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Eurostar inaugurates UK high-speed track

UpdatedEurostar will this morning try to set a new Paris-London time record during the inaugural run along the recently-completed British "High Speed 1" track to St Pancras International station, Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 04 Sep 2007

Texas Instruments stands out with 3D TV

IFA 07Watching your favourite film in high definition and on a monster screen is all well and good, but it still doesn't make the film leap out at you. Texas Instruments claims it's overcome this problem and has teamed up with Samsung to develop a 3D TV.
James Sherwood, 04 Sep 2007

Boffins unveil sharpest ever stellar snaps

Astronomers working at the Palomar observatory have taken some of the clearest ever pictures of space. A US and UK team of stargazers have taken advantage of new adaptive optics technology to out-do even the Hubble Space Telescope for sharpness.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Sep 2007
Mobile Phone

Mobile wallet opens

PayForIt is another mobile wallet scheme, this time backed by all the major operators and launched with the limited aim of taking payments for ringtones, games, and other mobile content.
Bill Ray, 04 Sep 2007

Apple to announce HDD-less iPods tomorrow?

Apple will tomorrow unveil revamped iPods - the first without a hard drive - and iPod Nanos at an event to be held tomorrow, if the leaks and rumours of the last few weeks prove accurate.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2007
Flag United States

Pentagon: Chinese military hacked us

Sources in Washington have indicated that the cyber attack last June which targeted the office of US Defence Secretary Robert Gates was conducted by the Chinese military.
Lewis Page, 04 Sep 2007

Interface21 focuses on 'contract first'

Open source tool supplier Interface21 has recast its Spring framework to deliver web services applications based on the 'contract-first' approach to development. Under the name Spring Web Services 1.0, the updated framework will enable developers to build and deliver more flexible, loosely coupled web services applications, says the supplier.
Phil Manchester, 04 Sep 2007

Euro consumers favour plasma over LCD

Ask consumers which HD TV technology they think delivers the best picture quality and they'll put LCD and plasma on a par. Get them to try the two out first, and they quickly favour plasma. So claimed research company Synovate last week after conducting tests with punters across Europe.
Tony Smith, 04 Sep 2007

Why oh why do rock stars die young?

Liverpool John Moores University has evidently opened its own department of the bleedin' obvious by revealing that rock and pop stars often die prematurely because of their penchant for a fast-track lifestyle fuelled by drugs and booze, The Daily Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 04 Sep 2007

Sage goes after the little people

Acquisition-happy payroll software maker Sage (UK) has moved into the HR biz with the launch of a new system aimed at SMBs.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Sep 2007

Oracle buys Netsure Telecom

Business software provider Oracle has acquired Dublin-based Netsure Telecom.
Emmet Ryan, 04 Sep 2007

'Happy slapping' vids prompt Brown to push net filters

The availability of gore and violence on the internet has prompted the UK Government to consider backing a campaign to encourage wider awareness and use of net-filtering software.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2007

41% of Londoners don't care about their pets

A survey from Carphone Warehouse reveals that those in the North East of England are the most callous about their animals; with the loss of their pet upsetting only 57 per cent, while 73 per cent of those living in the South West care most - must be all those retirees.
Bill Ray, 04 Sep 2007

UK Gambling Act is now in force

Major changes are in store for Britain's £91bn gambling industry after new gambling laws came into force on 1st September. The Gambling Act 2005 replaces legislation dating as far back as 1845 and governs nearly all forms of gambling.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Sep 2007

Iogear touts anti-bacterial mouse

Iogear is gearing up for the new school season and aiming to clean up the desktop in one foul swoop. It has created a wireless mouse that not only claims to deliver optimal, err, scrolling in all situations, but which is also coated with a specialist anti-bacterial coating.
James Sherwood, 04 Sep 2007

Sony Ericsson loses head

Miles Flint, president of Sony Ericsson, has stepped down to spend more time with his money; to be replaced by Dick Komiyama, current chairman of the board at Sony Electronics, USA.
Bill Ray, 04 Sep 2007

Venus Express celebrates 500 days around Venus

Basking in four times the radiation its sister craft, Mars Express, receives, Venus Express is celebrating its 500th day around, and 500th orbit of, our twin planet.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Sep 2007

Pee-powered battery unveiled

The trouble with batteries is that there never seems to be a power socket in sight when you want to charge them up. Thankfully, one manufacturer has developed a battery that should be slightly easier to recharge, thanks to its ability to run off a variety of liquids, including water and urine.
James Sherwood, 04 Sep 2007

