28th September 2007 Archive

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  • Disney immobilizes Disney Mobile

    Family Center = Bambi's mum

    Mobile 28 00:17

  • IBM helps Chicago keep an eye on its citizens

    Big Blue software to monitor thousands of surveillance cams

    Government 28 00:21

  • Jack Thompson might go down in gay porn shocker

    Anti-gaming crusader falls foul of Judge

    Law 28 07:10

  • UK users spending more time online

    Nearly all browse for six hours a week

    Management 28 09:07

  • That HP iPaq syncing feeling


    Hardware 28 09:17

  • My new laptop is sooo vvvveeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowwww


    Hardware 28 09:20

  • Apple posts iPhone update, bricks unlocked handsets

    Minor update?

    Phones 28 09:51

  • O2 goes flat on data

    Unmetered access, capped at 200MB

    Mobile 28 09:53

  • NSA writes more potent malware than hacker

    Spooky project plots zero day defences

    Security 28 09:57

  • So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

    Is this your first night? You have to fight

    Bootnotes 28 10:02

  • Gadget leads faithful to prayer, music fans to good tunes

    Device offers A2DP and Muslim prayer times

    Hardware 28 10:18

  • iPod Shuffle keyring aids music fans, boozers

    Bring a bottle

    Hardware 28 10:27

  • Junta downs Burma's only ISP

    Silencing campaign escalates

    Government 28 10:29

  • South Korea cracks down on draft-dodger advice sites

    Robots can't do it all, say generals

    Government 28 10:39

  • Palm punts consumer-friendly Centro phone

    Cut down Treo

    Phones 28 10:45

  • BOFH: You think you know a guy...

    But...he seemed so normal!

    BOFH 28 11:02

  • Dell fires up physics-friendly gaming laptop

    Hardware 28 11:30

  • Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

    Extends XP sales as market snubs Vista

    Management 28 11:33

  • Foundations laid for Galileo ground station

    Italian wine lake swapped for satellite nav

    Science 28 11:34

  • VXers exploit Burma protest to punt Trojan

    Dalai Lama backdoor

    Security 28 12:25

  • US Coastguard 'cutters' could offer network vuln

    Admiral insists his backdoor can't be sniffed

    Government 28 12:27

  • Fundy dunderheads make monkey of monkey man

    Richard Dawkins is not amused

    Science 28 12:33

  • Mystery radio bursts from the depths of the universe

    Black holes collide?

    Science 28 12:37

  • Microsoft winks as Facebook hangs head in security shame

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    Business 28 13:02

  • Apple iPod Nano third-generation

    Is video a feature too far...

    Hardware 28 13:10

  • Ted Baker Needle to sew up designer phone market?

    Phones 28 13:59

  • Post-Bush US preparing stemcell brain drain

    Governator needs replacement flesh envelope

    Science 28 14:13

  • Dell trips up over laptop components

    Delays aplenty

    The Channel 28 14:26

  • 3Com finally sells out to China

    Could've been a contender

    Data Networking 28 15:05

  • Orange and Apple still arguing iPhone details

    Deal not going so smoothie?

    Mobile 28 15:06

  • Mammoth wool gives up genetic secrets

    Are you taking a sample?

    Science 28 15:07

  • Kerching! Halo 3 rakes in 'record' takings

    Master chief beats up on Spider-man, Harry Potter

    Games 28 15:15

  • Oxygen pollution began earlier than we ever thought

    Climate change for the anaerobes

    Science 28 15:23

  • SkypeIn goes out

    Users unobtainable

    VoIP 28 15:49

  • iRobot offers crawling Wi-Fi spy-n-chat housebot

    Now grandma can have a sticky-beak whenever she likes

    Science 28 15:56

  • Editors' Farewell

    So long and thanks for all the phish

    Developer 28 17:30

  • HP releases new quad-core Intel servers

    Xeon zip

    Servers 28 20:49

  • Former NetApp exec accused of embezzlement

    Johnny's tuition on company card

    The Channel 28 20:49

  • Data for 800,000 job applicants stolen

    Mind the Gap

    Security 28 20:59

  • NEC and Sun team for US mid-market HPC services

    Very specific demographic gets power of two

    Servers 28 22:34

  • Google to save mankind through DoubleClick deal

    More blogs, more ads, more freedom

    Applications 28 22:43

  • Chip dandy Tilera grabs new CEO

    Coring ahead

    Hardware 28 22:54

  • VMware opens certification program to storage vendors

    Everyone into the shared pool

    Virtualization 28 23:18