's wallet

Steve Ballmer must be feeling a little sniffy over the colossal sums Oracle shelled out to its CEO Larry Ellison this year.

Sun slots slumping storage unit into server group

Sun Microsystems will fold its long-wobbling storage unit into its server unit, forming a single entity dedicated to building hardware that benefits man - or at least Sun's bottom line.

Reg Developer goes West

Register Developer is changing.

FTC fines three men $330,000 for pushing spyware

Three men accused of forcing spyware onto more than 15 million computers have agreed to pay $330,000 in fines and to to be monitored by federal authorities for up to eight years.

Adobe claims RIA completeness

Adobe has been getting ahead of itself, hinting at features in future versions of its is Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) development environment while claiming its yet-to-launch platform is now feature complete.
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Palm posts loss for Q1

Sluggish smartphone sales matched with increased spending made Palm swing a small loss during the first quarter.

LiPS synchs with OMA on mobile Linux

The confusing world of standards for mobile versions of Linux became a little less confusing last week with a declaration of "alignment" between two key players.

RM climbs aboard SpaceKraft

RM used to be one of many PC makers specialising in the UK schools IT market. Most have fallen by the wayside. RM has survived and thrived, largely by branching out into installation, networking and maintenance and by dint of buying up curriculum software and other educational software firms.