27th September 2007 Archive

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  • Adobe gifts internal file permissions to unwashed masses

    Directory traversal shocker

    Security 27 00:20

  • Code dandy Transitive adds laptop, legacy Solaris/SPARC plays

    Helping the damned

    Servers 27 00:25

  • Sling Media intros simplified Slingbox

    Pro model comes to UK too

    Hardware 27 01:02

  • Sling states SlingCatcher release plan

    'Hardware SlingPlayer' due in UK in Q1 2008

    Hardware 27 01:02

  • Yahoo!'s insanity over Zimbra and Google's plan to rule open source code

    Oh yes. It's Open Season

    Open Season 27 06:32

  • SlingPlayer Mobile released for S60 phones

    Phones 27 09:02

  • Stats office deal sparks confidentiality fears

    Possible Patriot Act entanglement raises hackles

    Security 27 09:30

  • Lobby group calls for police database access for prisons

    Hopes to reduce in-custody death toll

    Policy 27 09:36

  • Magazines go online in iTunes-esque move

    Read all about it in PDF

    Bootnotes 27 09:42

  • Canadian privacy commissioner slams TJX data policy

    Record-breaking data leak was 'foreseeable'

    Security 27 09:53

  • Microsoft: New Live Search 'as good as Google'

    'And better than Yahoo!'

    Applications 27 09:56

  • Tulip tries to buy back Commodore brand

    Wants to get back into 'entertainment' products

    Hardware 27 10:03

  • US retailer Target lines up pink iPod Shuffle for charity

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Hardware 27 10:35

  • Space station barney kicks off in India

    Constructive debate, we're sure

    Science 27 10:37

  • Federal judge slams Patriot Act

    Feds push for new, zestier Fourth Amendment

    Law 27 10:39

  • VoIP says hello to the iPhone

    Ready to develop, if users want it

    VoIP 27 10:40

  • IT vendors: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    The industry with no shame

    Reg Technology Panel 27 10:56

  • Hint of next PS3 spied on web

    FCC website gives tantalising glimpse... sort of

    Games 27 10:58

  • Avnet to gobble up Acal

    Eyes up EMEA market

    The Channel 27 11:01

  • A little more Conversation, to get in on the action

    Symbian handsets get threaded messaging

    Mobile 27 11:25

  • Samsung SGH-G600 mobile phone

    All camera and no connectivity?

    Phones 27 11:26

  • Jailed worm author offered job by victim

    $133K salary awaits Fujacks fiend

    Security 27 11:37

  • Sharp rolls out latest Blu-ray recorders

    Four new models to watch

    Hardware 27 11:47

  • Japanese to patent transparent frog

    Boffins in mutant albino batrachian IP brouhaha

    Science 27 11:57

  • Channel wins the war, but salmonella wins the bacteria race to space

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    The Channel 27 13:02

  • Note to despots: You can't kill the internet

    Burma's wave of dissent floods through firewall

    Government 27 13:12

  • Dawn on its way to the asteroid belt

    Lift off, at last

    Science 27 13:44

  • NASA holds vomit-comet docs v robosurgeons trial

    Bones McCoy jobless before even born

    Science 27 14:36

  • Greenland's super-melty summer

    Ice is sooo last season

    Science 27 14:43

  • Hospital's brand new '£1m' server room goes up in smoke

    Money's too tight for air-con?

    Servers 27 15:03

  • BenQ touts skinny, touchy-feely digicam

    Hardware 27 15:14

  • Pyramid flies white flag in Microsoft grey market row

    Parallel import fight settled

    The Channel 27 15:14

  • Foam hinders Halo 3 disc scratching down under

    MS foam home

    Games 27 15:25

  • Cambridgeshire letter bomber found guilty

    Bedroom bomb factory in mother's house

    Law 27 15:35

  • Experts fret over credit card compliance

    PCI DSS fails to settle SMEs

    Security 27 15:49

  • D-Link switches to green to make more green

    Everything's gone green

    Data Networking 27 16:00

  • Gateway launches iMac-alike all-in-one PC

    World's cleverest AC adaptor too?

    Hardware 27 16:26

  • Adopt this dog or we'll kill it

    The no-nonsense approach to rehoming mutts

    Bootnotes 27 18:53

  • Cisco borgs call center software maker Latigent

    Tastes like Web 2.0, chicken

    Data Networking 27 18:58

  • Blueberry heir loses libel suit against drunken lothario

    Gorilla-fisting comment didn't sit well, apparently

    Law 27 19:00

  • Verizon lifts pro-abortion text message ban

    Declares 'great respect for this free flow of ideas'

    Mobile 27 19:33

  • Two US computer engineers charged with espionage

    Seeking to sell chip designs to Chinese military

    The Channel 27 19:43

  • Oracle embraces old Java apps in next IDE

    Preview two

    Software 27 20:02

  • How to expose Gmail contacts without really trying

    Onslaught of Google bugs continues

    Security 27 20:18

  • FCC wireless plan torpedoed by Google-loving mega-startup

    Frontline takes a hardline

    Broadband 27 20:32

  • Hynix leaves DRAM market spotless

    Falling prices causes memory loss

    The Channel 27 22:48

  • Oracle teams with Dell, EMC for warehousing

    Pre-configured hardware/software package gobbles data

    Storage 27 23:27

  • Brazil braces for TV soap-induced blackout

    Climax of Tropical Paradise menaces power network

    Bootnotes 27 23:28