27th July 2007 Archive

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  • Virtual narcs boot Second Life casinos off the island

    When random number generators attack

    Media 27 00:56

  • OSI evacuation begins over 'badgeware' license

    The few and the furious

    Servers 27 04:01

  • NASA: Space station computer sabotaged

    Meddling miscreant snips wire in space member box

    Science 27 08:37

  • Man still top dog at poker

    Man vs Machine redux

    Data Centre 27 08:57

  • Reader succumbs to apostrophe apoplexy

    Misplaced punctuation outrage

    Letters 27 09:02

  • Google leaps into new Sprint portal

    Apps for WiMAX

    Networks 27 09:07

  • Is more bandwidth really the answer?

    Money can't fix everything

    Small Biz 27 09:07

  • Jerry Garcia's jacuzzi washes onto eBay

    Deadheads click here for rock bathroom memorabilia

    Bootnotes 27 09:16

  • IT pros give thumbs up to online communities

    'It solves problems and it's accurate'

    Business 27 09:23

  • Fort Bragg grunt in gay porn vid shocker

    Marching orders for latest grumble flick scandal

    Bootnotes 27 10:22

  • DHS working on pocket puke-ray

    'Light-sabre' to battle alien hordes

    Small Biz 27 10:50

  • UK phone records to be kept for a year

    But internet activity let off the hook

    Networks 27 10:56

  • Only 'major' EU countries to be in second iPhone rollout

    Is your country 'major' enough?

    Hardware 27 10:57

  • Stripogram councillor rocks Devon Lib Dems

    Click here for 'multi-talented' politico

    Bootnotes 27 10:59

  • Muffy Mount voted ultimate 'nom de sex'

    Coming soon on a screen near you?

    Bootnotes 27 11:01

  • BOFH: Moving faster than blame

    It's got to be somebody's fault

    BOFH 27 11:31

  • El Reg issues Satan word alert

    'Mobisode'? WTF is a 'mobisode'?

    Bootnotes 27 11:34

  • Microsoft goes Google, Google goes shopping, and Apple loves its Macs

    To subscribe to The Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of IT in a single hit - click here

    Business 27 11:40

  • Sony Vaio reborn for the living room

    More than just a white box manufacturer

    Hardware 27 12:44

  • Magirus says Avnet deal is 'win-win' for all

    Solution to channel growth is all about solutions

    The Channel 27 12:56

  • Fatal explosion hits Virgin space programme

    Three workers killed, three injured at Mojave spaceport

    Science 27 12:58

  • The terrorists I party with

    Another round for my friends

    Government 27 13:36

  • Business intelligence needs business backing

    Solving the problem of fragmented information

    Developer 27 13:40

  • Western Digital profit rises on tax benefit

    Revenue up 26 per cent

    Storage 27 13:42

  • Sky's the limit as firm rakes in 400,000 new customers

    Good times all round

    Mobile 27 14:54

  • EU and US agree on high-end sat nav standard

    Pay-to-play compatibility

    Small Biz 27 14:54

  • BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach

    There must be Heroes, just for 30 days

    Media 27 14:58

  • Light-feasting bacterium found in Yellowstone

    Yogi's picnic baskets not implicated

    Science 27 15:06

  • PSP owners to get Lost early 2008

    Sky punts content to Sony

    Bootnotes 27 15:22

  • Sysadmin Day 2007: still time to get the beers in

    Hug a hacker

    Data Centre 27 15:25

  • Cisco buys a hunk of VMware

    Can't resist

    Servers 27 15:30

  • Samsung S1030 and S850 digital cameras

    More features than a Sunday newspaper supplement

    Hardware 27 15:41

  • Intel responds to EU's anti-trust statement

    AMD puts the boot in as well

    Hardware 27 15:47

  • Society of Jesus calls missionaries to Second Life

    Saving virtual souls from 'erotic simulation'

    Media 27 18:36

  • Isilon narrows losses, but growing pains abound

    Reduced expectations send stock tumbling

    Storage 27 18:41

  • Fotango COO quits job during keynote speech

    Give me free Zimki or give me unemployment

    Applications 27 19:08

  • Wikia snatches open search software from LookSmart

    Will deliver Grub to mankind. Or whatever

    Media 27 19:14

  • Second Life turns on screams of horror tool

    AKA Project Booming Echo

    Media 27 19:45

  • NASA's drunken astronaut report released

    Says astronauts were drunk

    Science 27 20:39

  • Spamford Wallace banished from MySpace

    Flooded site with a million messages

    Security 27 21:30

  • Oracle's got a giant Red Hat fork coming, says spaceman

    While Microsoft has an 'extortion habit'

    Servers 27 22:11