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Virtual narcs boot Second Life casinos off the island

The coding gnomes responsible for the virtual sanity environment known as Second Life pulled the plug yesterday on some of the most popular destinations in the virtual reality space – namely, the casinos that provide something to do other than swap sexes or species or indulge in bizarre sexual adventures.
Burke Hansen, 27 Jul 2007

OSI evacuation begins over 'badgeware' license

OSCONIt took no more than five minutes for a controversy to emerge once the Open Source Initiative (OSI) revealed that it had rushed a new attribution-style license through for approval.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jul 2007

NASA: Space station computer sabotaged

NASA officials revealed last night that a computer destined to become part of the International Space Station had been intentionally sabotaged.
Lewis Page, 27 Jul 2007

Man still top dog at poker

The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) wrapped up its Man vs Machine Poker Challenge yesterday, and, as we had suspected, the human element won out, although the margin of victory was not overly large.
Burke Hansen, 27 Jul 2007

Reader succumbs to apostrophe apoplexy

FoTWOur stateside correspondent Cade Metz had until this week managed to avoid attracting reader ire and thereby becoming a fully-fledged Reg hack via the usual FoTW baptism of fire.
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2007

Google leaps into new Sprint portal

Who says wireless carriers can't play nice with Google? As it prepares to introduce a new WiMAX broadband wireless network in a handful of major American cities, Sprint has announced that Google will supply several applications for a mobile portal it's building specifically for the network's customers.
Cade Metz, 27 Jul 2007
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Is more bandwidth really the answer?

A former university lecturer used to say, "any problem can be beaten to death with pound notes". Many network managers looking at the impact of voice over IP on their networks might be thinking along similar lines, but is more bandwidth the answer to the performance and quality issues they are currently, or soon to be, suffering?
Rob Bamforth, 27 Jul 2007

Jerry Garcia's jacuzzi washes onto eBay

Deadheads will undoubtedly be flocking in their thousands to an eBay auction which will next month offer diehard fans the chance to snap up exciting Jerry Garcia memorabilia including his stereo speakers, jacuzzi and yes, the Grateful Dead guitar botherer's kitchen sink.
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2007
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IT pros give thumbs up to online communities

It may come as a shock, but online communities or forums for IT professionals do actually work - in the US at any rate.
Phil Manchester, 27 Jul 2007

Fort Bragg grunt in gay porn vid shocker

A grunt from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, has been discharged for performing in a gay video on a "military-themed gay pornography website", the Fayetteville Observer reports.
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2007

DHS working on pocket puke-ray

The US Department of Homeland Security is working on a torch-like "light-sabre" weapon, designed to leave aliens (illegal ones, that is) stumbling and puking helplessly.
Lewis Page, 27 Jul 2007

UK phone records to be kept for a year

UK telecoms companies will have to keep phone call logs for a year under a new law, which comes into force in October.
OUT-LAW.COM, 27 Jul 2007

Only 'major' EU countries to be in second iPhone rollout

Apple will unleash its iPhone into the European market during the fourth quarter of 2007. But, it seems not all European consumers will be granted access to the so-called must-have gadget this side of Christmas.
James Sherwood, 27 Jul 2007

Stripogram councillor rocks Devon Lib Dems

Three Devon councillors have quit the Liberal Democrats after discovering that a fellow party member is offering herself as a £75 a pop topless stripogram, the Telegraph reports.
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2007

Muffy Mount voted ultimate 'nom de sex'

Poll resultIt's official: Muffy Mount is the ultimate nom de sex pour femme, while the splendid Hardy Woodman ran away with the pour homme title.
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2007
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BOFH: Moving faster than blame

Episode 26
Simon Travaglia, 27 Jul 2007

El Reg issues Satan word alert

El Reg's lexicographical soviet this morning ramped up to Defcon Red after our Mephistophelean terminology radar detected a potentially-fatal neologism hidden in an otherwise innocent Reuters report.
Lester Haines, 27 Jul 2007

Sony Vaio reborn for the living room

If you don’t want a laptop or desktop PC cluttering up your living room, but miss the emotional tech attachment, then Sony may hold the key. It has designed a PC specifically for the living room, but one so, well, un-PC that it’s sure to put bums on sofas.
James Sherwood, 27 Jul 2007

Magirus says Avnet deal is 'win-win' for all

Magirus, which last week sold its European IBM and HP unit to Avnet, has said it plans to build up the rest of its own business by focusing more heavily on solutions.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jul 2007

