14th August 2007 Archive

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  • Las Vegas judge sacked for MySpace page

    Foot stuck in mouth - and elsewhere

    Law 14 00:04

  • Republican CNN/YouTube debate is back on

    Rescheduled to November, when snowmen will be busy

    Government 14 00:15

  • Buffer the Overflow Slayer v. the ActiveX Files

    Flashpix nix 'safe for scripts'

    Security 14 01:27

  • MS announces revamped Xbox 360 coding kit

    XNA 2.0 to merge pro, amateur SDKs

    Games 14 01:29

  • Apple head-hunters reveal Australia, UK store plans

    Hiring, mate

    Hardware 14 02:20

  • Surround sound... with a single speaker unit?

    Yes, you heard us correctly

    Hardware 14 03:59

  • Unannounced Slingbox surfaces on the web

    Original Slingbox revamped?

    Hardware 14 07:26

  • Power gadget set to cut electricity bills

    Turn off all your equipment at the push of a button

    Hardware 14 08:02

  • Running biometric footware

    Sole of a new machine

    Security 14 08:02

  • Info boss publishes information sharing draft

    To ensure compliance with DPA

    Policy 14 08:58

  • Porn company Perfect 10 sues Microsoft

    Claims lost business to MSN search engine

    Law 14 09:10

  • Mobile phone door surveillance inventor loses out to Nokia

    Lodges appeal with Patents Court

    Law 14 09:26

  • Dyson: Climate models are rubbish

    More science, less hysteria please

    Science 14 09:38

  • Nokia issues battery warning

    Warning over 46m batteries

    Mobile 14 09:44

  • Nokia gets into user-created crud content

    The Mosh pit lives

    Mobile 14 10:20

  • Many Facebook users expose all to strangers

    Freddi Staur ate my profile

    Security 14 10:38

  • MIT whitecoats discover super-charged cancer cells

    All cells are not created equal

    Science 14 10:48

  • Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

    Travels 2km before penny drops

    Bootnotes 14 10:59

  • RIM BlackBerry 8820 smartphone

    Now with added Wi-Fi

    Mobile 14 11:02

  • Making the move to the Mac

    Mac development for Windows programmers

    Developer 14 11:14

  • Evesham: Staff and customers speak

    Your views on the British PC maker

    The Channel 14 11:16

  • Intempo gets first dibs on DAB iPod docking station

    Tune into this...

    Hardware 14 12:21

  • Sony Ericsson slides out K770 mobile camera phone

    Another snap-happy mobile

    Phones 14 12:38

  • Camera pole puts you in the frame

    Stretch out and snap

    Hardware 14 12:45

  • Microsoft gunning for online ads audience

    Waves aQuantive stick at Yahoo! and Google

    Software 14 13:00

  • iPlayer Politics: Behind the ISPs vs BBC row

    Investment at gunpoint

    Broadband 14 13:10

  • VMware's IPO - Insanity turns Silicon Valley back to normal

    Live coverage

    Servers 14 13:15

  • NASA comp fails to produce flying cars

    Where the hell is my flying car?

    Data Centre 14 13:24

  • Qualcomm loses general counsel

    But not because of its recent legal defeats

    Law 14 13:37

  • World's oldest person pops clogs at 114

    A good innings for Yone Minagawa

    Science 14 13:41

  • How to watch TV on your PC

    PC as PVR

    Hardware 14 14:02

  • Malware miscreants target parked domains

    Lost surfers targeted with Trojan

    Security 14 14:03

  • US wiretap plan will leave door open for spooks and hackers

    Congress should think again

    Security 14 14:17

  • Free software campaigners stonewalled at BBC

    Attack of the yellow jumpsuits

    Software 14 14:25

  • Surrey satellite firm to design NASA lunar mission

    From Guildford to the Moon

    Science 14 15:17

  • UFO lover 'lost three ton asteroid in office move'

    Siberian plods baffled in case of missing meteorite

    Science 14 15:31

  • Top brass want more cash for science class

    CBI floats £1k annual spod stipend

    Science 14 15:43

  • Upskirting Dutch bloggers head for court

    Glass ceiling escapade could end in jail

    Law 14 15:45

  • Boffins build bendy paper battery

    A4 will never be the same

    Hardware 14 16:08

  • Telecel Zimbabwe to lose its licence

    Has Mugabe run out of farms to grab?

    Mobile 14 16:17

  • Yahoo! tops! Google! on! customer! satisfaction! survey!

    'You like me! You really like me!'

    Applications 14 17:02

  • Symantec releases new NetBackup

    Disk-based protection gets 6.5-ier

    Storage 14 18:00

  • XenSource bulks up and makes more pools with v4

    VMware-like tools but less like VMware

    Servers 14 19:46

  • Oracle names 11g Database price

    Power of four

    Applications 14 19:55

  • NASA weather error sparks global warming debate

    1998 no longer hottest year in US

    Science 14 20:28

  • Citrix to reveal XenSource buy tomorrow

    Gets hypervised

    Servers 14 20:45

  • Student reprimands Facebook for bad manners and exposed code

    Rebuke comes amid new leak of purported Facebook code

    Security 14 21:07

  • Google spinmeisters defend video refund policy

    Two buck Chuck

    Applications 14 21:10

  • Juniper names Sun exec as CFO

    There's a botany joke in that one

    Data Networking 14 22:22

  • AMD aims to embrace and extend itself around parellelism

    You down with LWP?

    Hardware 14 23:29

  • MySQL defends paid tarball decision

    FOSS for all

    Applications 14 23:38

  • Microsoft delivers critical fixes for Windows, IE and Excel

    Everything but the kitchen sink

    Security 14 23:42