27th August 2007 Archive

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  • Crisis? What crisis?

    Will the credit storm soak the tech channel?

    The Channel 27 06:02

  • Hit the Pano button - desktops go virtual

    A tiny, sliced PC

    Hardware 27 06:56

  • The Revenge of the BlackBerry killers?

    Putting the Nokia E61i and Motorola Q9H head to head

    Mobile 27 07:02

  • Fastscale puts VMware on a diet

    Triple your VMs per box

    Servers 27 07:08

  • Sharp touts ultra-slim LCD TV

    Hardware 27 09:02

  • Samsung two-way slider spied on web

    Phones 27 09:02

  • Acer to grab Gateway for $710m

    The cow jumps over the Pacific

    Hardware 27 18:36

  • Yahoo! Unveils! New! Mail! Service!

    Text messaging for the uncoordinated

    Applications 27 18:46

  • User seeks $1.4m from IBM for shoddy server packing

    Forklift leads to unplanned downtime

    Servers 27 20:17

  • Gonzo a goner, but NSA surveillance here to stay

    Surveillance and torture enthusiast resigns, but legacy intact

    Law 27 21:13

  • Windows Genuine Advantage cries wolf (again)

    Aargh! Server outage turns customers into pirates

    Software 27 22:01

  • World of Warcraft exploit PKs servers

    Not even murlocs safe

    Media 27 23:51