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NBC muckraker gets hacked at Defcon

DefconA rare moment of drama came to Defcon when a woman fled the conference after being identified in front of hundreds of other attendees as an undercover television reporter on a crusade to expose collusion between cyber criminals and federal agents.
Dan Goodin, 04 Aug 2007

Maths might tell us how kids learn language

A psychology professor reckons he has found a mathematical explanation for the "learning spurt" children experience while learning language.
John Oates, 04 Aug 2007

Half of GPS users given duff information

Half of those using stand-alone GPS equipment have been sent down the wrong road thanks to out of date or inaccurate information, though not all of them directly into a river.
Bill Ray, 04 Aug 2007
For sale sign

Trade in your software, urges UK reseller

Business software users are being offered the chance to trade in used software like they would a second hand car. A Staffordshire-based company is offering reductions on new software if old versions are handed in for resale.
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Aug 2007

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