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Linux helps dampen Novell's losses

Novell narrowed losses in the third quarter, bolstered by the SUSE Linux business beginning to pull more weight.
Austin Modine, 30 Aug 2007

AMD plots single thread boost with x86 extensions

Still intent on improving single thread software performance, AMD has outlined some planned additions to the x86 instruction set that will appear in chips shipping in 2009.
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2007

Sun looks to huddled masses for growth

Sun Microsystems is looking to billions of citizens in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC), defined by the west as emerging economies, for long-term success.
Gavin Clarke, 30 Aug 2007

Trade unions demand right to Facebook

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has today called on employers to reconsider outright bans that have been slapped on popular web time-killers Facebook, Bebo and MySpace.
Christopher Williams, 30 Aug 2007

Samsung Blu-ray Disc player line blooms

IFA 07Samsung's third generation of Blu-ray Disc players made an appearance at the IFA show in Berlin today. The company took the wraps of four machines, including the first BD-equipped home cinema set-up and a dual HD DVD/Blu-ray rig.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

Tills ring at Torex Retail

A one-third stake in UK software firm Torex Retail has been sold to investment firm General Atlantic for an undisclosed sum.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Aug 2007
Flag Scotland

Holyrood strikes IT support deal

The Scottish Parliament's Corporate Body (SPCB) has awarded LogicaCMG the contract to provide support for its information systems and communications technology.
Kablenet, 30 Aug 2007
Redhat logo

Red Hat unveils Developer Studio beta

Red Hat has announced the beta release of Red Hat Developer Studio, the new Eclipse-based IDE for the Red Hat family of solutions, including JBoss Enterprise Middleware and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Clay Ryder, 30 Aug 2007

Samsung eyes iPhone for music player UI

IFA 07Samsung today took the wraps off its widescreen YP-P2 digital media player, as expected, but it also unveiled a second model that sports a kid-friendly animated user interface. The company added Bluetooth across the line-up.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

Astronauts are sober as judges, says NASA

Astronauts do not fly drunk, and that's official. NASA has released details of its safety review, which found no evidence to support claims that spacefarers were hitting the bottle before heading for the stars.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2007

MSN Messenger flaw creates web cam peril

A vulnerability in MSN Messenger poses a severe risk of compromise for users of older versions of the software who accept untrusted web cam sessions.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2007

Sony to unplug Connect digital music service

IFA 07Sony will next year kill off its Connect digital music download service, Register Hardware has learned. Its Walkman products will instead use Windows Media technology, the consumer electronics giant told its customers today.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

Acer gets Gateway, Lenovo could get nothing and IBA might finally get iSoft

Who said August was boring or quiet? Not with Lenovo's bid for Packard Bell coming near the start of the month and then Acer's $710m punt on Gateway arriving last week. Acer must have taken some grim satisfaction from the fact its takeover of Gateway has also led Gateway to invoke a 'right of first refusal' to any offer for Packard Bell, putting the kybosh on Lenovo in the process. After all, it wasn't that long ago people were claiming Lenovo had beaten Acer to the punch by making a bid for Packard Bell. It ain't over 'til it's over. Oh, and it also makes Acer the third largest computer supplier in the world.
Billy MacInnes, 30 Aug 2007

Foxconn launches Mars mission to wow overclockers

IFA 07Mobo maker Foxconn will next month release what it claimed was its "first true overclocking motherboard", the Intel 'Bearlake' based Mars.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

Viral epidemic strikes Spain's Mediterranean dolphins

Spain's Mediterranean striped dolphin population is under threat from a virus epidemic which could see off up to two-thirds of the estimated 118,000 population, El Mundo reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2007

Microsoft to buy chinwag platform Parlano

Reaching out to bag a chunk of the enterprise social [cough] networking market share, software mammoth Microsoft has acquired corporate group chat provider Parlano.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Aug 2007

