13th September 2007 Archive

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  • Cisco and VMware buddy up for VFrame Data Center

    You want to put my hypervisor where?

    Storage 13 Sep 00:11

  • Canonical and VMware team on mini-Ubuntu

    It's JeOSy

    Servers 13 Sep 00:13

  • eBay glitch sends packages to wrong addresses

    Promises fix soon

    Small Biz 13 Sep 00:27

  • Apple iPod Classic

    In a metal mood

    Hardware 13 Sep 07:24

  • Nvidia fills out Quadro DirectX 10 line-up

    Entry-level and mid-range cards added

    Hardware 13 Sep 08:59

  • World's smallest economy dives into web scrum

    Tiny Pacific islands target TinyURL territory

    Broadband 13 Sep 09:13

  • Report backs mobile IT for police

    Could cut red tape

    Government 13 Sep 09:22

  • EDS shows one in four staff the door

    Early retirement for 12,000 US staff

    The Channel 13 Sep 09:24

  • IT overruns costing business €375m a year

    A quarter run 50% over budget

    CIO 13 Sep 10:03

  • Belkin, SanDisk launch charity kit

    Hardware 13 Sep 10:05

  • L'Oreal sues eBay over counterfeit goods

    Says tat bazaar is not doing enough

    Law 13 Sep 10:16

  • Fujitsu Services ends union dispute

    Responds to union's demands

    Business 13 Sep 10:23

  • Religious hatred a crime from October, but exemptions are wide

    Closes one loophole but opens others

    Law 13 Sep 10:31

  • Virtualization standards becoming a reality

    Virtual reality, oh ho ho

    Software 13 Sep 10:37

  • Enraged bee bursts Taiwanese woman's breast implant

    Swarm in a B cup

    Bootnotes 13 Sep 10:42

  • Ofcom fails to prevent release of cell locations

    But operators might not play ball

    Networks 13 Sep 10:51

  • Shuttle debuts 'deluxe, glamorous' SFF PC

    Hardware 13 Sep 10:52

  • Reference kilo shows mysterious weight loss

    First Lindsay, then Nicole, now the standard unit of mass

    Science 13 Sep 10:55

  • Sony to roll out four Blu-ray recorders

    Strategy to cement the format's popularity

    Hardware 13 Sep 11:26

  • Motorola transmits dual Walkie Talkie range

    Come in Whisky, err, Vodka, Baileys, foxtrot, over

    Hardware 13 Sep 11:36

  • Morse snaps up consultancy firm

    Goes after financial services X factor with Xayce

    The Channel 13 Sep 11:40

  • Trojan planted on US Consulate website

    Russian roulette

    Security 13 Sep 11:43

  • If you think the IT industry is grey and colourless, wait until you get a load of this

    The Channel 13 Sep 12:34

  • Apple invite brings UK hacks out in iPhone fever

    Not us, sob

    Hardware 13 Sep 12:36

  • Bebo fingers Yahoo! for display ads

    Hey! Kids! Buy! This!

    Software 13 Sep 13:02

  • Led Zeppelin reunion opens with Communication Breakdown

    Website goes down like a...oh

    Servers 13 Sep 13:12

  • Keeping a Hawk-Eye on those miserable Wii kids

    Technology is bad, m'kay

    Bootnotes 13 Sep 13:15

  • US allows import of Qualcomm chips

    As long as they're in someone else's phone

    Mobile 13 Sep 13:18

  • Wii becomes best-selling next-gen console

    Early forecast confirmed

    Games 13 Sep 13:25

  • Blind Judo master floors tobacco stealing skinhead

    Hairless, brainless and still ciggie-less

    Bootnotes 13 Sep 13:29

  • Surge protection for Powerline Ethernet products?


    Hardware 13 Sep 13:34

  • PC superstore unhinged by Linux

    'Like buying a BMW and putting a Ford engine in it'

    Hardware 13 Sep 13:48

  • NZ surveillance target attempts to flog tracking kit

    Kiwi 'Keystone Cops' uncloaked

    Security 13 Sep 14:15

  • You bought into mobile email - what have you got to show for it?

    Have mobiles increased productivity?

    Workshop 13 Sep 14:19

  • Online car tax saves planet from carbon hell

    One stamp at a time...

    Government 13 Sep 14:22

  • Cassini reveals two faces of Iapetus

    Weird black and white moon

    Science 13 Sep 14:40

  • Wengé wood inspires Sony's autumn Vaios

    Hardware 13 Sep 15:10

  • Sod robots, send people into space: report

    Manned missions will inspire the nation

    Science 13 Sep 15:19

  • RIM colours up BlackBerry Pearl

    Pick a colour, any colour

    Phones 13 Sep 15:19

  • MPs criticise e-health record progress

    Better planning and more consultation needed

    Government 13 Sep 15:36

  • Boffins develop Terminator-vision goggles

    Acid trips without the... er... acid

    Hardware 13 Sep 15:40

  • Symantec launches new SMB partner programme

    Goes after lucrative, 'burgeoning market'

    The Channel 13 Sep 16:15

  • YouTube, Viacom bow to light-sabre wielding defender of online justice

    Jedi Knight saves the world

    Media 13 Sep 16:48

  • Navman queues up flagship satnav range

    Science 13 Sep 18:02

  • Asus launches 'first' GPS laptop

    Hardware 13 Sep 18:18

  • Cybersquatter storms the Bastille (Linux)

    Prompts rebrand

    The Channel 13 Sep 19:13

  • IBM holds 128-thread 'Q7' variant of Power7

    2010 super booster?

    Servers 13 Sep 19:24

  • Hypercard tool gets Linux leg up

    Runtime Revolution responds to Linux growth

    Developer 13 Sep 19:35

  • Artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince attacks internet

    Prince joins The Police to fight mouse pads

    Media 13 Sep 20:48

  • Canadian police detain Nigerian in alleged 419 scam

    Ghana's greed

    Security 13 Sep 20:53

  • Azul smacks down Reg claims with $40m

    All funded up with somewhere to go

    Servers 13 Sep 23:16

  • Lawsuit claims sex-discrimination, bias at EMC

    Flag raised over strip club bonding

    The Channel 13 Sep 23:48