Fatal explosion hits Virgin space programme

Three employees of a pioneering spaceship company were killed and another three badly hurt when a propellant system blew up during testing in California yesterday.
Lewis Page, 27 Jul 2007

The terrorists I party with

Part 3It was a "fuel-air bomb" that would create "a superhot fireball". Anyone care to guess what I'm referring to here? A diabolical new weapon from some DoD skunkworks, perhaps? A metaphorical description of the space shuttle Challenger exploding, maybe?
Thomas C Greene, 27 Jul 2007

Business intelligence needs business backing

Reg Technology Panel reportIn a recent Reg Panel study into the state of play with regard to business intelligence, a whole range of issues were highlighted by respondents that were standing in the way of business users getting their hands on the information they need.
Dale Vile, 27 Jul 2007

Western Digital profit rises on tax benefit

Western Digital (WD), the world's second largest hard-disk drive maker, said fourth quarter profit has nearly doubled due to a tax gain and strong sales growth.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jul 2007
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Sky's the limit as firm rakes in 400,000 new customers

BSkyB saw revenues grow but profits fall slightly for the year ended 30 June 2007.
Bill Ray, 27 Jul 2007

EU and US agree on high-end sat nav standard

The US and EU have reached agreement on a compatibility plan for location signals to be transmitted by new American and European navigation satellites.
Lewis Page, 27 Jul 2007

BBC iPlayer launches, but with limited viewer reach

The much talked about, Windows XP-only, Internet Explorer 6 or later, BBC iPlayer finally launched today.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jul 2007

Light-feasting bacterium found in Yellowstone

Researchers at Yellowstone Park have discovered a new bacterium that is capable of photosynthesis.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jul 2007

PSP owners to get Lost early 2008

Sky has announced a deal with Sony to provide video content to UK PSP users, which can be downloaded over Wi-Fi or via their computer.
Bill Ray, 27 Jul 2007
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Sysadmin Day 2007: still time to get the beers in

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: it is Sysadmin Day. A day when we should all take a moment to give thanks to the glorious sysadmins (and their pimply-faced assistants) who keep our techno-world rolling.
Lucy Sherriff, 27 Jul 2007

Cisco buys a hunk of VMware

Another major Silicon Valley player has found itself salivating over the prospect of VMware's initial public offering.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jul 2007

Intel responds to EU's anti-trust statement

The European Commission today issued its statement of objections against chip giant Intel, accusing it of anti-competitive behaviour. As we reported earlier, the world's number one maker of processor chips had been awaiting the verdict of a long-running investigation into the firm's alleged anti-trust business practice against rival firm AMD.
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jul 2007

Society of Jesus calls missionaries to Second Life

Jesuit missionaries may soon venture into Second Life, intent on saving virtual people from virtual sins.
Cade Metz, 27 Jul 2007
server room

Isilon narrows losses, but growing pains abound

Isilon Systems managed to narrow its losses for the second quarter with a revenue surge, but a lowered sales outlook late Thursday sent its stock price tumbling.
Austin Modine, 27 Jul 2007

Fotango COO quits job during keynote speech

OSCONA splash of drama hit OSCON this morning, as the COO of software maker Fotango resigned from the company during his keynote, protesting a decision not to open source the Zimki utility computing platform.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jul 2007

Wikia snatches open search software from LookSmart

OSCONWikia, the latest effort from Wikipedia co-founder Jimbo Wales, has bought the distributed search software Grub from LookSmart for an undisclosed sum and open sourced it.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jul 2007

Second Life turns on screams of horror tool

OSCONYou'll soon have the chance to talk directly to flying penises and fire hydrants in the void known as Second Life. Linden Lab CEO Phillip Rosedale revealed that VoIP (voice over IP) will hit the Sadville streets "in a couple of weeks," during a speech here at OSCON.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jul 2007

NASA's drunken astronaut report released

Poor NASA. They've truly suffered through a woebegone week of bad news.
Austin Modine, 27 Jul 2007

Spamford Wallace banished from MySpace

Sanford Wallace, perhaps the world's most persistent and reviled spammer, has been banished from MySpace by a federal judge who ruled the social networking site is likely to prevail in a lawsuit that claims Wallace flooded MySpace with more than 1m come-ons related to gambling-related sites.
Dan Goodin, 27 Jul 2007
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Oracle's got a giant Red Hat fork coming, says spaceman

OSCONOracle's assault on Linux looks to take the shape of a fork in the near future, according to Canonical founder and Ubuntu chief Mark Shuttleworth.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Jul 2007

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