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Disney immobilizes Disney Mobile

First it killed Bambi's mother. And now it's decided to kill a fourteen-month-old wireless service.
Cade Metz, 28 Sep 2007

IBM helps Chicago keep an eye on its citizens

Next time you're in Chicago, say cheese.
Dan Goodin, 28 Sep 2007

Jack Thompson might go down in gay porn shocker

"This is the best thing to happen to me in a long, long time. Check my filings, sweetie."
Burke Hansen, 28 Sep 2007

UK users spending more time online

Almost 90 per cent of home internet users in the UK now spend six hours or more online each week, according to new research.
Charlie Taylor, 28 Sep 2007

Apple posts iPhone update, bricks unlocked handsets

Apple has posted the anticipated iPhone 1.1.1 update. The release, which adds support for the Wi-Fi connect iTunes Music Store, does indeed, as expected, returns unlocked handsets back to their AT&T-only status.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2007

O2 goes flat on data

O2 is launching a flat-rate tariff on 1 October - sort of. Costing £7.50 a month, the bolt-on is being called unlimited, but in fact is capped at just 200MB.
Bill Ray, 28 Sep 2007

NSA writes more potent malware than hacker

A project aimed at developing defences against malware that attacks unpatched vulnerabilities involved tests on samples developed by the NSA.
John Leyden, 28 Sep 2007

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?

The regulars among you will have noticed that our cunning comments on stories plan has proved somewhat popular - at least as an arena for fanboy versus windows apologist slugfests, transcendental musings from amanfromMars and poor-quality quippery inevitably resulting in coat>door>taxi.
Lester Haines, 28 Sep 2007

Gadget leads faithful to prayer, music fans to good tunes

Manufacturer Mavizen has created a pendant-style Bluetooth music pick-up with a very unique selling point: it also includes a Muslim prayer alert.
James Sherwood, 28 Sep 2007

iPod Shuffle keyring aids music fans, boozers

Music and alcohol are like peas in a pod. The Bevy, from manufacturer Mophie, fuses both by combining an iPod Shuffle keyring-style carry case with a bottle opener, ensuring that the tunes and the drinks are always flowing.
James Sherwood, 28 Sep 2007

Junta downs Burma's only ISP

The desperate Burmese dictatorship has shut down public internet access in the country today in an attempt to cut off reports of the violent crackdown on democracy campaigners.
Christopher Williams, 28 Sep 2007

South Korea cracks down on draft-dodger advice sites

The South Korean defence ministry has cracked down on web-assisted draft dodging, according to reports. The country's military depends heavily on conscript manpower, but service is unpopular and there are various loopholes through which young men can avoid it.
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2007

Palm punts consumer-friendly Centro phone

Palm has, as expected, announced its Centro smartphone with US carrier Sprint, though the new-design handset won't go on sale until the middle of October.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2007

BOFH: You think you know a guy...

Episode 33
Simon Travaglia, 28 Sep 2007

Dell fires up physics-friendly gaming laptop

Dell's latest gaming laptop has blasted off to the sound of the manufacturer's yells that the XPS M1730 is the first notebook with an integrated physics processing chip.
Tony Smith, 28 Sep 2007
MS Windows Vista logo

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

Microsoft’s dream of a Vista only world moved farther out on the horizon yesterday as the software firm admitted it would extend sales of Windows XP by another five months.
Joe Fay, 28 Sep 2007

Foundations laid for Galileo ground station

Construction of the Italian ground control station for planned European sat nav constellation Galileo is underway, despite the controversy surrounding the project.
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2007

VXers exploit Burma protest to punt Trojan

Miscreants are taking advantage of the international attention focused on protests in Burma to spread malware.
John Leyden, 28 Sep 2007

US Coastguard 'cutters' could offer network vuln

The US Coast Guard has stoutly denied that its new National Security Cutters, currently under development, will be leaky - leaky in a wireless-security sense, that is.
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2007

Fundy dunderheads make monkey of monkey man

Evolution's evangelist Richard Dawkins was left steaming after creationist filmmakers used interviews with him and other prominent atheists in a film promoting intelligent design.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2007

Mystery radio bursts from the depths of the universe

Astronomers searching the skies for pulsars instead found a mysterious burst of radio activity, nothing like anything any of them had seen before.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2007

Apple iPod Nano third-generation

ReviewEarlier this month, Apple announced the newest embodiments of various iPod lines. The new iPod, the Classic, doesn't look substantially different from its predecessor. The new Nano, which supersedes the second generation product is - on the other hand - a complete revamp.
Scott Snowden, 28 Sep 2007

Ted Baker Needle to sew up designer phone market?

