30th July 2007 Archive

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  • Introducing Microsoft LINQ

    A new approach to data query in the .NET world.

    Developer 30 08:53

  • ICANN opens registrar reform up to public comment

    No time like the present

    Networks 30 09:01

  • 7 BlackBerry 8800 smartphones & Jem's Navigation bundle to be won

    £3k worth of prizes to give away with Register Hardware

    Phones 30 09:05

  • Europe's floods and fires snapped from space

    All looks rather small

    Science 30 09:23

  • Council worker develops PC energy-saving program

    Could save £40,000 per year

    Small Biz 30 09:25

  • E-petitions could be debated in the Commons

    Uk gov gives the nod to report

    Government 30 09:29

  • Toshiba raises forecast as profits surge

    PCs and semiconductors lead the charge

    Financial News 30 09:51

  • Vague and ambiguous use cases revisited

    Join Camp Gritty

    Developer 30 10:06

  • IBM: technology will ease travel woes

    Cars to get cat-like reflexes

    Management 30 10:11

  • ICO scamster jailed for 20 months

    Stole £400,000 with data protection fraud

    Law 30 10:33

  • Disability question turns on employee's abilities

    Could they do better without the disability?

    Small Biz 30 10:36

  • New tool enables loading of unsigned drivers in Vista

    Use at your own risk

    Software 30 10:55

  • Smarten up your virtual security posture

    Securing virtualised environments

    Developer 30 10:59

  • Dutch telecoms firm to bid for Getronics

    Relief in the air?

    The Channel 30 11:00

  • US denies entry to security researcher

    Fear of a Black Hat

    Security 30 11:02

  • Cisco disconnects Linksys brand

    The network is the SMB router

    Small Biz 30 11:02

  • CTIA beats drum for status quo

    Accuses Google of begging for government subsidy

    Mobile 30 11:04

  • 32GB storage to go, please

    Portable storage goes XXL

    Hardware 30 12:04

  • DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates

    '57': this filthy integer must be stopped

    Government 30 12:26

  • Ingram Micro profits drop, COO quits

    HQ pulls in Monie and more money

    The Channel 30 12:28

  • Dell expands Japanese retail deal

    Realises shopping is big in Japan

    The Channel 30 12:34

  • Boffins trial cheap landmine sniff-tech

    Technology helps people shocker

    Science 30 12:58

  • Microsoft seeks divine help to boost XNA

    Guildhall to the rescue

    Developer 30 13:02

  • Terra Firma tightens grip on EMI

    Awaits 90 per cent backing, given extended deadline

    Financial News 30 13:08

  • Do IT chiefs lack vision?

    Performance review

    Reg Technology Panel 30 13:26

  • Logitech keyboard rides the Wave

    Touchy feely...

    Hardware 30 13:50

  • VXers publish blog poisoning tool

    Script kiddie tool foils captchas

    Security 30 14:46

  • Toshiba's burning desire for HD DVD

    Toshiba says no way to Blu-ray

    Hardware 30 14:51

  • Woz backs internet video start-up

    With his mind not his money

    Small Biz 30 14:53

  • Codice Software shows off new SCM tool

    Plastic fantastic

    Developer 30 14:58

  • Bush to Congress: streamline star-chamber spy court

    I've already tried ignoring it

    Government 30 15:06

  • Denon sits on the fence in HD war

    Denon hedges its bets over HD DVD and Blu-ray

    Hardware 30 15:11

  • Carousel fraud jumps to record high

    VAT merry-go-round

    Security 30 15:13

  • MS-DOS paternity suit settled

    Computer pioneer Kildall vindicated, from beyond the grave

    Operating Systems 30 15:23

  • Boffins use nets of carbon to snare toxic gases

    Catching nano-butterflies

    Science 30 15:28

  • Revo Pico+ DAB radio

    Pick up a perfect portable radio partner

    Hardware 30 15:40

  • MIT in Matrix 'Crowd Farm' plan

    The architects had found all the bullshit they would ever need

    Science 30 16:15

  • Mario worm targets retro gamers

    VXers deploy Donkey Kong ruse

    Security 30 18:02

  • Fotango in state of shock, as Canon Europe plots escape

    Zimki - a crisis platform

    Applications 30 18:05

  • YouTube video-fingerprinting due in September

    Google 'hopes'

    Media 30 19:34

  • OSI Prez confronts irate users over 'badgerware' license

    Quick action needed after nine months

    Software 30 20:30

  • Documentum 6 goes flexible

    Proprietary leash loosens for EMC platform

    Storage 30 21:50

  • Investors stunned by Sun's apparent health

    Q4 pumped full of black ink

    Servers 30 23:12

  • California e-voting machines have more holes than Swiss cheese

    Flaws in all systems studied

    Security 30 23:47