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FCC opens up US wireless spectrum

The FCC has decreed that Americans will have the freedom to connect any device and any application to a prized portion of the country's wireless spectrum. But Google's still grumbling.
Cade Metz, 01 2007
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Kylie comforts the Time Lord

Aussie breast cancer survivor, ex-Neighbours star, and pop princess Kylie Minogue has been comforting Doctor Who star David Tennant following the death of his mother from cancer.
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First Vista service pack beta for 07

Looks like Google will have to wait at least until 2008, and possibly longer, before it gets search satisfaction from Microsoft on Windows Vista.
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General Dynamics named MoD networking supplier

The Ministry of Defence has announced the supplier for a project to boost its networking capabilities.
Kablenet, 01 2007

Merger costs, flat sales hit Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent released its second quarter financial results Tuesday, showing continuing losses as the telecoms firm struggles with merger costs and reduced sales.
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Vislink acquires WTS for $5.5m

Dublin-listed satellite TV and communications equipment firm Vislink has confirmed the acquisition of the US company Focus Communications for $5.5m.
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Virtualization software to crush server market

Analysis Virtualization software will apparently cripple the low-end server market.

Microsoft joins options reformfest

Microsoft has joined a handful of US companies on a government program looking to overhaul financial reporting in the wake of the stock options scandal.
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Aspect oriented software comes of age

There are two observations you can make about most new ideas in computing. Firstly, they usually originate at Xerox's legendary Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC). Secondly, they take 10 years to make the transition from the lab to the real world.
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Thirsty Koreans fight duff whisky with mobiles

What's the best way to tell if you're being given duff whisky? Ask your mobile phone, of course. At least, it is if you're in South Korea.
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Parliamentary committee: let hybrid embryos be

The parliamentary committee set up to examine a proposed bill on embryo research recommends the government relax the current ban on hybrid embryos made up of both human and animal genetic material.
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Music pirate convicted in Led Zep bootleg case

A man described as "one of Europe's most notorious music pirates" has pleaded guilty to selling bootlegged recordings of Led Zeppelin gigs after a Glasgow court heard evidence for legendary guitarist Jimmy Page.
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Documents point to Time takeover of Evesham

Exclusive Evesham Technology's founder and chairman Richard Austin became director of a newly created firm with links to TimeUK late last month, The Register has learned.

Alienware Area-51 m9750

Review One word can describe the Alienware Area-51 m9750: big. It's as if the person designing it thought they were in Burger King and decided to Go Large at every opportunity. It's got two hard drives, two graphics cards, two processor cores and a whopping 17in screen. There's another thing that's big about the m9750 - its price.
Will Head, 01 2007

Atos Origin doing well - if you ignore UK

Atos Origin's UK arm is a drag on the firm’s recovery, interim results released today show.
Joe Fay, 01 2007
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NASA ponders manned near-Earth asteroid visit

A faction within NASA are proposing a disaster-movie-esque manned space mission to an asteroid on a trajectory close to Earth, it has been revealed.

Wi-Fi spam man avoids can

A US man who sent out pornographic spam while driving around Venice, California, has escaped imprisonment for his misdeeds.
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TalkTalk in BT Vision Premiership spoiler

Carphone Warehouse has tapped sports broadcasting upstart Setanta in an attempt to kybosh BT's big Premiership football push for its Vision IPTV service.
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Terra Firma bags EMI

Private equity group Terra Firma has succeeded in its bid to buy music giant EMI after 90.3 per cent of shareholders backed its £2.4bn offer.
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Could live P2P video be the antidote to YouTube dross?

A British company is aiming to stake a claim on some of the New World of online video's unexplored territory with Selfcast, a website and application that allow people to broadcast live to an unlimited audience using a bog standard broadband connection.

Tesco takes fight to Sainsbury over Medion PCs

In the supermarket game, one-upmanship is common and anything one chain does is invariably imitated by others. So following the launch of a Medion 17in dual-core notebook at Sainsbury’s stores, Tesco has begun offering a Medion desktop PC for around the same price.

