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Battle of the stats: Blu-ray beats HD DVD

IFA 07Another month, another consumer electronics show, and once again the backers of the rival HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats come to attempt to persuade us their favoured format is winning the war. The IFA show in Berlin last week was no exception - so how is battle faring now?
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2007

Garmin adds Google capability to 700 series

IFA 07Garmin, not to be outdone by rival satnav maker TomTom, has rolled out its latest series of high-end in-car navigation systems, the Nuvi 700 family.
James Sherwood, 03 Sep 2007

Nvidia 'G92' to debut 12 November?

Nvidia is preparing to up the ante in the performance graphics chip stakes this coming November with 'G92', it has been claimed. If true, the new part will be announced a year after Nvidia launched its first GeForce 8 series GPU.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2007

Pioneer, Philips revamp Blu-ray players

IFA 07Pioneer and Philips both followed their fellow Blu-ray Disc supporters and last week announced new players based on the next-gen optical disc format.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2007

Yahoo! battered by second ActiveX vulnerability

Yahoo! users are urged to upgrade their instant messaging software following the discovery of a brace of security vulnerabilities - the second set of serious security flaws involving Yahoo! Messenger in as many weeks.
John Leyden, 03 Sep 2007

Palm teases punters with 'Otto' launch date

Palm is to launch its next new European smartphone - codenamed 'Otto' - in just over a week's time, on 12 September, the company has revealed.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2007

India cheers satellite launch

Indian space scientists were celebrating yesterday after the successful launch of a new communications satellite, INSAT-4CR, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Sep 2007

Kung-fu monks can kick ass, but they can't reincarnate

CommentsMonks at the Shaolin Temple in China, highly incensed by an assertion by a Japanese internet user that a single ninja had once laid the smackdown on their greatest, have deployed a fearsome warrior lawyer (presumably trained to an equally high standard in both law and arse-kicking). They have demanded that the internet user "apologise to the whole nation for the wrongs he or she did". We suggested a pay-per-view "Battle of the Titans" between the kung-fu monks and Japan's top ninjas. This is a match made in Heaven for the many thousands of you who daily debate the merits of the two sides, even if it does lack pirates.
Robin Lettice, 03 Sep 2007

Archos guns for Apple with iPod Nano-sized video player

IFA 07French media player maker Archos last week attempted to pip Apple to the post with a compact player designed to handle video as well as music - just as Creative has with its Zen.
Tony Smith, 03 Sep 2007

TV makers go ape for 100Hz LCDs

Almost every TV maker exhibiting at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin last week used the event to launch LCD TVs capable of a picture refresh rate of 100 images a second. You couldn't move for bright-eyed booth staff there to demo 100Hz technology and persuade us to replace our LCD TVs already.

Wii named fastest-selling console in UK history

Nintendo has yet another reason to crack open the bubbly. Its Wii console has been named the fastest-selling games console in UK history by an independent sales tracking firm. However, in Japan, its lead over the PS3 is narrowing.
James Sherwood, 03 Sep 2007
Mortar board

Profits soar at SkillSoft

E-learning firm SkillSoft saw its profits nearly treble in its latest set of results, which were released on Friday.
Emmet Ryan, 03 Sep 2007

Microsoft remedies failed to create competition

Microsoft will crush competitors when antitrust measures expire in the US in November in a marketplace that has not been made more competitive by the US Government's actions, according to a group of state attorneys general.
OUT-LAW.COM, 03 Sep 2007

Nuke-frying raygun 747 all ready bar the raygun

The Pentagon's astounding flying raygun programme has passed its penultimate technical milestone, according to makers Boeing.
Lewis Page, 03 Sep 2007

Enterprise mobility on the couch

Reg Technology PanelWe’ve got another lively, heated debate for your viewing pleasure. This time it’s on Enterprise Mobility and the issues and challenges that you’re facing on this complex topic.
Team Register, 03 Sep 2007

Monster warns victims and pledges better defense

Monster Worldwide, the owner of employment search site Monster.com, last week began notifying the estimated 1.3 million users affected by a breach that leaked résumé information and pledged to beef up network monitoring and defenses to prevent such a leak from happening again.
SecurityFocus, 03 Sep 2007

Product data quality in the information supply chain

Readers may recall that I wrote last year about Silver Creek Systems®. At that time I extolled its capabilities for product data quality (matching, cleansing and classification) through the use of semantically-based content profiling and attribute identification. This is particularly relevant when information comes into the organization in unstructured formats as most conventional data quality tools have historically been limited to support for structured information.
Philip Howard, 03 Sep 2007
graph up

