18th September 2007 Archive

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  • Samsung, Toshiba join SanDisk in US antitrust probe

    NAND flash market goes under the scope

    Storage 18 00:10

  • Uber-hacker Max Vision misses the killswitch

    Cohorts unravel secret life

    Security 18 00:35

  • iPhone unlocking for pleasure and profit

    Cutting class at IDF

    Phones 18 01:06

  • Sun to virtualize boxes, storage and NICs with 'Project Virginia'

    Wait till you see Baked Alaska

    Virtualization 18 01:57

  • US mercenary outfit shoots 11 Iraqis - and self in foot

    Is outsourcing military force the wave of the future?

    Policy 18 04:43

  • What does Microsoft's European defeat mean?

    Lawyers speak

    Software 18 08:06

  • NASA names the day for Dawn raid on asteroid belt

    Launch date pencilled in

    Science 18 09:04

  • NHS looks to prevent Mtas repeat

    Starts consultation on not screwing up

    Policy 18 09:15

  • Yahoo! hopes Mash will be a monster

    360! take! two!

    Financial News 18 09:36

  • Kazaa tech chief joins BBC future technology team

    Heads up next generation iPlayer

    Management 18 09:40

  • Europe claims UK botched one third of Data Protection Directive

    Act 'doesn't implement European law properly'

    Law 18 09:42

  • Security to drop out of CIO spending top ten

    Gartner performs Security 3.0 conjuring trick

    Management 18 09:44

  • Orange speaks out with new voice

    Tha's wanting a top up, lass?

    Mobile 18 10:07

  • Google punts ads on the move

    All your ads are now mobile

    Mobile 18 10:26

  • uSwitch cans IT workers

    'You gotta switch!'

    Management 18 10:30

  • Barracuda snaps up firewall firm

    Deep packet inspection

    Security 18 10:43

  • Space watchers spot pulsar eating a star

    Skeleton star gets gobbled

    Science 18 10:59

  • Orange kneecaps Nokia

    And good luck with the portal, guys...

    Mobile 18 11:27

  • Mozilla creates start-up to recruit email developers

    Thunderbird is go

    Developer 18 11:37

  • Galileo scepticism rife even in Brussels

    Only satellite builders truly enthusiastic

    Science 18 11:39

  • Google's PowerPoint beater beta is go

    Google run by druids shocker

    Software 18 11:48

  • Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal

    Steve claims 3G is a battery drain

    Phones 18 12:20

  • Like Mars, 3 needs women

    Blokey stores in need of feminine touch

    Broadband 18 13:09

  • International media firm pays $3.5m over pirate software

    Keel-hauled outfit suffers biggest-ever settlement

    The Channel 18 13:17

  • AMD to try to take on Intel Core 2 with tri-core Phenom

    It's the multi-blade shaver war all over again

    Hardware 18 13:18

  • Warner punts Blunt on MySpace

    Annoys Teases US fans with ex-soldier's new album

    Media 18 14:00

  • Zombies flood broadband networks

    Resident Evil

    Security 18 14:08

  • New bird takes to the skies for Digital Globe

    Better images for Google Earth

    Science 18 14:14

  • Subterranean mole-bot under development

    No plan to seek out underground civilisations, though

    Science 18 14:32

  • Boffins challenge shape of neutron neutrality

    Pick a team, dammit

    Science 18 15:14

  • Facebook's marketing goldmine may be crock of shite

    Just add the Disappointment Widget

    Software 18 15:28

  • Ditch the desk phone? Yes please

    But is this representative?

    Workshop 18 15:29

  • Halo 3 Legendary Edition stocks blown away

    Microsoft confirms pre-order rush

    Games 18 15:33

  • Top US boffin plans jizz-based LEDs

    US forces to benefit from spunktronic performance

    Science 18 15:33

  • Staying connected?

    Introducing the always-on generation

    Mobile 18 15:58

  • Feeling the heat at Neptune's south pole

    Long, hot, summer at -190°C

    Science 18 16:01

  • Cisco tries to save kids from careers in the arts

    Partners with Institution of Engineering and Technology

    Data Networking 18 16:14

  • Embarcadero brings discipline to XML schema

    ER/Studio upgrade to standardise SOA data

    Developer 18 17:06

  • Hitachi injects hypervisor into Xeon blade

    Virtual Virtage

    Virtualization 18 17:10

  • Intel 'Nehalem' design completed, boots Mac OS X

    Windows XP too

    Hardware 18 17:27

  • Chinese bloke games himself to death

    Three-day marathon man joins his ancestors

    Bootnotes 18 17:42

  • Next-gen Centrino to ship 'May 2008'

    CEO lets slip launch window

    Hardware 18 18:01

  • Intel Developer Forum: complete coverage

    Hardware 18 18:08

  • Intel CEO dishes discrete graphics return


    Hardware 18 18:11

  • Big-name vendors lined up to offer WiMAX laptops

    But not the biggest

    Hardware 18 18:48

  • Beethoven's barnet fused into diamond

    10 strands of hair become $1m charity gem

    Science 18 19:09

  • Intel names 'Penryn' launch date

    Desktop chips roadmapped

    Hardware 18 19:23

  • NEC ships HydraStor grid storage platform

    Consolidated backup and archiving not a Herculean effort

    Storage 18 19:57

  • BitTorrent-busters busted by BitTorrent

    Email leak exposes stealth P2P honeypot

    Security 18 20:56

  • Adobe reports record revenue in Q3

    Prints money with Creative Suite 3

    Financial News 18 21:03

  • Fossett search 'downgraded'

    Some aerial missions suspended

    Science 18 21:31

  • Florida uni cops taser shouty student

    John Kerry forum degenerates into farce

    Law 18 21:35

  • California returns once more unto the breaches

    Breach and tell to include credit card info

    Security 18 21:58

  • ICANN celebrates ninth anniversary as master of your domain

    Here’s to you, internet overlords

    Broadband 18 23:01

  • T-Mobile penetrates Virgin Islands

    US cellco yields to the mighty Euro

    Mobile 18 23:13

  • Peruvian 'meteorite' strike provokes noxious gas attack

    600 ill as authorities probe mystery buried object

    Science 18 23:40

  • World of Warcraft smites den of orc and elf sexual delinquency

    Is that a vorpal sword in your pocket or...?

    Media 18 23:45