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eBay 'Buy It Now' button survives latest attack

Rest easy, eBay addicts. You can still log on to the world's most famous auction site and "Buy It Now." MercExchange, that pugnacious patent holder in Great Lakes, Virginia, has failed in its latest attempt to shut down the nifty little eBay button that lets you purchase items before an auction plays itself out.
Cade Metz, 31 2007

F5 gets symmetrical, symmetrical gets F5

In brief Traffic management outfit F5 Networks is ramping up its Big-IP gear with an update to WebAccelerator that lights a fire under application traffic on both ends of an internet link.
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Half of European calls to be mobile by 2008

Mobile calls are replacing fixed-line usage across Europe, according to a new report from Analysys, but people aren't talking more, they're just using fixed-lines less.
Bill Ray, 31 2007
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BSkyB buys Amstrad

BSkyB is paying £125m for Amstrad - Sir Alan Sugar's set-top box manufacturing firm.
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Nurses express doubts about patient e-records

Nurses have strong reservations about the benefits of electronic patient records, a survey for the Royal College of Nursing has found.
Kablenet, 31 2007
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Boffins unmask hidden galactic cores

Astronomers using NASA's Swift satellite and the Japanese/US Suzaku X-ray observatory have discovered a totally new kind of active galactic nuclei (AGN).
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Local councils give thumbs up to e-gov

Local government spending on e-government will remain strong despite the end of incentives from Whitehall, according to new research by Kable.
Kablenet, 31 2007
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SMEs embrace wireless broadband

Wireless broadband services are proving popular with Irish SMEs, according to new research from Vodafone Ireland.
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The hunt for water on Mars goes nanoscale

If space, as Douglas Adams said, is mind-bogglingly big and the nanoscale is mind-bogglingly small, it seems incongruous to hear that Swiss scientists are going to use the latter, in the form of atomic force microscopy, to explore the former.

McKinnon earns Lords appeal

Gary McKinnon, the British hacker facing extradition over allegations he broke into US Military and NASA sites, has earned the right to take his case to the House of Lords.
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Tossfest 2007: are you a hardened open sourcer?

South East Asia's premier open source software event, the Thailand Open Source Software Festival - or Tossfest 2007 - splashes down in Bangkok this week.
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Scientists uncover lefty gene

Researchers at the University of Oxford have identified a gene that increases the likelihood of its carrier being left-handed.
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Xansa falls to Steria for £472m

French IT services outfit Groupe Steria has agreed terms to acquire Xansa following a proposed cash-only offer of £472m for the rival Reading-based firm.
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ICSTIS wants your views on anonymous SMS

UK premium-rate regulator ICSTIS has published a consultation document on anonymous SMS services, and is looking for feedback by 7 September.
Bill Ray, 31 2007
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eMusic goes mobile

eMusic has launched a mobile version of its popular DRM-free music subscription service for mobile phones.
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Firefox update fixes bug brace

Mozilla has pushed out a new version of Firefox that fixes a brace of security bugs, barely a fortnight after its last update.
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UK gov offers car CO2 rankings by class

The UK government has set up a website advising consumers on which cars are the greenest.
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OECD: broadband is unequal

There's a great variance around the US in broadband speeds and prices. The differences are even greater when countries are compared. A report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) points out that broadband users in Japan have 100 Mbps connections, which is 10 times faster than the average of the 30 OECD countries.
Faultline, 31 2007

Apple takes flak as AT&T drops iPhone bomb

AT&T's declaration that only 146,000 Apple iPhones registered on its network in the first two days it was on the market has led to widespread shock at what is now being seen as the device's failure and a down period for Apple shares, sliding 7.5 per cent over a few days last week, a fall of some $10bn in total market capitalisation.
Faultline, 31 2007
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UK gov should move into PC reseller biz, says report

The government could become one of the UK’s biggest resellers of used IT kit if recommendations in a National Audit Office report are taken to their logical conclusion.
Joe Fay, 31 2007
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The cold, cold heart of Web 2.0

