11th September 2007 Archive

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  • Yahoo feeds Trojan-laced ads to MySpace and PhotoBucket users

    'High risk creative' on out of control web

    Security 11 00:30

  • Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests

    You can't play in our gang, our gang, our gang

    Media 11 00:51

  • Public rejoices at new 'green' nukes

    Time for that nuke ferry across the Mersey

    Science 11 07:02

  • Britannia triumphs over Johnny Metric

    Pints all round as EU crumples before imperial forces

    Government 11 09:22

  • Computacenter jumps on good interims

    Revenues and profits up - except in UK

    The Channel 11 09:31

  • DVD Forum gives three-layer, 51GB HD DVD the thumbs up

    Format's fans must buy new players?

    Hardware 11 09:33

  • Retailer reveals new Palm is the Treo 500v

    Vodafone will launch it tomorrow

    Phones 11 10:00

  • Open source suppliers offer SaaS challenge

    Talend joins SugarCRM, OpSource joins Boomi

    Developer 11 10:01

  • Hitachi scales Universal Storage Platform for the midmarket

    HDS Virtual storage gets thin provisioning

    Storage 11 10:02

  • Serena banks on Microsoft workplace challenge

    Pay to play

    Developer 11 10:05

  • Fujitsu unveils palm-reading security mouse

    Vein pattern scanned for authentication

    Security 11 10:27

  • Oyster card evolves into OnePulse

    Teams up with Visa and Barclaycard

    Policy 11 10:37

  • Home PC users at risk: CA

    Need to be wary of online threats

    Security 11 10:39

  • Connoisseurs go mad for £1,000 ham

    Pure Iberian porker's leg at a price you can't afford

    Science 11 10:40

  • Met Office plans next five years in climate science

    An aide to policy makers, no less

    Science 11 10:41

  • Fancy an invisible dog that dances on stilts?

    eBay can oblige, and then some

    Bootnotes 11 10:43

  • DLO HomeDock Music Remote wireless iPod dock

    The answer to the iPod owner's hi-fi dreams?

    Hardware 11 11:02

  • Nokia enhances free-to-download satnav app

    Software 'streamlined'

    Science 11 11:08

  • Juggle those connections

    It’s a multi-protocol world

    Workshop 11 11:16

  • IBM signs-in to OpenOffice.org

    Waves software sabre at Microsoft

    Applications 11 11:24

  • Nokia Portal: A Force For Good, or Finnish Folly?

    A mobile mailbag, no less

    Mobile 11 11:42

  • Skype worm blows bubbles at victims

    Lithuanians and Jacko's chimp top suspects

    Security 11 11:51

  • Kingston: nobody else wants to provide broadband round here

    Fiefdom upon Hull?

    Broadband 11 11:55

  • TomTom tunes Toyota into integrated GPS car stereo

    Science 11 13:03

  • London council to use lie detectors to finger benefit cheats

    Calling call centres is stressful already

    Bootnotes 11 13:15

  • Premium rate Virgin Media cuts tech support jobs

    'Let's right-size our associate headcount!'

    Networks 11 13:25

  • Colombian armed robber targets karate school

    Not a very bright idea, as it turns out

    Bootnotes 11 13:44

  • AMD's tier one partners sing homage to Barcelona

    It's history, perched on a fence

    Servers 11 14:08

  • NHS trust deploys target-meeting software

    Come in number 8, it's time to cut you up

    The Channel 11 14:45

  • HP inks deal for micro-needle skin patch

    Now it's not just HP's prices that'll get under your skin

    Science 11 14:55

  • Typo-squatting grifter faces the slammer

    Bogus attorney pleads guilty to domain scam

    Security 11 15:49

  • At the Toyshop of Doom

    DSEi - toys for the homicidal boy

    Science 11 16:12

  • VMware consumes Dunes

    Not a tool

    Servers 11 16:31

  • Dell's 'Veso' appliance runs on four-core Opterons and thin VMware

    Two minutes to ESX Server

    Servers 11 17:23

  • General Dynamics offers rugged UMPC

    Laughs off nerve gas and even coffee

    Hardware 11 17:36

  • Google-hating Aussie watchdog smacked by confused judge

    Sponsored-links attack 'incomprehensible'

    Media 11 18:52

  • MS threatens to ship new hypervisor preview

    While it smooches Citrix

    Servers 11 18:54

  • South Korea chucks antitrust charges at Intel

    Joins worldwide crusade

    Law 11 19:16

  • Trojans besiege online gamers

    It's warcraft out there

    Security 11 19:32

  • Sun Solaris upgrade snuggles with Linux

    Turns desktops into thin clients

    Operating Systems 11 20:29

  • Microsoft serves light fare on Patch Tuesday

    No critical patches for most Windows users

    Security 11 22:00

  • VMware's 'Calista Flockhart' hypervisor may or may not change the world

    Thin, bony and mean

    Servers 11 22:38

  • BEA: meet the new platform - same as the old platform

    Looks like a duck

    Developer 11 23:09

  • Adobe and BEA team on RIAs

    Java package

    Developer 11 23:40

  • Patent law passed in US, but Presidential veto could follow

    House of Reps. approve smaller fines in copyright spats

    Law 11 23:43

  • Apple restricts ringtone rights

    'You'll pay twice. And you'll like it'

    Mobile 11 23:54