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Sealand seeks satellite and movie deals

That tiny speck of sovereign delusion known as Sealand will finally reclaim its former glory as a platform for pirate radio, the fantastical micronation hinted this week on its website, and Mike Newell, of Donnie Brasco fame, has agreed to direct a movie based on those very same pirate radio origins.
Burke Hansen, 23 Sep 2007

Iraq fiasco creeps into NSA surveillance controversy

The battle over domestic electronic surveillance returned to prominence last week with fresh hearings in Congress and the usual Cheney administration demagoguery. In a clear attempt to shape the debate, on Wednesday the President took to the bully pulpit at NSA headquarters in Fort Meade to demand that Congress stop pussy-footing around and make the six month FISA statute passed in August permanent. Chop, chop.
Burke Hansen, 23 Sep 2007

Messaging snafu madness blows pot deal up in smoke

A West Virginia man sent a text offering weed to the State Police by mistake Wednesday, and is now cooling his heels in the big house, AP reports.
Burke Hansen, 23 Sep 2007

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