Taking SharePoint to another level - ICS Solutions' ShareWorkz

For those of you who are Microsoft watchers or users, you will know that Microsoft, this year, has been re-emphasizing its SharePoint portal server. One of the UK's major SIs providing support for SharePoint is ICS Solutions, based in Basingstoke in Hampshire. ICS is some 20 years old and holds five Microsoft Gold competencies. ICS has not only helped other companies implement SharePoint, but it has built a part of its business around a SharePoint Portal, called DreamTeam Portal, that provides a resourcing source for specialist Microsoft contractors. At the beginning of August 2007, I went to a public seminar in Reading held by Microsoft UK to hear ICS talk about a new business avenue—ICS acting as an ISV for a SharePoint-based product called ShareWorkz.
Simon Holloway, 03 Sep 2007

Creative calls up noise-cancelling cans

IFA 07If you like to listen to your music - and we mean really listen - then Creative claims its new Aurvana X-Fi cans offer superior sound quality to standard 'phones. They can also be used as an expensive pair of earplugs.
James Sherwood, 03 Sep 2007

Green taxes are a rip off says low tax lobby group

Green taxes are being used by the government to raise revenues, rather than tackle climate change; are bad news for consumers and are socially unjust. These are the conclusions of the Taxpayers Alliance (TPA), a right wing lobby group dedicated to a low-tax society.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Sep 2007

Google wants to patent mobile commerce

Google owes its success to putting advertising into parts of our lives where no one has ever put adverts before. Now a new patent illustrates the extent of its ambitions.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Sep 2007
Flag Germany

Germany floats Trojan for terror suspects

German politicians have defended plans to email Trojan horse software to terror suspects in the hopes of monitoring their conversations. The measures have sparked a fierce civil liberties debate. The dubious efficacy of the wheeze is yet to come under serious consideration.
John Leyden, 03 Sep 2007

Orange strong-arming ex-customers for imagined debts

Debt-collector Moorcroft Debt Recovery has been sending out letters, on behalf of Orange, trying to collect on long-cancelled contracts and already-settled bills: at least according to their own support desk.
Bill Ray, 03 Sep 2007

Where's Nokia going?

At times you can feel sorry for Nokia. The company is damned when it dares to plan for the future, and it's damned if it doesn't.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Sep 2007

Venezuela plans crackdown on bloody silly names

Venezuela's National Electoral Council last week proposed a Bill that would prevent parents giving their offspring "names that expose them to ridicule, are extravagant or difficult to pronounce", AP reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Sep 2007

Another investigation into Pirate Bay child porn

Swedish prosecutors have launched another invesigation into suspected child pornography, shared through the controversial bittorrent site The Pirate Bay. However, this time police aren't theatening to blacklist the Swedish website. "The Pirate Bay are not suspects," prosecutor Cathrine Rudström told Swedish newssite The Local. Police have requested logs from The Pirate Bay, including IP addresses.
Jan Libbenga, 03 Sep 2007

Voting machines ditch ballots in Scotland

More than seventy thousand votes in the recent Scottish elections were rejected by the electronic counting machines, with no human oversight.
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Sep 2007

Aussie stumps $100k for Airbus A380 tickets

An Aussie air enthusiast has stumped up a cool $100,380 for the honour of travelling on Singapore Airlines' maiden commercial flight of the A380 Airbus, Singapore News reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Sep 2007

LG promises pretty pictures

IFA 07LG is either chasing the girls or getting in touch with its feminine side through its latest creations. The company has announced the Design Art range, which includes LCD TVs and is claimed to be beautiful both when in use and when switched off.
James Sherwood, 03 Sep 2007

Spammers add a new dimension to junk mail

Spammers have added a fresh dimension to the fight against junk mail with the creation of image spam rendered in a pseudo 3D layout.
John Leyden, 03 Sep 2007

Virgin Galactic inks passenger training deal

Virgin Galactic, the firm offering suborbital rocketplane thrill rides for the very wealthy, has signed up a partner company to conduct preflight training for its customers.
Lewis Page, 03 Sep 2007

China looking to develop scramjet missile tech

Reports are emerging that Chinese thruster-boffins are mounting a major push to perfect supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) technology, in a move that could stimulate American research.
Lewis Page, 03 Sep 2007

BBC confirms Doctor Who series five

The BBC has announced there will be a fifth series of Doctor Who, although it won't be until 2010 and David Tennant is doubtful to reprise his role as the Time Lord.
Lester Haines, 03 Sep 2007

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