Carphone Warehouse has leaked pictures of an upcoming handset re-branded by UK designer Ted Baker. The phone appears to be HTC's Touch, but offered in a selection of mode-of-the-moment colours.
James Sherwood, 28 Sep 2007

Post-Bush US preparing stemcell brain drain

Blighty is in danger of losing all its best stem cell boffins to America once George Bush departs from power, according to an official in charge of dishing out UK gov science cash.
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2007
alarm clock teaser

Dell trips up over laptop components

Dell customers hoping to bag an XPS M1710 laptop may find themselves twiddling their fingers for a very long time as they sit at home waiting for the doorbell to ring.
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Sep 2007
Flag China

3Com finally sells out to China

Networking gear nearly man 3Com has agreed to a $2.2bn buyout by an investment outfit backed by its former Chinese manufacturing partner Huawei Technologies.
Christopher Williams, 28 Sep 2007

Orange and Apple still arguing iPhone details

Orange's exclusive deal to distribute the iPhone in France may not be as solid as claimed, with the handset strangely absent at the Apple Expo in Paris, and a French newspaper reporting that the revenue share details are still under discussion.
Bill Ray, 28 Sep 2007

Mammoth wool gives up genetic secrets

A new technique has allowed researchers to extract genetic information from the hair shafts of ancient woolly mammoths.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2007

Kerching! Halo 3 rakes in 'record' takings

Halo 3 achieved record US sales of $170m (£83.6m/€119.8) within its first 24 hours on sale, Microsoft claimed today, boasting the figure makes its game the "biggest entertainment launch in history", eclipsing records set by the Spider-man 3 and Harry Potter movies.
James Sherwood, 28 Sep 2007

Oxygen pollution began earlier than we ever thought

Earth's atmosphere had oxygen in it 50-100m years earlier than anyone ever thought, according to new research from NASA.
Lucy Sherriff, 28 Sep 2007

SkypeIn goes out

SkypeIn users are complaining of calls not coming in, with callers getting an unobtainable tone.
Bill Ray, 28 Sep 2007

iRobot offers crawling Wi-Fi spy-n-chat housebot

Robo-vac and wardroid manufacturer iRobot has debuted a brace of new products today, in a move keenly anticipated among bot-lovers. Sad to say, the robot butler or Heinlein-style* Hired Girl™ mechanical scullery maid has yet to appear.
Lewis Page, 28 Sep 2007

Editors' Farewell

Well, from the start of October, we hand over Reg Developer to Gavin Clarke, who's a Register employee (we were freelance) and works from California, where he sits at the development tools coalface and gets first crack at the news. Be kind to him.

HP releases new quad-core Intel servers

HP has released new servers based on the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon 7300 processor series, targeted at customers running data-intensive business applications such as databases, business intelligence, ERP, and large mail and messaging platforms in virtualized environments.
Clay Ryder, 28 Sep 2007
Netapp logo

Former NetApp exec accused of embezzlement

A former executive at NetApp has been charged with wire fraud for allegedly embezzling more than $90,000 for personal expenses.
Austin Modine, 28 Sep 2007

Data for 800,000 job applicants stolen

A laptop containing unencrypted personal information for 800,000 people who applied for jobs with clothing retailer Gap Inc. has been stolen.
Dan Goodin, 28 Sep 2007

NEC and Sun team for US mid-market HPC services

NEC and Sun Microsystems are buddying up to attack the high-performance computing market in the US.
Austin Modine, 28 Sep 2007

Google to save mankind through DoubleClick deal

Google and Microsoft went toe-to-toe yesterday on Capitol Hill, jawing over Google's proposed $3.1bn merger with online ad firm DoubleClick.
Cade Metz, 28 Sep 2007
SGI logo hardware close-up

Chip dandy Tilera grabs new CEO

Extra fancy chip start-up Tilera has tapped a new CEO just a few weeks after emerging from semi-stealth mode.
Ashlee Vance, 28 Sep 2007

VMware opens certification program to storage vendors

VMware has expanded its hardware certification program to include virtual storage devices.
Austin Modine, 28 Sep 2007

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