19th September 2007 Archive

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  • XtremeData volunteers to serve as Intel's FPGA busboy

    Altera Inside

    Servers 19 00:05

  • USB set to go to 3 for HD

    Paves way for optical links

    Hardware 19 00:10

  • Doomwatchers sound Windows and IE vuln alarm

    Reasons to believe in net insecurity (Part 94)

    Security 19 00:14

  • Intel chief waves wafer full of 'world's first' 32nm chips

    One shiny 300mm disc looks much like another...

    Hardware 19 00:47

  • Brother unveils 'fastest' laser printer

    Hardware 19 00:53

  • Business Nokia makes an entrance

    Would suit your three-button pin-stripe

    Phones 19 00:59

  • Turkey stuffs YouTube (again)

    Much ado about Ataturk

    Law 19 04:54

  • Benioff launches pre-emptive A1S strike

    Tenants up the wazoo

    Developer 19 05:20

  • Intel slobbers over flash-based server storage

    Pricey but fast

    Storage 19 05:49

  • Microsoft vs EC round-up

    The verdict and reaction...

    Software 19 07:02

  • Fresh Xeon to rough up twittering Opteron

    War breaks out between imaginary chips

    Servers 19 07:22

  • Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation

    'This is awful. I can't stop watching'

    Media 19 09:02

  • New competition minister makes broadband rallying cry

    Calls for public sector buy-in

    Policy 19 09:02

  • Ethics body calls for DNA safeguards

    More controls to protect the innocent

    Security 19 09:23

  • Irish firm launches 'global' mobile phone

    'All global calls should be local calls'

    Mobile 19 09:26

  • New GPS sats to lack Selective Availability

    Availability will still be selective though

    Government 19 09:59

  • New York Times and Murdoch gunning for more clicks

    Gray lady lifts her skirts

    Media 19 10:49

  • Bioethics group raises DNA database concerns

    'There has to be a limit to police powers'

    Law 19 11:20

  • Time Warner mulls flogging AOL US dial-up biz (again)

    Aged Operator Leftovers

    Broadband 19 11:32

  • Battling iPod docks take to the battlefield

    Headphones at the ready

    Hardware 19 12:15

  • The iPhone arrives, but is O2 being taken for a ride?

    'You want... how much?'

    Mobile 19 12:34

  • Nobel-winning boffin slams ISS, manned spaceflight

    'Infantile fixation on putting people into space'

    Science 19 13:30

  • LG unwraps HD DVD and Blu-ray combi drive PC

    High Def format detente in Korea

    Hardware 19 13:42

  • easyJet's cheapo astroturfing campaign downs charity servers

    Apology landed, donation en route, marbles lost in a spam storm

    Servers 19 14:05

  • How to create a sensible telephone strategy

    To VoIP or not to VoIP

    Workshop 19 14:59

  • Lenovo debuts world's highest res 22in monitor

    Crisp, sharp and desktop

    Hardware 19 15:01

  • Doggers dogged over the dog and bone

    Text alert service digs itself a hole

    Mobile 19 15:02

  • Internet gambling apparently no problem after all

    UK gov survey debunks media hysteria

    Government 19 15:05

  • Hypersonic plane project confirmed by DARPA

    Retro 60s tech unlikely to melt much tinfoil

    Science 19 15:08

  • First Intel quad-core mobile CPU due Q3 08

    Not Montevina friendly?

    Hardware 19 15:09

  • T-Mobile wins iPhone for Germany

    Who will be next?

    Phones 19 15:14

  • German web host to go carbon neutral

    Trusty old diesel engine at hand if renewable energy cocks up

    Data Centre 19 15:14

  • Ever wanted to see the game from the football's PoV?

    Designer unveils kickable, throwable camera

    Hardware 19 15:27

  • Brussels deploys Galileo rescue plan

    Farmers won't miss €2.2bn, say officials

    Science 19 16:04

  • Google says go-go-Gadget Ads

    The joy of web app advertising...sob

    Applications 19 16:09

  • IBM hopes open office is Symphony to your key-tapping fingers

    Targets rival Microsoft

    Software 19 16:20

  • Intel pledges ultra-low power web gadget chip - again

    More on 'Moorestown'

    Hardware 19 17:41

  • Nvidia readies SLI for Intel's X38?

    Hardware 19 17:52

  • 787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer

    Dreamliner crash and burn?

    Science 19 18:38

  • Smiley celebrates 25th birthday

    Big * and 25x@>--->--- for :-)

    Bootnotes 19 18:40

  • Microsoft counters VMware insanity with optimistic frown

    Our time will come

    Virtualization 19 18:58

  • Web host breach may have exposed passwords for 6,000 clients

    Names, addresses and phone numbers also at risk

    Security 19 19:06

  • ICANN dukes it out with the USSR in cold war rematch smackdown

    Living in the zombie domain, keeping the net safe for the free world

    Law 19 20:01

  • NASA trolls web for wannabe astronauts

    Position requires 'extensive travel'

    Science 19 20:07

  • Sorting through Intel's SoC drawer

    'Canmore' and 'Tolapai' - compare and contrast

    Hardware 19 20:19

  • Argos admits selling Halo 3 early

    Cock-up not conspiracy

    Games 19 20:53

  • Supermicro debuts super quiet server blade

    Shhh, do you want to wake the baby?

    Servers 19 21:21

  • Yes! It's the Intel 'Penryn' codename decoder

    Which 45nm chip is which

    Hardware 19 21:48

  • TerraTec Noxon 2 net radio and iPod dock

    Tune into a wealth of internet radio content

    Hardware 19 23:31

  • Kaspersky: Maxtor markets password-pilfering Dutch disk drives

    Buy now and get free malware

    Hardware 19 23:43