Spitzer team spots stellar sauna

Somewhere in the universe, a solar system is forming. Whirling around the newly ignited stellar embryo is a disk of dust, gas, and rocks that will gradually settle down into a stable planetary system. And according to astronomers using the Spitzer space telescope, the natal cloud - the region where planets will form - is being deluged with water vapour.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2007

Genghis Khan didn't much like gays

Chinese researchers have claimed that Genghis Khan's code of laws "probably" contains the earliest ban on male homosexuality, AP reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2007

IBM bladesmiths forge slim Cell system, SDK

IBM has announced a new thinner Cell-based blade system, allowing twice as many units to be fitted per rack, and an SDK intended to ease development in the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) environment.
Lewis Page, 30 Aug 2007

HP boffin predicts preggers spy bog

Stupid futureHP has wheeled out a futurologist to tell everyone we're going to need a lot more enterprise-class storage, printer ink and and branded glossy photo paper in the year 2057.
Christopher Williams, 30 Aug 2007

Challenging the mobile clichés

OpinionLet me begin with a warning that I am about to get on one of my hobby horses. This one has to do with the notion that modern wireless and mobile technology is largely about enabling people to become more mobile in the way they live and work, as if they were previously chained to one location and magically liberated by the latest gadgetry and connectivity. The notion seems to be that having access to email and other applications while mobile means that people are getting out and about more.
Dale Vile, 30 Aug 2007

Daewoo demos 'Blu-ray Disc 2.0' player

IFA 07Daewoo has given the Blu-ray Disc next-gen optical disc format the thumbs up by showing off its first BD player, the slim, blue-hued DBP-1000.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

David Bowie to appear in Doctor Who?

David Bowie will appear as an "evil alien abductor" in a two-part Doctor Who special, the Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2007

Mr and Mrs Renault cannot name daughter Megane

Belgian authorities have decided that it is not a particularly bright idea for a Mr and Mrs Renault to name their daughter Megane, Pravda reports.
Citroen Xantia III, 30 Aug 2007

Casio enhances top-of-the-line digicam

IFA 07Casio named the new leader of its Exilim digital camera line today: the 12.1-megapixel Zoom Z-1200, packed with the many of the latest digicam desirables, including image stabilisation and face detection.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

Cells 'react' to GSM signals claims research

New research claims that cells can react to a GSM-like signal in as little as ten minutes - though if whether this could causes cancer remains open to interpretation.
Bill Ray, 30 Aug 2007

Samsung quietly serenades 'super 3G' music phone

IFA 07Samsung has already launched a whole heap of mobile phones this year, and while most of the handsets it had on display at IFA in Berlin today saw light of day way back at 3GSM in March, one phone did catch our eye.
Tony Smith, 30 Aug 2007

Vista launch jamboree leaves PC World with indigestion

Microsoft’s damp squib launch of Vista has left PC World with an over-stock headache, parent DSGi confirmed today.
Joe Fay, 30 Aug 2007

Managing Software Complexity with Virtual Chapters

One of the big challenges in today's complex environment is getting software done in some close relation to the schedule. I refer to projects with multiple programmers and a team leader or project manager.
Bill Nicholls, 30 Aug 2007

Sony strides onward with Walkman range

IFA 07Sony has announced two additional ranges to complement its existing Walkman multimedia collection. Three variations will be available in the new A-series and five models will make up the new S-series.
Scott Snowden, 30 Aug 2007

Orange mounts sneaky Freeserve accounts purge

Orange has started summarily deleting email accounts tied to old Freeserve and Wanadoo pay-as-you-go dial-up accounts with no warning.
Christopher Williams, 30 Aug 2007

CA issues 'threat' to channel

CA is to launch a channel programme to help resellers tout its threat management solutions bundle.
Kelly Fiveash, 30 Aug 2007

'Queen of Mean' leaves mutt $12m

Property billionaire Leona Helmsley - aka the "Queen of Mean", and who died earlier this month aged 87 - has left her pet dog $12m while bequeathing sweet FA to two of her grandchildren, the Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2007

