15th August 2007 Archive

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  • Intel's 'Penryn' to launch 11 November

    Seven 45nm Xeons on the cards

    Hardware 15 00:02

  • Intel Core 2 Duo T7800 to debut 2 September

    Mobile CPU line-up shuffled

    Hardware 15 00:08

  • RIAA: Pay as we say, not as we do

    Recording Ass. is sue-happy - not follow-through happy

    Law 15 00:12

  • MS cuts Xbox 360 prices Down Under

    AUD100 off

    Games 15 00:54

  • Newer offers low-cost Mac Mini-alike network storage box

    Broadband 15 01:27

  • Intel speed-bumps mid-range desktop CPUs

    Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual-Core lines targetted

    Hardware 15 02:01

  • Logitech brings Bluetooth to mice

    Hardware 15 06:44

  • Land Registry denies ID fraud risk

    'The system is designed to combat fraud'

    Security 15 09:06

  • YouTube-Viacom trial turns comic

    Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert on witness list

    Media 15 09:18

  • Forensic data stolen in server theft

    But phone evidence firm says 'all data restored'

    Security 15 09:34

  • Google denies Oz-blurring black op

    Sydney goes fuzzy ahead of APEC summit

    Software 15 09:38

  • High-level tools offer key to HPC

    Programming the multiverse

    Developer 15 09:55

  • Red Hat integrates Exadel and JBoss

    And gets itself a new Studio

    Developer 15 10:00

  • Ex-CA boss Kumar checks in for 12 year sentence

    From cooking the books to cooking the grits

    Software 15 10:07

  • GFI says 'non' to Fujitsu bid

    Hard to get

    The Channel 15 10:15

  • 'Hush drive' hand-launch spybot for US special ops

    Slot-in modules, mini bomb bay for extra droid fun

    Science 15 10:26

  • Sony threatens to evict naughty gamers from Home

    'We know where you live'

    Games 15 10:35

  • Intel and Symantec team up on 'bare metal' security

    Virtualisation tech pushes security functions onto chips

    Security 15 11:16

  • Oz foetus becomes Facebook star

    'Bubba Waring' joins the social networking revolution

    Bootnotes 15 11:22

  • Russian cops cuff neo-Nazi murder film suspect

    Alleged distributor of net video nasty

    Security 15 11:24

  • Droid pilots beat humans at air-to-air refuelling

    Robots acquire another key human pilot skill

    Science 15 11:35

  • Judge doubles Qualcomm patent damages

    Must now pay Broadcom $39m

    Law 15 11:56

  • Samsung says Yepp to all-girl rollerskating troupe

    Gets rolling with latest multimedia player

    Hardware 15 12:48

  • Blu-ray trumps HD-DVD in USA

    Fighting the disc war

    Hardware 15 12:53

  • Shark 2 dumbs down Trojan creation

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back onto the internet...

    Security 15 14:17

  • PETA slams 'sickening' Hamas cat-torture vid

    Comedy bee lays into Gaza zoo felines

    Bootnotes 15 15:08

  • Bandwidth crunch to squeeze carriers

    All part of the service

    Broadband 15 15:09

  • Clarins' electromagnetic-blocking cream ad blocked

    ASA cites complete lack of evidence

    Mobile 15 15:13

  • Tesla electric supercar may be delayed

    'Not yet fully within our grasp', says ex-CEO

    Science 15 15:13

  • Webmail-creating Trojan targets Gmail

    Captcha buster spreads

    Security 15 15:46

  • UK press body raps paper over online video

    Breached pupils' right to privacy

    Law 15 15:49

  • Down with secular ringtones

    Christian service offers enlightened irritants

    Mobile 15 15:53

  • Fujitsu spins out two convertible PCs

    Changing your POV...

    Hardware 15 16:17

  • Wacom Bamboo tablet

    Nothing difficult to swallow about this

    Hardware 15 16:38

  • God appears in eggplant slice

    Woman lobs Him onto eBay

    Bootnotes 15 17:48

  • US phish feeder jailed for seven years

    ATM scam raked in $600K

    Security 15 17:56

  • Citrix breaks the bank to get XenSource

    To battle VMware with Microsoft

    Servers 15 18:00

  • Google-funded startup to offer free Wi-Fi in San Francisco

    Could prove death knell for city-backed plan

    Broadband 15 18:55

  • Xandros celebrates Microsoft union with patents

    Exchanges emails

    Applications 15 19:30

  • Google and Sun tag team MS Office

    StarOffice joins free Google Pack

    Applications 15 20:49

  • AT&T's race car logo lawsuit crashes and burns

    Wanted - wireless brand to go fast for a change

    Broadband 15 21:19

  • NFL enlists Christian soldiers in anti-gambling fight

    God, football and the point spread

    Law 15 21:40

  • NetApp Q1 profit down 37%

    Approves $1bn buy-back

    Storage 15 23:54

  • FTC: Web scam artists pilfered $24.7m from American businesses

    'But we'll settle things up for $1.2m'

    Small Biz 15 23:55

  • Ending a nightmare - Overstock's data center journey

    Saved by Teradata

    Servers 15 23:59