30th August 2007 Archive

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  • Linux helps dampen Novell's losses

    OS sales up 77 per cent year-over-year

    Financial News 30 01:09

  • AMD plots single thread boost with x86 extensions

    Bulldozer injection

    Servers 30 06:33

  • Sun looks to huddled masses for growth

    BRIC nation

    Servers 30 06:43

  • Trade unions demand right to Facebook

    It's like the Tolpuddle Martyrs all over again

    Management 30 08:41

  • Samsung Blu-ray Disc player line blooms

    Dual-format machine launched

    Hardware 30 09:35

  • Tills ring at Torex Retail

    General Atlantic goes on shopping spree

    Applications 30 09:45

  • Holyrood strikes IT support deal

    LogicaCMG to take up the mantle

    The Channel 30 09:47

  • Red Hat unveils Developer Studio beta

    Could become corporate developers' best friend

    Developer 30 09:50

  • Samsung eyes iPhone for music player UI

    Hardware 30 09:53

  • Astronauts are sober as judges, says NASA

    Official report is in

    Science 30 10:01

  • MSN Messenger flaw creates web cam peril

    Upgrade or be own3d

    Security 30 10:12

  • Sony to unplug Connect digital music service

    Tacit admission of defeat

    Hardware 30 10:37

  • Acer gets Gateway, Lenovo could get nothing and IBA might finally get iSoft

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    The Channel 30 10:42

  • Foxconn launches Mars mission to wow overclockers

    Quantum Force brand unveiled

    Hardware 30 10:46

  • Viral epidemic strikes Spain's Mediterranean dolphins

    Better news for the Yangtze River 'baiji', however

    Science 30 10:59

  • Microsoft to buy chinwag platform Parlano

    Enterprise group hug, Web 2.0 stylie

    Applications 30 11:06

  • Spitzer team spots stellar sauna

    Hot, steamy star

    Science 30 11:17

  • Genghis Khan didn't much like gays

    Homosexuality punishable by death

    Bootnotes 30 11:19

  • IBM bladesmiths forge slim Cell system, SDK

    Twice as many weapons in your rack, kensei

    Servers 30 11:25

  • HP boffin predicts preggers spy bog

    Get ready to buy a lot of expensive ink in 2057

    Science 30 11:33

  • Challenging the mobile clichés

    An analyst rants

    Mobile 30 11:35

  • Daewoo demos 'Blu-ray Disc 2.0' player

    Online and interactive

    Hardware 30 11:38

  • David Bowie to appear in Doctor Who?

    'Evil alien abductor' in two-part special

    Bootnotes 30 11:42

  • Mr and Mrs Renault cannot name daughter Megane

    Belgian authorities apply sanity brakes

    Bootnotes 30 12:02

  • Casio enhances top-of-the-line digicam

    Hardware 30 12:13

  • Cells 'react' to GSM signals claims research

    Cellphone-cancer link generates headlines in under 10 minutes

    Mobile 30 12:34

  • Samsung quietly serenades 'super 3G' music phone

    F330 debuts

    Phones 30 12:49

  • Vista launch jamboree leaves PC World with indigestion

    Hardware promos undermine margins

    The Channel 30 13:00

  • Managing Software Complexity with Virtual Chapters

    A Simple Tool for Mid-Sized Projects

    Developer 30 13:13

  • Sony strides onward with Walkman range

    Wider Walkman collection now includes 'A' and 'S' series

    Hardware 30 13:31

  • Orange mounts sneaky Freeserve accounts purge

    Night of the long juicer

    Broadband 30 13:50

  • CA issues 'threat' to channel

    Asks partners to get certified

    The Channel 30 14:32

  • 'Queen of Mean' leaves mutt $12m

    Two grandchildren, though, get sweet FA

    Bootnotes 30 14:34

  • TomTom roadmaps new satnav kit

    Science 30 14:37

  • MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher

    Redmond cracks down on Windows Update alternative

    Software 30 14:43

  • Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt

    'Completely foolish' Ford Escort stunt

    Law 30 14:46

  • Philips shines light on Aurea LCD

    Hardware 30 14:48

  • 'Screw the Long Tail'? Not us!

    Songwriters strike YouTube royalty deal

    Law 30 15:03

  • Plants will make greenhouse effect flooding worse

    Drowned by lazy daisies

    Science 30 15:40

  • Philips untangles power cable spaghetti

    Power, power everywhere

    Hardware 30 17:10

  • Pentagon puts $44m into handheld translators

    Disperse at once or we fire <beep> Have a nice day

    Software 30 18:58

  • Newest Ubuntu dubbed 'Hardy Heron'

    Receives long term support status

    Operating Systems 30 19:46

  • Earthlink's city-wide Wi-Fi ambitions fade into thin air

    Oversold technology, under-priced fees

    Broadband 30 19:57

  • MS tweaks Vista with minor updates

    Incremental fixes

    Operating Systems 30 20:30

  • Pinch-bum malware creates titters

    Cheeky Trojan drifts onto the net

    Security 30 20:40

  • US antitrust group urges Intel investigation

    Wants more vigorous FTC probing

    Hardware 30 21:24

  • Meet Mark Radcliffe: The man who rules open source law

    'The most inefficient conspirator in the world'

    Applications 30 22:21

  • Dell profit improves amid accounting woes

    And ex-CEO grabbing bank

    Data Centre 30 22:54

  • Viacom slaps YouTuber for behaving like Viacom

    'We'll mess with your copyrights. But don't mess with ours'

    Media 30 23:02

  • eBay hard drive spills out governor's campaign documents

    A bargain at $69

    Security 30 23:49