22nd August 2007 Archive

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  • Real and MTV in joint bid to be crushed by iTunes

    Microsoft left out in the cold

    Media 22 04:19

  • ES&S accused of selling uncertified evoting machines

    Un-inspected ballot machines bore official approval sticker

    Government 22 04:23

  • VoIP glitch leaves users cut off

    Failure to communicate

    VoIP 22 08:02

  • Tycoon abandons £80k Maserati in London car pound

    'Too busy' to collect towed supercar

    Bootnotes 22 08:48

  • NASA ponders stressful stress-test device for astronauts

    I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you do that

    Science 22 08:51

  • Whitehall to boost identity spend by £5.2bn

    Major projects propel pork binge

    Security 22 09:07

  • Lawyer questions Tories' plan to reform Data Protection Act

    Uses 'an inflated or out of date figure'

    Government 22 09:11

  • Mattel gets litigious on chinabarbie.com

    Trademark lawsuit seeks unspecified damages

    Law 22 09:26

  • CSC cans project leaders

    More compulsory redundancies

    The Channel 22 09:33

  • ICSTIS rebrand scorned by premium rate industry

    New brand frontage paradigm doubts

    Business 22 09:39

  • Serial eBay fraudster jailed for two years

    He's a bit thick, admits defence lawyer

    Security 22 09:53

  • IBA boomerangs back into iSoft bidding war

    Germans gazumped

    Applications 22 10:13

  • Boblbee offers sunny side up music

    Solar powered Apples

    Hardware 22 10:20

  • T-Mobile, Orange and O2 land Europe iPhone deal

    As Apple feasts on 10% of revenue

    Mobile 22 10:23

  • The Apache Modules Book

    Is this the missing Apache manual?

    Developer 22 10:29

  • Pentagon bins home-front threat database

    Nobody in it but boring pacifists

    Law 22 10:30

  • T-Mobile, Orange and O2 land Europe iPhone deal

    It'll all be over by Christmas

    Phones 22 10:37

  • Google invades Outer Space

    Welcome to Google Sky

    Science 22 11:01

  • How to get TV on your Mac

    Watch and learn

    Hardware 22 11:02

  • Homer Simpson debuts in Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations

    'The lesson is never try'

    Bootnotes 22 11:05

  • Google will carpet YouTube with 'overlay' ads

    Not for user generated content....yet

    Financial News 22 11:08

  • US pokes intelligence agencies into Web 2.0 overhaul

    Facespook? Spyspace?

    Government 22 11:34

  • Dutch telco outsources QA

    Testing times for Satyam

    The Channel 22 12:30

  • Crash bug blights Cisco IP phones

    Firmware flaw

    Security 22 12:33

  • Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle

    'Monstrously painful', admits Moscow human candle

    Bootnotes 22 12:49

  • UN moves to preserve Bounty mutineers' lingo

    Norfolk Island patois under threat

    Bootnotes 22 12:50

  • Li-Ion battery design 'flawed'

    Careful now...

    Hardware 22 13:16

  • Broadbandit nabbed in Wi-Fi bust

    Jack the Wardriver menaces west London

    Law 22 13:34

  • iRobot unveils new Roomba auto-vacuums

    Never mind that - where's my bloody robot butler?

    Science 22 13:47

  • Intel shows off X7900 CPU

    More grunt for your money

    Hardware 22 13:51

  • Forensics expert sacked for DNA-testing husband's underpants

    Michigan cops unimpressed by CSYfronts caper

    Bootnotes 22 13:55

  • Skype apologises for network snafu

    Offers customers a free week as restitution

    VoIP 22 14:38

  • China charges four over Panda worm

    Fujacks stole gamers' IDs

    Security 22 14:51

  • Reed seeks project engineer at £2k per hour

    Only for a month, sadly

    Bootnotes 22 14:54

  • No data protection exemption for YouTube baby battle video

    'Domestic purposes' doesn't apply on internet

    Law 22 15:03

  • Belkin wrestles with wireless HDMI

    1080p goes wireless

    Broadband 22 15:08

  • Numbers man to captain Salesforce.com abroad

    Having your Cakebread and eating it

    Applications 22 15:28

  • Hear the bullets zing with Logitech's gaming speakers

    Sounds good to us

    Hardware 22 15:28

  • Tech Data posts healthy Q2 profit

    Beats Wall Street estimates

    The Channel 22 16:58

  • Gunplay fingered for internet slowdown

    Fibre-optic cable shot to ribbons

    Broadband 22 17:01

  • Ukrainian jet setter in world's largest cyber heist?

    Turkish nightclub bust could crack TJX case

    Security 22 18:32

  • Google flirts with bid to save the American Dream

    $4.6bn wireless move 'probable'

    Broadband 22 19:20

  • AMD's marketing chief bails ahead of Barcelona

    Search begins for bravado

    Servers 22 19:52

  • CNET insists Google ads are good for you - and fun!!!

    Oh wait

    Media 22 21:30

  • Comcast throttles BitTorrent users

    Spilling seed on barren ground

    Broadband 22 23:00

  • Las Vegas crooks go mad for copper

    Oops! There goes the cable

    Broadband 22 23:42

  • Sun fattens up Niagara for middleware play

    Four-sockets, 256 threads

    Servers 22 23:55