26th July 2007 Archive

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  • French court slaps poor man's YouTube

    Dailymotion guilty of copyright infringement

    Media 26 00:57

  • Symantec sales up, but profits drop

    Norton suite secures revenue

    Security 26 01:01

  • Judge questions theft claims of Facebook rival

    Put up or shut up

    Law 26 01:08

  • NAO recommends one stop regulation database

    Reducing the burden on SMEs

    Small Biz 26 08:53

  • DWP loses £2.5bn to fraud and errors

    IT fails to alleviate loss

    Policy 26 09:00

  • Cat senses impending death

    Biochemical explanation for nursing home bedside vigils?

    Science 26 09:05

  • Microsoft in ads deal with Digg.com

    Goodbye Google ads

    Financial News 26 09:27

  • Eircom warned over 'discriminatory' conduct

    Breaches own regulations

    Networks 26 09:38

  • Mobile developers target Nokia platform

    And N-Gage gets developer support

    Mobile 26 10:15

  • BMC throws open developer network

    Projects go BSD

    Software 26 10:19

  • Web contract changes are just not cricket

    US appeals court silences Talk America

    Law 26 10:23

  • EC cuts replacement deal with US on passenger data

    Data kept for 15 years

    Security 26 10:41

  • GPL whiz Moglen nails Web 2.0 O'Reilly on 'frivolous' charges

    Blow to OSCON propaganda

    Software 26 10:44

  • Masturbating lag cops 60 days' extra porridge

    'Indecent exposure' rap for five-knuckle shuffle

    Security 26 10:48

  • Data loss blights US military, Aussie bank, and Fox network

    Butterfingers all round

    Security 26 10:52

  • Channel keeps its head above flood waters and is awash with money

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    The Channel 26 11:20

  • US price cut for Xbox 360 HD DVD player

    European gamers hard done by yet again

    Games 26 11:24

  • Sony results boosted by flagging Yen

    Games division still losing cash

    Data Centre 26 11:44

  • Virgin pulls the plug on mobile video

    Screens to go dark in January

    Networks 26 11:47

  • Firm finds danger in dangling pointers

    New buffer overflow threat

    Security 26 11:48

  • Oz convict ancestor database goes online

    Russell Crowe, Germaine Greer could be genetic lags

    Bootnotes 26 11:49

  • Cut-price laptops coming forth

    Spare some change for a computer?

    Hardware 26 11:52

  • HMRC loses landmark tax ruling

    Taxman fails to keep up with the Joneses

    Small Biz 26 12:57

  • A handy guide to growing your own spaceship

    Terran life-forms need not apply

    Science 26 13:19

  • Gmail: a short, sharp rant

    Not evil, just arrogant

    Software 26 13:36

  • ESA seeks pricing for Mars rover

    Time for sums to be done on fag packets

    Science 26 14:04

  • Fans left guessing over Samsung 'designer' phone

    Come on Korea, give us a hint

    Phones 26 15:04

  • VoIP services must offer 999, says Ofcom

    Calls for regulatory framework

    VoIP 26 15:33

  • BT matches analysts' forecasts

    Gears up for 24Mb/sec ADSL launch in 2008

    Networks 26 15:42

  • 'They threw my laptop into the atmosphere'

    And other wonderful lost property excuses from NASA

    Science 26 15:45

  • Brit spooks: Yanks are frightful cowboys

    But we should still be chums with them

    Government 26 16:00

  • Newcastle council credit card file lifted

    Up to 54,000 people affected in bureaucratic bungle

    Security 26 16:04

  • Does HP have $1bn worth of Bull?

    Buying the Itanium ecosystem one vendor at a time

    Servers 26 16:06

  • Amnesia strikes at Symbain Symbian

    Can anyone remember what we're called?

    Business 26 16:16

  • 2007 looking good for Carphone Warehouse

    More money from more customers

    Mobile 26 16:32

  • McLaren accelerates away from fines and expulsion

    But not in the clear yet

    Bootnotes 26 16:34

  • Google juices Turing Award

    $250,000 could be yours

    Hardware 26 17:38

  • 'Predator' Microsoft applies to give itself cancer

    Adds tumor.com to website

    Servers 26 18:35

  • US law firm cleared of robots.txt DMCA hacking charge

    Wayback Machine just screwed up, court says

    Law 26 18:37

  • Sun preps 2048-thread monster

    256-thread minis in the meantime

    Servers 26 19:44

  • NASHA ashtronauts too fly to drunk

    What's the problem here? *hick*

    Science 26 19:53

  • Ballmer: Microsoft to become ads and devices powerhouse

    'Bold bets' on the way

    Financial News 26 20:44

  • Microsoft challenges Google with uber search center

    Dreams the impossible dream

    Media 26 20:47

  • Rackable's margins still in witness protection program

    Q2 turns red

    Financial News 26 21:08

  • FBI asks Congress for phone record slush fund

    Gonzo savors new, zestier 4th Amendment

    Government 26 22:05

  • AMD: We're not dead yet

    Says Barcelona outperforms Intel Xeon

    Servers 26 22:54

  • QLogic Q1 profit slips

    Silicon banana peel

    Financial News 26 23:01

  • EU files anti-trust charges against Intel

    Six-year probe bares litigation

    Hardware 26 23:06

  • Windows Vista unreadiness revealed

    Analysts laugh at surface computing

    Operating Systems 26 23:35