10th August 2007 Archive

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  • AT&T censors Pearl Jam's anti-Bush sing-along

    Home of the bland

    Media 10 01:17

  • Vonage works around Verizon patents

    But customers stay away

    VoIP 10 03:42

  • EnterpriseDB chases Oracle and MySQL on Web 2.0

    Once again, with feeling

    Applications 10 03:59

  • Linux vendors and Microsoft follow the money

    Immovable rock, meet unstoppable force

    Applications 10 04:20

  • Harry Potter and the Virus of Doom

    A wizardly rival to BOFH?

    Security 10 08:46

  • OGCbs drops transformation framework

    Halts tender process

    Government 10 08:59

  • Punch out your own code on a Greenphone

    We get keyed up about Trolltech's Qtopia

    Developer 10 09:02

  • Nokia revises chipset strategy

    Will outsource chip development

    Hardware 10 09:08

  • UK gambling ad ban hits overseas operators

    Except those in Alderney and the Isle of Man

    Law 10 09:14

  • NASA: astronauts do not fly drunk

    Investigation draws a blank

    Science 10 09:44

  • 'Wild West' internet needs a sheriff

    Peers call for legal liability for security bugs

    Security 10 10:02

  • New MoD push to silence internal dissent

    There's my foot, sergeant! Pass me the gun, quick!

    Government 10 10:09

  • Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet

    Beeb butters up viewers with Good stuff

    Bootnotes 10 10:13

  • 'Portable' CD player puts MP3 into a spin

    Listen carefully

    Hardware 10 10:29

  • BOFH: Damsels in distress

    Why yes, I can help

    BOFH 10 11:02

  • Ex-MI5 agent Shayler claims to be chav messiah

    Eccentric ex-spook checks in from fruitcakeville

    Government 10 12:11

  • Universal tests DRM-free future

    Flogs MP3s without copy protection for trial period only

    Media 10 12:16

  • So you wanna program games?

    Get thee to Los Angeles

    Developer 10 12:17

  • China to map 'every inch' of the moon

    There's Helium-3 in them thar hills

    Science 10 12:20

  • Panasonic showcases future TV line-up

    You'll need to live in Japan though

    Hardware 10 13:04

  • US Navy seeks hydrogen-powered forklifts

    Won't set the world on fire. Maybe the warehouse

    Science 10 13:21

  • Novell tells LinuxWorld to face the future as Rollins rolls in dosh

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    Business 10 13:59

  • Orange lands Lampard TV coup


    Mobile 10 14:03

  • Fibre Channel gets an 8Gig kicker

    But it won't stop people defecting to iSCSI

    Data Centre 10 14:08

  • SNIA offers green advice

    Storage group uses carbon bandwagon to spread its wings

    Storage 10 14:09

  • ATI driver flaw exposes Vista kernel

    Purple Pill leaves bitter taste

    Operating Systems 10 14:43

  • Watchdog pokes Sky's Amstrad deal

    Set-top boxing match

    Financial News 10 14:44

  • Google starts charging for storage

    As Microsoft offers on-line folders for free

    Storage 10 14:45

  • Evesham boss changes tune on tax break scheme

    2006: 'Not...dependent on HCI'. 2007: 'Blame HCI'

    The Channel 10 15:03

  • Nokia N800 gets WiMAX

    Gears up for big Sprint

    Mobile 10 15:07

  • Securo-prof claims to invent new, much deadlier dirty bomb

    Probably best dealt with by a cold shower

    Science 10 15:15

  • Another 1,400 Sony batteries sent for slaughter

    Flaming pyres, panic in the shires..

    Hardware 10 15:25

  • HTC rumours hot up

    New handsets afoot?

    Phones 10 15:29

  • Earth will feel the heat from 2009: climate boffins

    Predicting brisk trade for bikini makers

    Science 10 15:31

  • Competition: Correct history with Google's News Comments

    Write retrospective PR - win a T-shirt

    Site News 10 15:44

  • Outlook grim as Cloudmark update crashes email clients

    Stormy weather

    Security 10 16:03

  • Web designer-turned-hacker avoids jail

    Tales of mystery and intrigue from the world of motorcycling

    Security 10 17:49

  • Taking the trade out of tradeshows - start-ups set for failure

    The perils of the NDA booth

    Servers 10 18:12

  • eBay seller nabs $1500 for Jesus-like garage stain

    American icon

    Bootnotes 10 20:04

  • Dissecting penguins for fun and profit

    LinuxWorld - From Dell to beer and BarCamp

    Semi-Coherent Computing 10 20:42

  • Pirate Party invades Utah

    Down with the RIAA!

    Government 10 22:47