Column Imagine a world in which parents read to their children in the evening, not because it was a pleasurable and meaningful activity, but as an investment in the child's future earning potential. Or consider a close-knit neighbourhood in which people clubbed together on social events not so as to enjoy a sense of community, but so as to reduce the risk of their property being damaged.
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O2 UK reduces churn, while Europe grows more slowly

Telefonica-owned mobile operator O2 is showing steady growth in the UK market, with revenues up 10.4 per cent, as it manages to convert customers from pre-paid to contract.
Bill Ray, 31 2007
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The BBC iPlayer 'launch' that wasn't

The "open beta" launch of the BBC's on demand service on Friday has left many licence fee-payers frustrated, as downloads of the iPlayer are still strictly limited.

Panasonic zooms in on HD camcorder market

If you're already besotted with high definition content and have the whole technical set-up, including an HD TV with Sky subscription, then your next step could be an HD camcorder. At least that's what Panasonic is hoping, as it has unveiled two new tiny models.
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Worm eats music on infected PCs

Virus writers have unleashed a worm that attempts to delete MP3 files from infected machines.

Intelligent Finance upgrade downs web service

Intelligent Finance (IF) hit a system upgrade catastrophe on Sunday which left the internet banking service severely disrupted for nearly two days, much to the chagrin of its users.

3D handset hits streets of Japan

Our mobile phones will be slimmer, 3G-enabled and sporting 3D fascias. That's if your expectations are based on handsets now available in Japan, where NEC has just unveiled the world’s slimmest clamshell handset for the W-CDMA network that features a stereoscopic fascia.

Reg health roundup: good and bad news today

An astonishing barrage of IT-industry health related stories broke overnight, engendering an emotional rollercoaster of alternating terror and hope here at Vulture Central.

Samsung expands snapper series, again

Samsung shows no signs of slowing down its compact digital camera development schedule. Today in London, the company unveiled three new models under its existing NV series and unveiled the latest addition to its "i" snapper series.
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O2 updates Orbit to WM6

Updated: O2 has provided a site where owners of the Xda Orbit can upgrade their device to Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) - at least they could if it worked.
Bill Ray, 31 2007

Microsoft comes top of the tech pack

Microsoft is the most valuable technology brand in the world, according to Business Week magazine's latest ranking of global brands released Tuesday.

Facebook security glitch exposes user in-boxes

Updated Office workers logging into Facebook on Tuesday morning were shocked to discover they were being served up other user's private pages.
Sony PlayStation 3

Sony faces case for 'Cell' patent infringement

Updated Sony could be in some hot water over development of the parallel processing Cell CPU, used in several devices including the PS3. A US company is claiming that Sony has infringed on a patent for "synchronized parallel processing with shared memory" and is seeking retribution through the courts.
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Eminem sues Apple - again

Eminem's music publisher has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Apple over iTunes downloads, alleging the company is violating copyrights by selling the rapper's song online.

Linkedin spurns bug bounty hunter

Earlier this month, employees for LinkedIn, a social network site that caters to business people, received an unusual proposition from a security researcher who had just uncovered a vulnerability that put many of its users at serious risk.

Adobe embroiled in War of the Fed-Ex Kinko Button

America's printing companies aren't too happy about the new FedEx Kinko's button that's turned up on Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Well, printing companies other than FedEx Kinko's.
Cade Metz, 31 2007
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Techies sue Universal Media Group for overtime pay

Unpaid overtime is a contentious issue for IT employees, who often wrangle with ill-tempered technology long after everyone else has punched the clock.
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eBay rethinks firearms policy

After learning that items purchased on eBay may have been used in the Virginia Tech shootings this past April, the popular online auction site has revised its policy on firearms, weapons, and knives.
Cade Metz, 31 2007
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EnterpriseDB snags information strategist

EnterpriseDB has hired a newbie IBM exec as chief technology officer, indicating a possible uplevelling in its strategy as an "information on demand" provider.