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YouTube rival inks TV production deal

You see, some parts of the TV and movie industry are beginning to like this online video-sharing thing.
Cade Metz, 28 2007
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Startup brings free Wi-Fi to the streets of San Francisco

A California startup is relying on civic-minded volunteers in San Francisco to accomplish a goal that so far has eluded the city's government leaders: provide residents with wireless internet access that's free and dependable.
ABC childrens blocks

One programmer's unit test is another's integration test

The question of what units you are working with is one that will at one time or other have plagued anyone who studied a science or a branch of physical engineering.
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Laser iPhones shrink your brains

Comments It's been a fairly average week, with the normal crop of lasers, abnormal cranial conditions and massively overpriced drinks. We'll start with an iPhone article. Don't worry, it's the only one. A vulnerability has been discovered in the iPhone, and an exploit devised. There's been less of a row than usual, but it's still there:

Cries for help go out as open source mogul's radar breaks

OSCON How appropriate that we caught Chairman Tim O'Reilly ogling Portland's tram schedule just a few minutes before the Pirate Party's founder Rickard Falkvinge took the stage at O'Reilly's own conference. Chairman Tim plotted his escape from OSCON, as Falkvinge prepared to talk to the people about things that matter.