TomTom roadmaps new satnav kit

IFA 07TomTom looks intent on driving forward the capabilities of personal navigation devices. Today in Berlin it unveiled the GO 920T, its latest flagship device, in addition to a third-edition One model and a new software package to help drivers personalise and share their maps.
James Sherwood, 30 Aug 2007
Warning Stop

MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher

Microsoft has forced the effective shut down of the AutoPatcher download service.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2007

Boy racer cuffed for 140mph YouTube jaunt

An unnamed 19-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of "having posted a video of himself on YouTube driving at speeds of more than 140 mph", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 30 Aug 2007

Philips shines light on Aurea LCD

IFA 07Philips has cast some fresh light over the HDTV market and unveiled its Aurea LCD telly, the successor to Ambilight. The new set incorporates LEDs into its frame that give out warm shades of colour in response to the display's changing picture.
James Sherwood, 30 Aug 2007

'Screw the Long Tail'? Not us!

The first deal of its kind to compensate songwriters for music played on YouTube should benefit them all, the parties said today.
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Aug 2007

Plants will make greenhouse effect flooding worse

New data published by the Met Office's Hadley research centre suggests that flooding will be an even bigger problem than anticipated for our warming planet. And it is plants that are to blame.
Lucy Sherriff, 30 Aug 2007

Philips untangles power cable spaghetti

IFA 07Philips for one has cottoned onto the fact that consumers are fed-up with piles of unidentifiable cables cluttering up their cupboards. Today, it unveiled its Power4Life range of universal chargers, developed to replace many chargers with one.
James Sherwood, 30 Aug 2007

Pentagon puts $44m into handheld translators

The US Navy is putting $44m-plus into "Phraselator®" Machine Based Language Translation tech, designed to overcome language barriers using "phrase recognition and generation" algorithms.
Lewis Page, 30 Aug 2007

Newest Ubuntu dubbed 'Hardy Heron'

The first version of Ubuntu to be released next year has been unveiled, and in the tradition of affable alliterations ascending the alphabet, the OS has been codenamed "Hardy Heron".
Austin Modine, 30 Aug 2007

Earthlink's city-wide Wi-Fi ambitions fade into thin air

Citywide Wi-Fi was supposed to be the lifeline that would lead Earthlink to higher ground. With two of major deals suddenly declared dead and a third on suicide watch, it's starting to look like a ball and chain.
Dan Goodin, 30 Aug 2007
Windows Vista teaser

MS tweaks Vista with minor updates

Microsoft pushed out a series of five patches for Vista early this week.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2007
Warning: uneven road

Pinch-bum malware creates titters

The general dumbing down of the virus creation process along with attempts by for-profit hackers to tie up the resources of security firms mean that anti-virus sofware vendors are beginning to need three alphabetical letters for some Trojan families.
John Leyden, 30 Aug 2007
Intel logo teaser

US antitrust group urges Intel investigation

The American Antitrust Institute (AAI), a Washington DC lobby group, has written an open letter to the Federal Trade Commission urging an investigation of Intel's allegedly monopolistic business practices.
Austin Modine, 30 Aug 2007

Meet Mark Radcliffe: The man who rules open source law

As one of his clients told us, "Mark Radcliffe is the law when it comes to open source software."
Ashlee Vance, 30 Aug 2007

Dell profit improves amid accounting woes

Dell posted healthy sales and profit for its fiscal second quarter, spurred by favorable market conditions, including higher average selling prices and lower component costs.
Austin Modine, 30 Aug 2007

Viacom slaps YouTuber for behaving like Viacom

Viacom has slapped an American political candidate for posting his own video to YouTube. With its latest YouTube crackdown, the media behemoth seems to be sending a new message to internet video-sharers across the globe: "You can't mess with our copyrighted content. But we can mess with yours."
Cade Metz, 30 Aug 2007
eBay teaser 75

eBay hard drive spills out governor's campaign documents

From the files of IT bloopers comes this cautionary tale: a California man stumbled upon a stash of confidential data belonging to the Arkansas Democratic Party after its computer consultant accidentally sold a hard drive containing the material on eBay.
Dan Goodin, 30 Aug 2007

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