6th August 2007 Archive

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  • Black market for malware a thriving place

    It slices, it dices . . .

    Security 06 01:01

  • Hacking for hijinks

    So much fun, it should be illegal

    Security 06 08:10

  • Evolutionary vs. traditional database design

    DBA fights back

    Developer 06 09:05

  • The romance and mystery of a good hack

    Plus an actual wedding

    Security 06 09:08

  • Phoenix blasts off on ice-hunting mission

    Next stop, Mars

    Science 06 09:09

  • Offender tagging beaten by skyscrapers

    Serious flaws uncovered in satellite tracking system

    Policy 06 09:23

  • Congress approves six-month blanket wiretap warrant

    Spooks get broad access to US comms backbone

    Law 06 09:30

  • Nissan rolls out drink-proof cars

    'I'm sorry Dave, I can't let you drive'

    Applications 06 09:33

  • Martha Stewart criticised for swoop on town name

    Residents' fears 'unfounded' though

    Law 06 09:48

  • Orange launches new assault on English language

    Hands off our dictionaries

    Mobile 06 10:18

  • Damaged DNA fixed in nuclear 'workshops'

    Bad news for astronauts

    Science 06 10:30

  • ICANN spreads love, opens bosom to all

    Embraces user community

    Broadband 06 10:52

  • Pipex chairman looks to ditch WiMAX, hosting gristle

    The internet is soooo over. It's all about private equity

    Financial News 06 10:55

  • Indian cops reach for bananas to flush out evidence

    Good old honest bent yellow policing

    Bootnotes 06 11:18

  • VeriSign worker exits after laptop security breach

    Man overboard

    Security 06 11:20

  • iPhone's keyboard prompts patent violation suit

    Apple faces court action, again

    Phones 06 11:36

  • Staff cut off in Evesham 'rescue' deal

    Evesham re-emerges as Geemore

    The Channel 06 11:45

  • Yahoo! faces! investigation! over! China!

    Documents question its claims

    Law 06 11:47

  • NASA nuke-bot to tackle space boulders of doom

    Satellite TV armageddon in 2029?

    Science 06 12:51

  • US govt password security still dismal

    Clueless civil servants leave citizens at risk

    Security 06 14:22

  • Chip sales up but prices down

    Silicon swings and roundabouts

    Hardware 06 14:32

  • Nokia calls Microsoft for DRM software

    Music to your ears?

    Phones 06 14:36

  • UK.gov publishes alien sightings list

    Aliens or traffic lights?

    Science 06 14:51

  • £1.2bn e-Borders data mountain spun as gov bonanza

    Foreign NHS cheats given leave to remain - that'll fix them

    Government 06 15:01

  • Astronomers wave big thermometer at universe

    Tracking forming galaxies

    Science 06 15:31

  • UK, France and Germany PC shipments moving on up

    Jumps more than nine per cent as laptops drive sales growth

    The Channel 06 16:04

  • Aussie senate blocks CDMA switch off

    Bush telegraph must be maintained

    Mobile 06 16:06

  • Feds cuff 18 in $126m pharmacy bust

    Follow the money

    Law 06 16:12

  • AMD's Opteron goes to 3.2GHz

    High-end chips gussied pre-Barcelona

    Hardware 06 17:45

  • Sun releases world's fastest chip - at 1.4GHz

    Nice try, guys

    Servers 06 17:46

  • IBM to win $200m supercomputer contract

    Internet oopsie-daisy ruins the surprise

    Servers 06 18:39

  • Google India deal signals mobile push

    As Gphone rumors continue to swirl

    Mobile 06 18:59

  • HP's graphics library goes GPL

    Visualize Xen love and penguin per use too

    Servers 06 21:32

  • Lenovo to ship Linux laptops

    Microsoft’s source code departments begin shaking”

    Hardware 06 21:47

  • F5 buys Acopia for $210m

    Web traffic firm buys into the storage market

    Storage 06 22:25

  • Amazon throws cash at MySpace-ified music startup

    AmieStreet: The road to iTunes' ruin

    Media 06 23:03

  • E-voting gets bitch-slapped in Calfornia

    Strict measures

    Government 06 23:10

  • Wife of Rambus CEO outed as message board troll

    Can we sue anyone for this?

    Financial News 06 23:13