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Microsoft Linq

Introducing Microsoft LINQ

Book review Microsoft's Language Integrated Query (also known as LINQ), is one of the key features on the .NET horizon. Already out as a beta, it's slated for release as part of Visual Studio 2008 (which goes under the code name of Orcas, which conjures images of packs of killer whales rather than shrink-wrapped development software).
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ICANN opens registrar reform up to public comment

The time for reform at ICANN has come.

7 BlackBerry 8800 smartphones & Jem's Navigation bundle to be won

Register Hardware daily draw We've got seven BlackBerry 8800 smartphones to give away... one every day this week packaged with a free 6-month subscription to Jem Telecom's navigation software that enables you to use your BlackBerry to effectively plan a train, plane or ferry journey, view the road congestion on all major UK roads or as a satellite navigation system.
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Europe's floods and fires snapped from space

The Thames bursts its banks: ESA The flooding in the UK is visible from space, and the European Space Agency (ESA) has the pictures to prove it. The agency's earth monitoring Envisat satellites have also snapped the fires raging across much of southern Europe. The flooding in the UK is the worst to hit the country in 60 …
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Council worker develops PC energy-saving program

A county council could slash its annual energy bill by £40,000, thanks to a computer program developed by one of its staff.
Kablenet, 30 2007
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E-petitions could be debated in the Commons

The public could soon be setting the agenda for debates in the Commons after proposals on e-petitioning won government support.
Kablenet, 30 2007

Toshiba raises forecast as profits surge

Chip maker Toshiba raised its forecasts for the first half of the fiscal year after the firm enjoyed strong sales in the quarter ending 30 June.
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Vague and ambiguous use cases revisited

Oh no, not again: the industry's gone and divided into two camps. In Camp Purity, there's the group insisting that use cases must be abstract and free of any specific technology or UI feature. Simply heavenly! Useless, but heavenly.
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IBM: technology will ease travel woes

IBM has predicted that travel by plane, train, or automobile is going to be a lot easier in the future.
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ICO scamster jailed for 20 months

A man who pretended to be from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) and was charging companies to register under the Data Protection Act has been jailed for 20 months.
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Disability question turns on employee's abilities

Employment tribunals should assess worker disability not in comparison with the rest of the population, but in comparison with the performance of that worker without that disability, the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) has ruled.
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New tool enables loading of unsigned drivers in Vista

A new software tool has been released by Linchpin Labs that allows the loading of unsigned and legacy drivers on Windows XP, 2003, and most importantly Vista.
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Smarten up your virtual security posture

Virtualisation is now widely acknowledged as an important development in enterprise computing with forecasts of rapid growth for both server and storage virtualisation.
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Dutch telecoms firm to bid for Getronics

Dutch telecommunications company KPN says it intends to launch a €766m bid for struggling IT services company Getronics NV.
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US denies entry to security researcher

A high profile security researcher has been refused entry to the US on the way to this year's Black Hat security conference over "visa irregularities".

Cisco disconnects Linksys brand

Cisco will ditch the Linksys brand to bring all SMB and consumer gear under its single networking omnicorp banner.
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CTIA beats drum for status quo

The CTIA, representing the US wireless industry, has responded to Google's attempts to have the 700MHz auction rules rewritten - unsurprisingly coming out in favour of maintaining the status quo.
Bill Ray, 30 2007

32GB storage to go, please

It’s a pretty safe bet that anything limited edition will be a greatfully received Christmas gift. So for the storage geek in your life, why not consider equipping them with one of Toshiba’s colossal 32GB USB Flash memory drives.
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DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has swooped to protect Britain from mechanised filth peddlers who it suspects will exploit the new "57" number plates to mount a terrifying campaign of highway ribaldry.
Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro profits drop, COO quits

Ingram Micro, the world's largest computer products distie, posted a second quarter profit loss last Thursday and announced that the firm's president and chief operating officer Kevin Murai was stepping down.
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Dell expands Japanese retail deal

Dell is increasing its retail presence in Japan, extending a deal it has had with Bic Camera stores since 2000.
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Boffins trial cheap landmine sniff-tech

American boffins reckon they may have found a way to build landmine-detecting equipment more cheaply, possibly offering hope to dispossessed people in warzones around the world.