Symantec charges rivals with more virtual CommandCentral

Symantec is rolling out its next generation of storage resource management software today, with Veritas CommandCentral 5.0. The company says the update is a key component of its Storage United initiative and vision of running storage as a service.
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I'm dreaming of...Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver CS3 is the first release of the powerful web design program since Adobe acquired Macromedia. It now forms part of the larger Creative Suite package and offers a host of new features as well as promising to increase efficiency in all areas of website development.

Nvidia gains ground in graphics

Updated Nvidia is gaining market share on both AMD and Intel within the graphics market, according to analyst firm Jon Peddie Research (JPR). However, all three vendors maintained their dominance to remain at the top of the tree during the second quarter of 2007.
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Petrol latte for Kiwis in dairy biofuel push

Desperate Kiwi farmers, struggling for ways to get rid of poisonous dairy waste products, have found a way to turn them into biofuel.
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Dancing Ballmer subjected to Zune dance therapy

If you’re sitting at your desk, staring out of the window and wishing you were running around in the sun, spare a thought for one Microsoft employee who will soon be doing just that. Permanently.
Joe Fay, 01 2007

Near field comms tags top one billion

The NFC Forum, responsible for the Near Field Communications standard, has released specifications for the four different kinds of tag making up the NFC standard, and three of them might seem strangely familiar.
Bill Ray, 01 2007

Getac develops hardened tablet PC

Working outside of a‘normal’ comfy office can be risky for a laptop, with lots of potential dangers to consider. Manufacturer Getac takes this possibility seriously and has unveiled a ruggedized tablet PC, which it claims can withstand the rigours of even extreme environments.
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A Defcon survival guide

Defcon It's almost time for Defcon, the most bacchanal of security conferences and perhaps the single largest gathering of technically adept pranksters. Now is the perfect time to map out a strategy for keeping emails private and making sure your system doesn't get ransacked by the scowling kid with the nose ring and jet-black hair.

Apple squeezes out iPhone update before Black Hat

Apple pushed out a raft of security updates for its much hyped iPhone on Tuesday. Availability of the first iPhone patches comes just ahead of a planned presentation of problems with the phone's software due to take place at the Black Hat conference in Vegas on Thursday. Apple also updated its desktop software.

HD TV, without the monthly fee

The days when folk owned HD displays but didn’t make much use of them, because of expensive peripherals or satellite subscription costs... could be over. Hauppauge Digital has created an HD TV tuner card that picks up free-to-air HD channels.
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US gov dangles $50bn IT pot over 29 companies

The US government has tapped 29 companies to be eligible for a $50bn, 10-year grab-bag of information technology contracts.
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AOL gets into the online bookie business

An AOL sportsbook? Watch out, NBA.
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Action Engine gets another $20m to burn

Action Engine: self-styled leaders in the On-Device Portal business, has squeezed their investors for another $20m, bringing the total to $75m the past seven years.
Bill Ray, 01 2007
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UK payment service outage leaves users fuming

A bungled upgrade at UK payment processing firm Protx left thousands of online merchants unable to take payments on Wednesday.

IBM: Dinosaurs were green

IBM loves to put a new spin on the mainframe to keep the legacy platform looking fresh and the doomsayers at bay. And now-a-days nothing makes a technology look brand-new than a fresh coat of green.

'Ads-funded' Microsoft Works pilot barges onto your PC this year

Microsoft will test a free, "ad-funded" version of its Works productivity suite with selected PC manufacturers this year, in another attempt to size up on-demand services.
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Second Life will dwarf the web in ten years

Within ten years, virtual worlds will be bigger than the Web itself. So says Philip Rosedale, the man who invented Second Life.
Cade Metz, 01 2007
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Wee SiCortex buys PathScale compiler biz

Supercomputing start-up SiCortex has bought PathScale's compiler business - software and people included - from QLogic.