17th September 2007 Archive

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  • Unsung software developers behind rise in online fraud

    Tool kits spark explosion in malicious code base, says Symantec

    Security 17 04:02

  • Microsoft vs European Commission: the verdict

    Loses appeal but can ditch trustee oversight

    Software 17 08:08

  • Patient info ends up on eBay

    NHS trust hard drives at knock-down prices

    Policy 17 09:37

  • The Christmas Console Wars: round one to Xbox?

    Battle for the wrapping paper begins

    Games 17 09:37

  • Intel snaps up Dublin gaming firm

    Swallows Havok

    Financial News 17 09:50

  • Microsoft sets spinners on court verdict

    Reaction to failed appeal

    Software 17 09:59

  • FTSE 100 switchboards confused by data protection

    Er, excuse me. Data what?

    Security 17 10:14

  • Could you give up your desk phone?

    Cutting the cord

    Workshop 17 10:18

  • The importance of 'whole journey' email encryption

    Leave no weak spots

    Security 17 10:27

  • Thrustmaster unveils Wii peripherals kit

    Whoopee Wii

    Games 17 11:03

  • ESO galaxy hunters come up trumps

    Searching the skies with quasars

    Science 17 11:03

  • W3C sets standards for SOA and Web 2.0

    Promises better web apps

    Developer 17 11:04

  • Arctic sea ice loosens grip on Northwest Passage

    Sparks territorial rights row

    Science 17 11:09

  • Aussie politicos in a froth over naval boob jobs

    Storm, B-cup ... you get the picture

    Bootnotes 17 11:18

  • Vista attacked by 13-year-old virus

    Stoned.Angelina socks it to 'em

    Security 17 11:22

  • Left-handeders finally unlock the closet, researchers find

    A sinister development

    Science 17 11:23

  • DIY PS3 import


    Hardware 17 11:46

  • O2 to launch iPhone tomorrow?

    UK network operators fight to the death for the iPhone

    Phones 17 12:01

  • Microsoft thanks EU after losing its appeal

    General counsel insists still committed to Europe

    Software 17 12:02

  • Google gloats over ISO's OOXML rejection

    No fast-tracking for you, sonny

    Software 17 12:12

  • Elgato EyeTV 250 Plus TV tuner with MPEG 2 encoder

    The ideal DVR kit for low-horsepower Macs?

    Hardware 17 12:53

  • Microsoft: no plan to appeal EC verdict for now

    Smith starts reading judgement, thanks commission again

    Software 17 13:52

  • DARPA seeks flexible ion-drive tech for spy sats

    Nippy yet economical astro-peepers wanted

    Science 17 14:35

  • Innocent 'terror techie' purges DNA records

    Proved exceptional

    Law 17 14:37

  • Build malware protection into operating systems

    Security guru calls for integrity

    Security 17 14:49

  • Nokia gets into mobile advertising

    Pockets Enpocket

    Mobile 17 14:50

  • PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook

    PC World's PR fails to trickle down

    Hardware 17 14:59

  • California clamps down on in-car mobile use

    But only if you're under 21

    Mobile 17 15:20

  • Sony to break out of Cell?

    Toshiba earmarked to gobble firm's chip biz

    Games 17 15:52

  • USAF flying deathbot power-grab rebuffed

    Aerial killdroids escape military pilots' union

    Security 17 15:55

  • Chuck Norris has two speeds: Walk and Kill

    Bearded death machine whups kung fu ass

    Bootnotes 17 17:55

  • Gear4 BlackBox audio systems touch down

    Hardware 17 17:59

  • Warner puts Blu-ray, HD DVD combo disc 'on hold'

    Studio insufficiently interested in 'glu-ray disc'

    Hardware 17 18:01

  • OQO touts UMPC with solid state drive

    A laptop for your pocket

    Phones 17 18:07

  • Hitachi opens UK storage admin call centre

    Threatens suicide prevention hotline's beat

    Storage 17 18:22

  • Dell grabs ex-Sun comms chief

    On a Lark

    Servers 17 18:23

  • Venezuelan man survives autopsy

    Not quite as dead as he appeared

    Science 17 19:04

  • Intel to buy games physics company

    Hardware 17 19:13

  • Bell Canada in Sex Pistols billboard ad gaffe

    Holocaust reference not a gas

    Bootnotes 17 19:42

  • Chernobyl to get new steel lid

    $1.4bn 'containment structure'

    Science 17 20:57

  • Salesforce force feeds SaaS to the masses

    Whoo oo oo ooo... Can you feel the force?

    Applications 17 22:04

  • MS shines Silverlight into thin AIR (and kicks 'beaten up' Google Gears)

    We say 'Hah!' to your puny desktop experience

    Developer 17 23:09

  • Acronis grabs virtual servers by their backups

    'We're in the moving business'

    Storage 17 23:23

  • Yahoo! Agrees! To! Acquire! Talking! Heads! Song!

    More Google envy

    Broadband 17 23:25

  • James Bond ditches the Aston Martin

    Back to a Bentley for 007

    Media 17 23:25