20th August 2007 Archive

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  • Xbox 360 Elite Australian debut date confirmed

    Games 20 04:13

  • iPod Nano revamp to see widescreen display?

    Standard iPod to 'gain iPhone looks'

    Hardware 20 04:37

  • LG shines a light over its U990 handset

    Reach for your shades

    Phones 20 04:50

  • AMD's dual-core Athlon 64 line hits 3.2GHz

    Chip family goes mobile too

    Hardware 20 05:33

  • Intel driver tweak adds vertex shaders to old IGPs

    Vertex Shader 3.0 support in hardware

    Hardware 20 07:14

  • Students get lecture on ID crime

    Info office issues Personal Information Toolkit

    Security 20 09:09

  • Product safety: don't let a crisis turn into a disaster

    How to prepare for the worst

    The Channel 20 09:29

  • Is Chernobyl behind academic slump in Sweden?

    Boffins demonstrate statistical link

    Science 20 09:37

  • Natalie Portman: Attack of the Film Fans

    Secures 'most unconvincing on-screen chemistry' title

    Bootnotes 20 09:39

  • Patch Tuesday update triggered Skype outage

    Mass reboot exposes VoIP network stability bug

    VoIP 20 09:44

  • Malaysia honours piracy-busting mutts

    Medals for Lucky and Flo

    Bootnotes 20 09:46

  • RSA acquisition of Tablus logical move for EMC

    Adds data discovery and classification

    The Channel 20 09:53

  • Anyone care to wager on Russian politics?

    Putin still in the running, say the oddsmakers

    Bootnotes 20 10:14

  • BT storms Basilica for channel goodness

    More ways to flog kit to SMEs

    Small Biz 20 10:24

  • 'Mystery ailment' smites Saudi camels

    Hundreds dead

    Science 20 10:25

  • Vauxhall recalls self-combusting Corsas

    ABS fault provokes 'thermal incidents'

    Bootnotes 20 10:57

  • Dwarf superglues todger to hoover

    'The most embarrassing moment of my life'

    Bootnotes 20 11:59

  • Boeing touts feeble Hummer-mounted raygun

    Flee, Abdul, flee! Already I feel uncomfortably warm!

    Government 20 12:04

  • Storm worm authors switch tactics

    Bogus updates and racy pics fuel botnet

    Security 20 12:07

  • Europe finally granted Xbox price cut

    About time too

    Games 20 12:26

  • Hurricane Dean menaces Jamaica, sends shuttle packing

    NASA keeping its eyes peeled

    Science 20 12:35

  • Sensible, practical anti-terror tech shocker

    Federal boffins deploy 'DON'T PANIC' machine

    Science 20 12:51

  • Canon launches barrage of SLR cameras

    What will you be looking through this Christmas?

    Hardware 20 13:24

  • 3 launches tenner-a-month data

    Cheapest UK tariff

    Mobile 20 13:31

  • Is Hannspree winding us up with watch TV?

    A telly that changes with the weather

    Hardware 20 14:35

  • Software tool promises 1-click colonialism

    Congratulations - you've lost your right to be paid!

    Law 20 14:47

  • Dolly Parton's theme park shells out for more silicon

    And, I-I-I-I-I-I will always track you

    Networks 20 14:51

  • Toshiba expands its constellation of Satellites

    It's all about U

    Hardware 20 15:16

  • BAE demos DSL-esque military radio protocol

    New pipe using existing gear

    Data Networking 20 15:22

  • Pirated Simpsons movie traced to phone

    Owner arrested

    Law 20 15:25

  • Tilera throws 64-core meshy chip at video and security tasks

    Faster than a Xeon, smaller than a bread box

    Hardware 20 15:38

  • Google throws cash around China

    Hides American roots

    Media 20 18:43

  • Cisco and Microsoft vow to fight nice

    Rival but compatible products on the way

    Data Networking 20 18:48

  • Spanish TV turns Wiki-hoaxer

    Gonzo 2.0

    Bootnotes 20 19:41

  • PC Mall buys Sarcom on the cheap

    Enterprise play

    The Channel 20 20:41

  • Brocade securities probe hits former CFO

    Looking the other way? That's a paddlin'

    Financial News 20 20:44

  • Customers can sue AT&T, after all

    Wireless contract 'unconscionable'

    Mobile 20 22:14

  • Epson launches 'world's first' white LED scanner

    Take a copy

    Hardware 20 23:14