25th July 2007 Archive

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  • Red Hat flags OSI offenders on partner site

    Users force enlightenment

    Servers 25 01:19

  • MySpace erases 29,000 sex offenders

    Major cull

    Security 25 08:51

  • Brit IT millionaire dies on Chinese mountain

    Suspected heart attack claims 'very fit' adventurer

    Small Biz 25 08:54

  • MP slams school biometric guidance

    'Lacks clarity'

    Policy 25 08:55

  • Oz cans porn filtering trial

    ISPs shoot the Internet Sheriff

    Government 25 08:57

  • Transformation feeds outsourcing surge

    New contracts and renewals to see 10% increase

    Policy 25 09:11

  • Mozilla confirms own URL handling bug

    'Turns out it's a problem with Firefox as well'

    Security 25 09:23

  • LogicaCMG hit by boardroom row

    Didier Herrmann told to leave

    The Channel 25 09:39

  • Suit blows £105k in London bar

    Vodka, Red Bull plus £80k in champagne

    Bootnotes 25 09:50

  • ROK Media Store launches, sans content

    BYO music, for the moment at least

    Networks 25 09:56

  • Facebook in court over IP theft allegations

    Rival Harvard Web 2.0 geeks say they wuz robbed

    Law 25 10:42

  • Serena plans Agile marketplace breakout

    Old dog, new trick

    Software 25 10:53

  • Wiki tool makes adding services easy

    Elementary, my dear Hayes

    Developer 25 10:58

  • Neon's Oracle guru called in to beef up Titan

    You know you're an Oracle geek when...

    Developer 25 11:01

  • Liferay and ICEsoft team up to take Ajax to the enterprise

    A helping hand for enterprise developers

    Developer 25 11:03

  • Your very own R2 unit multimedia machine

    Practical purchase or overweight glob of grease?

    Hardware 25 11:13

  • AllofMP3.com owner faces jail time

    iTuneski in trouble again

    Media 25 11:25

  • BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer

    OSC hails positive meeting

    Software 25 11:35

  • Qantas spunks AU$100m on 'pterodactyl'

    Roo lovers hopping mad at revamped logo

    Bootnotes 25 11:49

  • First Airbus seats to be auctioned for charity

    On eBay, of course

    Data Centre 25 11:53

  • UK gov rejects Cliff Richard's copyright extension

    UK gov refuses to extend oldie-pop copyright

    Media 25 13:44

  • Samsung parades 30in screen with DisplayPort

    Another reason to dig yourself an arse groove

    Hardware 25 13:50

  • Project management expertise at your fingertips

    Be on time, on budget, and on target

    Developer 25 13:52

  • Skype violates open source licence

    Linux fundamentalist strikes again

    Software 25 14:05

  • Oki mobilises iris scanner software

    Whole new meaning to eye phone...

    Phones 25 14:25

  • China Mobile dials up bumper June

    Adds 5.5 million subscribers

    Networks 25 14:50

  • Mobile-mast danger is all in your head

    'If you believe something's going to harm you, it will'

    Networks 25 15:28

  • Motorola signs up for tiny projectors

    To fit into tiny phones

    Mobile 25 15:31

  • AMD says virtualisation will win SMB hearts

    Uses Barcelona as chat up line

    Small Biz 25 15:36

  • Sage gets mergers and acqusitions director

    Board room shuffles

    Small Biz 25 15:45

  • Can Osama keep Bush afloat?

    The buddy system

    Government 25 16:02

  • Western Digital tear it up with 2TB HDs

    More storage sir? Ooh. You know you want it sir.

    Hardware 25 16:03

  • Yahoo to start optimising for mobile

    Same technology as Vodafone, but without the glitches

    Mobile 25 16:06

  • Unisys gets a first

    The only TPC-E entrant, so far, `wins’

    Developer 25 16:10

  • US gov's flying laser hit by delays, problems

    Aerial raygun flotilla scheme savaged

    Government 25 16:21

  • Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC want 32nm friendship

    Can't keep up with Intel on their own

    Hardware 25 18:44

  • Latins prefer Microsoft to Google

    Talk about spicy

    Media 25 19:03

  • Intel aims parallelism aid at open source fans

    Help us, help you, help us

    Hardware 25 19:07

  • OSI approves 'badgeware' license

    Socialtext wins with CPLA

    Servers 25 21:27

  • HP offers 3-D thermal mapping for data centers

    Tracks data center heat, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer

    Servers 25 21:40

  • Zero-day security flaw leaves Firefox wide open

    Uri: Russian thug or hacker's paradise?

    Security 25 22:27

  • SugarCRM trades badgeware for GPL 3

    A hero is born

    Servers 25 22:48

  • Mac and iPod save Apple's quarter

    Remember them?

    Data Centre 25 23:54