3rd August 2007 Archive

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  • NetApp shares shocked by profit warning

    Stock drops nearly 20 per cent

    Storage 03 00:18

  • Office 2008 for Mac succumbs to Redmond disease

    Delays, delays, delays

    Applications 03 03:41

  • Watching the watchers: high tech snooping

    Recursive paranoia

    Security 03 07:47

  • Charities turn to text to tackle gangs

    SMS 4 lyfe

    Policy 03 10:04

  • Info chief warns on audio recording

    No snooping on the public

    Security 03 10:17

  • 45nm chips for the Xbox on the cards?

    How small can you go?

    Games 03 10:24

  • Slickr player makes a bold promise

    But will it deliver?

    Hardware 03 10:39

  • Epilepsy-triggering advert given the green light

    Not a flashing one though

    Law 03 10:58

  • BOFH: Dodging the auditors

    The PFY has a lucky escape

    BOFH 03 11:02

  • Emerging markets drive mobile shipments

    Asia, Pacific and Africa spur 11% growth

    Phones 03 11:14

  • Hitachi sees double with Blu-Ray camcorders

    Two for Santa's sack?

    Hardware 03 11:17

  • Vodafone pulls Facebook ads

    As Orange targets Aryan Satanists

    Mobile 03 11:24

  • Cheesed-off spooks give up on duff spy-sat

    Contractors sin-binned in string of space peeper cockups

    Science 03 11:25

  • BT tries French IT services outfit for size

    Offers €60m cash

    The Channel 03 11:33

  • Will the iPhone be iPwned?

    The dark lining to Apple's silver cloud

    Security 03 11:34

  • False positives run amok in Vista anti-virus tests

    Generic faults

    Security 03 11:45

  • Oklahoma offers War on Terror numberplates

    Okies say 'you're either with us or agin us'

    Government 03 12:06

  • Betfair tears up all bets on Polish tennis championship game

    Irregular betting patterns cited

    Financial News 03 12:10

  • Dancing to the tune of a company-sized cash register

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    Business 03 13:42

  • Wanna stick USB 2.0 to your network?

    Server shares scanners, storage, printers and more

    Broadband 03 13:50

  • Stem cell fraudster made 'virgin birth' breakthrough

    Silver lining for Korean science scandal

    Science 03 13:59

  • Genetic researchers fill 1TB a week

    A nice little earner for their disk array supplier...

    Storage 03 14:17

  • BigFix drops freebie patch advisory service

    Long-running Fixlet service discontinued

    Security 03 14:19

  • US considers $33bn sci/tech funding package

    Still a long way from the green

    Science 03 14:22

  • Sony recalls 350,000 cameras

    Out of the fire and into the meat slicer

    Hardware 03 14:44

  • Meng cops plea in CHIP-ICE 'ware espionage bust

    Only Brits are allowed to export US death-tech

    Government 03 14:53

  • Google builds own phone

    More carrier disruption

    Phones 03 15:19

  • Nokia to jump on music download bandwagon?

    Rumours abound

    Phones 03 15:33

  • Origins of the assault rifle

    Sharp fruit, stormtroopers and hot barrels

    Science 03 15:34

  • El Reg meets Gen Kalashnikov

    From firearms to vodka

    Science 03 15:34

  • AK47: the open-source weapon that took the world by storm

    More like communism than Linux

    Science 03 15:35

  • That sinking into a vat of beer Friday feeling

    If you're reading this it can't be true

    Small Biz 03 15:36

  • Scientists explain Saturn's mysterious, moonless ring

    Hidden matter in ring's bright arc

    Science 03 15:43

  • IBM goes to Princeton Softech

    Looking at ways of making data valuable

    Applications 03 15:44

  • Free Wi-Fi aims to snag Mondeo man

    Ford reaches out to roaming gadget geeks

    Broadband 03 15:46

  • Brian May going for astronomy PhD

    Another one bites the zodiacal dust-cloud

    Science 03 15:47

  • Fun with passports and paperclips

    Boy scout hacking

    Security 03 15:50

  • EU monitors roaming compliance

    Web site tracks errant operators

    Mobile 03 15:58

  • TimeUK mounts $22m Evesham bail-out

    TimeUK buys time

    The Channel 03 16:13

  • Red Hat delays Global Desktop

    Because governments in developing nations want to watch DVDs

    Operating Systems 03 19:31

  • Mingling requirements

    Requirements management for all

    Developer 03 19:35

  • The Scouts go grid

    Scouting for Bytes...

    Servers 03 19:43

  • Ban the internet! It's full of worms and iPlayers

    And Google shows patent disdain

    Letters 03 19:46

  • Tibco backs Ajax with message bus

    Developers challenged to build mega mashup

    Developer 03 19:51

  • Pirate Bay to resurrect Suprnova.org

    Prodigal BitTorrent indexer

    Media 03 19:52

  • Amazon joins Google in assault on eBay's PayPal

    Putting the micro in micro-payments

    Small Biz 03 19:58

  • Coding legend Antony Jameson gives supercomputers wings

    North Korea attacked by double-sided bird

    Semi-Coherent Computing 03 20:25

  • Lenovo moves to the country

    Offers low-cost PCs for China's rural market

    Hardware 03 22:06

  • Yahoo! to stream web-only US Prez debate

    From soon-to-be-face-lifted video site

    Government 03 22:59

  • SPEC dishes out MPI test

    How chatty is your supercomputer?

    Servers 03 23:15

  • Music industry rebuffed across Europe on file-sharing identifications


    Media 03 23:45