Microsoft seeks divine help to boost XNA

Microsoft has enlisted the Guildhall, the specialist video gaming faculty at Dallas's Southern Methodist University (SMU), to help it boost the fortunes of its XNA suite of game development tools.
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Terra Firma tightens grip on EMI

Private equity firm Terra Firma looks almost certain to buy EMI following a last-minute extension for its £2.4bn agreed bid from the music group.
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Do IT chiefs lack vision?

Reg Technology Panel A high profile industry analyst recently appeared to be implying that US IT management lacked vision, which we at Freeform Dynamics thought was a bit out of order.
Dale Vile, 30 2007

Logitech keyboard rides the Wave

Numb fingers, sore wrists, aching arms and painful fingertips are all just some of the problems that can be caused by our 21st century addiction to the keyboard. But, Logitech has taken these pain-points onboard and, with a little aquatic inspiration, created the Wave keyboard.
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VXers publish blog poisoning tool

Virus writers have created a malicious tool capable of automating the publication of spam and links to sites hosting malware on forums and blogs.

Toshiba's burning desire for HD DVD

Toshiba has raised the bar slightly higher in the high definition (HD) format war. The manufacturer has released a notebook under its Qosmio range that is equipped with an HD DVD-R drive, further shunning the rival HD Blu-ray format.
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Woz backs internet video start-up

Apple guru Steve Wozniak and Red McCombs, a co-founder of advertising behemoth Clear Channel, are backing an internet start-up which uses compression to improve online videos.
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Codice Software shows off new SCM tool

There seems to be a bit of excitement in the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) world just now. As we predicted, the big boys are fleshing out their offerings by acquisition – and exciting new products are appearing.
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Bush to Congress: streamline star-chamber spy court

President George Bush has urged Congress to approve modifications to American laws governing surveillance and wiretapping.

Denon sits on the fence in HD war

Updated Denon Electronics has dipped its toes into the Blu-ray hardware market, unveiling its first player for the next generation format. However, the manufacturer is still sitting on the fence in the ongoing High Definition Wars.
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Carousel fraud jumps to record high

A significant number of carousel fraud cases worth more than £100,000 passed through English courts in the first six months of the year.

MS-DOS paternity suit settled

An overlooked court case in Seattle has helped restore the reputation of the late computer pioneer Gary Kildall.
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Boffins use nets of carbon to snare toxic gases

Researchers at the University of Manchester have discovered that graphene, the world's thinnest material, is capable of detecting the tiniest amounts of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide and alcohol vapour.

Revo Pico+ DAB radio

Review Digital radio has come along way in a short time and thankfully the DAB market in now maturing with a wider range of choice that offers not only the variety of DAB stations, but also more features to more effectively exploit the digital nature of the medium.
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MIT in Matrix 'Crowd Farm' plan

Two MIT students have won a cash prize and international kudos after developing a plan to generate energy using "Crowd Farms."

Mario worm targets retro gamers

Infected emails doing the rounds on the net on Monday promise the chance to run one of the classic Super Mario Bros games by clicking on an attachment.
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Fotango in state of shock, as Canon Europe plots escape

Exclusive One day, you're a startup on top of the world, serving as the Diamond sponsor of the popular OSCON conference alongside Intel and Microsoft. The next, your COO quits. And the day after that, your parent company looks set to abandon you. Life is tough at Fotango, the maker of the Zimki utility computing platform.
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YouTube video-fingerprinting due in September

YouTube will unveil FBI-quality video-fingerprinting technology in September. Well, that's what Google hopes. Or, rather, Google wants a judge to think that's what it hopes.
Cade Metz, 30 2007

OSI Prez confronts irate users over 'badgerware' license

Open Source Initiative (OSI) President Michael Tiemann has responded to queries about the organization's decision to "rush through" approval for a new badgerware license by saying that the OSI board did its best for "the community."

Documentum 6 goes flexible

The market has changed since EMC released the last major upgrade to its Documentum platform two years ago. The world of enterprise content management has gone multi-vendor, and the proprietary-heavy Documentum was starting to look crusty and demanding next to the competition.

Investors stunned by Sun's apparent health

Shares of Sun Microsystems jumped close to 10 per cent in after-hours trading, as the hardware maker posted strong fourth quarter results. Longtime Sun followers, however, may be less moved by the figures since Sun relied more on cost-cutting than sales to improve its bottom line.
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California e-voting machines have more holes than Swiss cheese

Hackers hired to evaluate the security of e-voting machines used in California found serious flaws that could allow for vote tampering in all three systems studied.