8th August 2007 Archive

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  • Free download empowers black hat hackers

    Two out of three white hats don't care

    Security 08 00:19

  • Packard Bell jilts Acer for Lenovo

    Worldwide PC love triangle

    Hardware 08 00:23

  • Oracle claims no Linux ulterior motive

    Mixed messages

    Operating Systems 08 00:30

  • XenSource calls VMware a cash-hogging automobile

    Open source explained through car talk, bandits

    Servers 08 00:46

  • Sun adds bargain line to StorageTek family

    Thumper given SMB storage duty

    Storage 08 04:02

  • Biometrics tackle immigration abuse

    Fingerprint visas 'first line of defence'

    Policy 08 08:53

  • Line rental cost a barrier to broadband

    Most would forgo DSL if price increased

    Networks 08 08:56

  • Merchants remain angry over Protx outage

    Root cause analysis

    Security 08 09:00

  • Programmer granted royalties from commissioned software

    Despite no copyright agreement

    Software 08 09:18

  • Microsoft defends vendor standards lead

    Interoperability by another name

    Software 08 09:30

  • Cameraman drops first YouTube suit to join class action

    While Google maintains its innocence

    Law 08 09:32

  • It's not easy being green

    Minimising heat and power waste

    Data Centre 08 09:46

  • FaceTime exposes prospect contact info

    Red faces over coding snafu at IM security firm

    Security 08 10:03

  • Toshiba touts third-generation HD DVD

    Whatever will Blu-ray say?

    Hardware 08 10:09

  • Websites could be required to retain visitor info

    Even if it would break their privacy policies

    Law 08 10:26

  • Customer exodus hits Virgin Media

    Sky gloomy

    Networks 08 10:35

  • Sony VGN-TZ11XN/B laptop

    Gimme, gimme. Wait... is that the price or my phone number?

    Hardware 08 10:44

  • Yangtze river dolphin is an ex-cetacean

    Nature pays the price of progress

    Science 08 10:54

  • Apple unwraps trio of aluminium iMacs

    Good news for Apple fans?

    Hardware 08 11:46

  • Cisco's Web 2.0 enthusiasm helps profits climb

    CEO hails second major internet phase

    Networks 08 11:49

  • Sharp sues Samsung over patent claims

    Another day, another patent dispute

    Hardware 08 12:20

  • USAF seeks control of aerial kill-bots

    Pilots love drones? Something's fishy here ...

    Data Centre 08 13:39

  • UK VPN security is outstandingly mediocre

    BOFHs struggle with TLAs

    Security 08 13:43

  • Court finds Qualcomm guilty of standards abuse

    First create a standard, then sue the adopters

    Mobile 08 14:30

  • IBM and Novell team up for chunk of open source market

    Tout free app server software, taunt Microsoft

    Software 08 14:33

  • We'll never get alien telly, says Zagreb boffin

    Tentacle'n'slime smut bonanza hopes dashed

    Bootnotes 08 14:46

  • Dell UK dances with Linux

    Open source touches down

    Hardware 08 14:56

  • SurfControl dips into the red ahead of WebSense takeover

    All under control

    Security 08 15:24

  • Sacked PlusNet boss blasts BT sale 'stitch up'

    Blood on the carpet

    Broadband 08 15:27

  • Samsung phone offers easier messaging

    Wil it rly wrk?

    Phones 08 15:53

  • Russian firm targets wooden phones at posers everywhere

    Hold your Gresso next to your Breitling

    Phones 08 15:54

  • Fist-sized monkey flies from Florida to New York

    Do you know there's a marmoset on your head?

    Science 08 15:56

  • 419-lite scammers target pet lovers

    How much is that doggy?

    Security 08 18:27

  • Google News fails to Digg-ify itself

    Expects business card from Tooth Fairy

    Media 08 18:28

  • PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable

    Judge calls for trial

    Hardware 08 22:05

  • Novell CEO confirms that Microsoft is a reality

    Come to our world

    Servers 08 22:15

  • Free software darling SugarCRM blasts OSI

    Restrictive hypocrites

    Applications 08 22:17

  • Novell squirrels its way into the virtual datacenter

    Zen for Xen

    Servers 08 23:21

  • Cisco patches serious holes in voice-enabled offerings

    Four updates in all

    Security 08 23:59