2nd August 2007 Archive

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  • Techies blast big media over copyright warnings

    More like copywrong warning, am I right? I'll get my coat

    Media 02 Aug 00:15

  • Google: Kill all the patent trolls

    US patent system 'in crisis'

    Law 02 Aug 00:38

  • Making open-source browsing safe for the masses

    A short conversation with Mozilla's 'chief security something or other'

    Security 02 Aug 04:49

  • ESA backs satellite broadcast to mobile phones

    DVB-H party hots up

    Mobile 02 Aug 07:02

  • e-Borders to cost £1.2bn

    The price of tougher checks

    Government 02 Aug 08:56

  • Xerox job losses on the cards after all

    We'll save your jobs..oh no we won't

    Business 02 Aug 09:09

  • Use of web archive was not hacking, says US court

    Though bypassing its protection measures could be

    Law 02 Aug 09:26

  • Sealand seeks to cash in on online casino bonanza

    Fictitious nation to thumb nose at Cheney administration

    Law 02 Aug 09:56

  • Worm threat forces Apple to disable software?

    Disables support for gateway device

    Security 02 Aug 10:07

  • Judge ruled against NSA surveillance in US

    Bush move against star-chamber not coincidental

    Law 02 Aug 10:23

  • HP withdraws case against Pelikan

    Printing supplier admits selling new for old

    Data Centre 02 Aug 10:27

  • Lenovo profits soar

    Net income leaps 13-fold

    Data Centre 02 Aug 10:30

  • Disney p-p-picks up Club Penguin

    Mickey Mouse social network bags $700m

    Bootnotes 02 Aug 10:37

  • Victim turns to Facebook in hunt for brazen burglar

    Crimewatch: Web 2.0-style

    Security 02 Aug 10:43

  • Sir Alan Sugar makes more than Ingram, and Eminem takes second bite at Apple

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    The Channel 02 Aug 11:00

  • Gaming 4G warfare for the USAF, with rayguns

    Among other things...

    Government 02 Aug 11:44

  • Sony talks up PS3 TV tuner

    But where will it launch?

    Games 02 Aug 11:46

  • Teachers vote to ban internet

    Miniskirts, The Beatles, gramophones next on list?

    Government 02 Aug 11:48

  • Dell to acquire ASAP

    And ex-CEO Rollins joins private equity group

    Software 02 Aug 12:15

  • Police want DNA collection superpowers

    All your genes are belong to us, sonny Jim

    Law 02 Aug 12:26

  • US robot carrier-jet contract announced

    Top Gun soundtrack remix: Take my job away ...

    Data Centre 02 Aug 12:54

  • I bumped into that Alan Sugar on memory lane...

    Sweet nostalgia for the PCW generation

    Hardware 02 Aug 13:01

  • US cracks down on mod-chippers

    'Storms' businesses, homes in 16 states

    Games 02 Aug 13:06

  • Bluetooth gets better pairing for less power

    Joins NFC party too

    Mobile 02 Aug 13:10

  • UK watchdog calls for an end to 'piecemeal' e-voting trials

    Stop messing about

    Government 02 Aug 13:29

  • Nokia ships 100 million phones in Q2

    iPhone who?

    Mobile 02 Aug 13:35

  • Nokia's New Coke moment?

    The Communicator software debacle

    Software 02 Aug 14:17

  • Cassini to make third Enceladus flyby

    And NASA recycles a comet-chaser

    Science 02 Aug 14:35

  • Laptop industry hit by components shortage

    Bye bye, cell cell

    Data Centre 02 Aug 14:51

  • Expansys to punt Samsung i620

    Beats Vodafone to the starter's block?

    Phones 02 Aug 15:27

  • Scientists force confessions from mucky fingerprints

    No more clean getaways

    Science 02 Aug 16:09

  • Russian phishers loot $500K in two-year hacking spree

    Turkish banking customers target in long-running scam

    Security 02 Aug 16:14

  • Free Software Foundation plans protests at 'corrupt' BBC

    Video, sound and fury over iPlayer

    Applications 02 Aug 16:52

  • Intel revolted by its own 'insensitive and insulting' ad

    Racist inside?

    Hardware 02 Aug 18:36

  • Man cuffed over 'cycling cheat' email hack

    Tour de Farce

    Security 02 Aug 18:42

  • Miserable Brits declare War on Comfort

    Politician joins the patio heater jihad

    Science 02 Aug 19:25

  • Intel's 'Montvale' half the chip it used to be

    More good news for Itanium

    Servers 02 Aug 19:46

  • Public internet threatened by private telcos

    The net as 'Government regulated monopoly'

    Broadband 02 Aug 19:47

  • IBM reorganizes System i into two new business units

    For big 'uns and little 'uns

    Servers 02 Aug 20:17

  • VMware prepares Fusion dump for Mac crowd

    Get it while it's cheap

    Hardware 02 Aug 20:25

  • Intel wins at Monopoly, grabs $60bn unfairly - says...

    You know who

    Hardware 02 Aug 21:52

  • Flash: Public Wi-Fi even more insecure than previously thought

    How to gain permanent access to Gmail accounts

    Hardware 02 Aug 21:53

  • Google builds own phone

    More carrier disruption

    Mobile 02 Aug 22:00

  • Social networks to replace imagination and be woven into clothes

    Or maybe just pump more ads

    Applications 02 Aug 23:12

  • Spammer gets 30 years in the slammer

    Suddenly wishes Viagra was harder to come by

    Security 02 Aug 23:47

  • Adobe bends to might of US printers

    Watch out Teamsters

    The Channel 02 Aug 23:48

  • HP puts customers to another Itanium test with aging gear

    2009 will be sweet. We promise

    Servers 02 Aug 23:59