The UK office: hotbed of net smut addiction

Any bosses among you who are wondering why your male employees' productivity has declined of late are directed to a highly suspect survey by moneysupermarket.com, which claims they're probably ogling some quality internet pornography rather than knuckling down to that mission-critical PowerPoint presentation.
Lester Haines, 04 Sep 2007

Morse sees revenue slide

Professional services firm Morse today reported a 13 per cent group profit fall and said its continued drive away from the IT infrastructure market had put a dent in its financial figures.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Sep 2007

Robot sailboats to race across Atlantic

In the Irish Sea off Wales this week, a new kind of robot is taking to the waves. For once, this is not a military kill-droid, nor a securo-pork powered surveillance machine. Instead, we are seeing the debut of the fully-autonomous sailboat, which uses its own software to navigate out at sea. For now the uninhabited windjammers will stay relatively close to home, but next year their successors will race across the Atlantic.
Lewis Page, 04 Sep 2007

Court junks $11m judgment against Spamhaus

An appeal court has quashed an $11m judgment against anti-spam organisation Spamhaus in favour of controversial email marketing outfit e360 Insight.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2007

Better gadget battery-level readouts in pipeline

You know the way your phone shows a full battery for ages and ages, then as soon as you make or take a call it throws a double six and shuts down? Or the way your mp3 player drops towards empty while playing, then suddenly climbs up to almost-full again as soon as you press stop?
Lewis Page, 04 Sep 2007

Toshiba shines out widescreen projector

Toshiba today unveiled its latest widescreen projector. The TLP-WX2200U model features a palm-sized control panel that allows users to assign a password to prevent unauthorised access to the projector – so presumably no one will be able to mess with your slides before that important presentation.
James Sherwood, 04 Sep 2007

Google avoids AdWords jury trial as opponent backs down

A US retailer has dropped (pdf) a suit against Google which challenged the trademark policy of its keyword advertising system, AdWords. American Blinds & Wallpaper Factory (ABWF) has withdrawn its long-running action against Google.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Sep 2007

UK set to greenlight chimera research

The UK's fertility regulator is expected to give its seal of approval to research on human-animal hybrids in the UK. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) published its consultation on the proposed draft Human Tissue and Embryos Bill yesterday, in which it said most people consulted were at ease with the creation of hybrid embryos.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Sep 2007
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Global chip sales on the up

Worldwide sales of semiconductors totalled $20.6bn for the month of July, a jump of 2.2 per cent on the previous year, according to new figures.
Stephen Errity, 04 Sep 2007
acer logo

Acer CEO talks up Chinese expansion

Computer maker Acer is looking into the possibility of a Chinese acquisition following its decision to buy US-based Gateway.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Sep 2007

iPhone tops smartphone market

Market analyst iSuppli (no relation) reports that the iPhone captured 1.8 per cent of US handset sales in July, outselling all other models of smartphone during its launch month.
Bill Ray, 04 Sep 2007
Flag Scotland

Scotland launches electronics design centre

The University of Glasgow is smashing a champagne bottle off the side of a new electronics design centre today.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Sep 2007

Is Samsung looking to take on the mighty iPhone?

Is it a portable media player? Is it a mobile phone? Well, if Internet rumours are true, then yes – it’s the Samsung Croix. A device that’s uncannily similar looking to Apple’s iPhone and that is thought to sport a touch-sensitive screen and which has recently won a design award.
James Sherwood, 04 Sep 2007

US in move towards GPS-based air traffic control

The US aviation regulator has selected ITT Corp to provide a new generation of GPS satnav-based air traffic control equipment, awarding a $207m, three-year initial contract.
Lewis Page, 04 Sep 2007

MetroPCS asks to swallow Leap Wireless

MetroPCS wants to buy Leap Wireless, intent on creating one big we-don't-do-contacts wireless carrier. And it wants the world to know it wants to buy Leap Wireless. But there's no telling what Leap wants.
Cade Metz, 04 Sep 2007

Sony to exorcise 'rootkit' from USB drives

Sony is prepping an update to remove rootkit-like technology that shipped with a range of USB storage devices featuring fingerprint authentication.
John Leyden, 04 Sep 2007

Virtual Iron releases version 4.0

Virtual Iron has put out a new release of its server virtualization software, chipping away at the gap between VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 — at a price palatable to the low end of the market.
Austin Modine, 04 Sep 2007

Dell beefs up Precision portable workstation line

Dell is adding more power to its high-end line of mobile workstations with the debut of the Precision M6300, a 17" notebook geared at engineers, developers, video editors and others who need to tote around some serious silicon.
Austin Modine, 04 Sep 2007

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