9th August 2007 Archive

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  • Thai police strapped with Hello Kitty armbands

    Delinquent officers bear 'mark of shame'

    Bootnotes 09 00:11

  • Management vs. the virtual server

    A look at how the industry is moving to abstraction

    Servers 09 00:30

  • Hacker cracks Netflix copy restrictions

    DRM is dead. Long live DRM.

    Media 09 02:35

  • Shall I compare thee (code) to a summer's day?

    Beauty that's code deep

    Developer 09 08:02

  • XML upgrade assessments needed for higher ed

    'Start planning now,' report says

    Software 09 08:59

  • Ban texting while driving, say Americans

    Even if half of them do it

    Mobile 09 09:01

  • Pentagon chief: no more oil for blood, man

    US war machine to run on mushroom-based fungus fuel

    Data Centre 09 09:36

  • Is AV product testing corrupt?

    Who can you trust?

    Security 09 09:37

  • PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

    Judge calls for trial

    Hardware 09 09:43

  • Discovery expands mobile offering

    Meerkats on mobile

    Mobile 09 09:44

  • Space Shuttle Endeavour heads for the skies

    'Flawless' launch, and a pretty picture...

    Science 09 10:03

  • High drama at Evesham, but the Yangtze Dolphin puts it all in perspective

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    The Channel 09 10:39

  • Malware license agreement tells it straight

    'FU' sucker

    Security 09 10:39

  • Offender tracking database could be binned

    Costs jump to £950m

    Government 09 11:11

  • Vodafone hedges bets with WiMAX Forum membership

    An egg in every basket

    Mobile 09 11:24

  • Shooting stars to dazzle in September...

    ...And this Sunday night

    Science 09 11:36

  • BBC to advertise to foreigners

    Adds ads to broadband-delivered video

    Policy 09 13:02

  • PDF spam tsunami hits email inboxes

    Junk mail leaps 30 per cent

    Security 09 13:12

  • Project Hostile Intent plans 'non-invasive' DHS brainscan

    Not the mind probe again, officer? My ass hurts

    Data Centre 09 13:28

  • LG brings the cinema to your living room

    But can it cook popcorn?

    Hardware 09 13:30

  • Pipex invites customer to get 'c**ted'

    The rudest password

    Broadband 09 13:37

  • Mediaroom: Microsoft's 'operator friendly brand'

    What's in a name?

    Media 09 13:48

  • Buffalo's USB HDDs get bigger, faster

    Bells, whistles, but no horns

    Hardware 09 13:50

  • Jilted Apax gets second bite at GFI Informatique

    Private equity firm buys shares as Fujitsu bid closes

    The Channel 09 13:59

  • Get your Ultra Wide Band from Monday

    Regulation hot on the heels of products

    Data Networking 09 14:42

  • French teen held over online Potter translation

    Jumping the gun

    Security 09 14:47

  • Segway builders develop speedy swim fins

    DARPA, Navy SEALs team with dorkmobile firm on super-Flippers

    Small Biz 09 15:02

  • UK punters love music on the move

    Young or old

    Media 09 15:16

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    Dr Lenovo has increased the strength of medication with the latest X61 Tablet

    Hardware 09 15:28

  • Sunspots make the world hot and wet

    But climate change still down to humans

    Science 09 15:35

  • Xbox 360 Premium to get HDMI?

    Somehow, someway, somewhere

    Games 09 15:37

  • NZ parents may lose battle to keep baby '4real'

    'Superman' plan B to the rescue

    Law 09 15:40

  • Evesham ex-employee registers Geemore.com

    ...and .co.uk

    The Channel 09 15:59

  • Home Office pops open ID procurement porkbarrel

    Minister: 'Groundbreaking ... huge benefit ... can't wait for mine'

    Government 09 16:18

  • Blockbuster reels in MovieLink

    Incurable NetFlix envy

    Media 09 17:12

  • Dell Ex-CEO Rollins to get $48 million cash

    Might be hard to break a $10,000,000

    Financial News 09 18:01

  • Dutch police arrest six in 419 scam

    Australian victim bilked of $1.5m

    Security 09 18:03

  • Microsoft plans six critical patches

    Fixes critical vulns in Windows, Office and Internet Explorer

    Security 09 20:52

  • Rackable wraps Al Gore around new storage kit

    Disk a landfill can love

    Servers 09 20:53

  • IBM Information Server Blade tackles data integration

    Server blade meets data management software

    Servers 09 20:58

  • Red Hat nails Dell as JBoss dealer

    Bundle trio

    Servers 09 22:12

  • AMD passes the collection plate again

    Brother, could you spare $1.5bn?

    Financial News 09 22:14

  • American sent to the slammer for faking Windows certificates

    Microsoft has a party

    The Channel 09 22:15

  • Universal Music Group invests in rap competition site

    World's largest label / puts bread on the table

    Media 09 23:17

  • Symantec security products less than secure

    Two words: Live Update

    Security 09 23:27