23rd July 2007 Archive

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  • VMware learns to measure itself

    Births benchmark for AMD, Intel and the server crowd

    Servers 23 Jul 04:45

  • Culture matters: Why i-mode failed

    Top execs get blinded by shiny technology too

    Mobile 23 Jul 06:02

  • Hitachi goes global with vein recognition biometric

    Buster Bloodvessel

    Security 23 Jul 07:02

  • AMD admits no 'substantial' Phenom output in '07

    Preparing Athlon 6400+ to fill the gap?

    Hardware 23 Jul 08:23

  • MS: Zune 2.0 to arrive in time for Xmas

    Jingle bells

    Hardware 23 Jul 08:43

  • Bradshaw assumes NPfIT minister's mantle

    Replaces Lord Hunt

    Government 23 Jul 09:04

  • Novatel Wireless preps 'smallest' HSUPA modem

    Five times the upload speed of HSDPA

    Broadband 23 Jul 09:11

  • Conservapedia too pinko? Try Metapedia

    Aryans battle 'Cultural Marxism'

    Bootnotes 23 Jul 09:13

  • Web radio firms cry foul over DRM proposal

    Cap offer comes with anti-piracy strings

    Law 23 Jul 09:14

  • Take a secure hotspot home with you

    Roaming service lets company IT manage your home broadband

    Small Biz 23 Jul 09:17

  • Brainless civil servant amazes doctors

    Frenchman's skull a 'huge fluid-filled chamber'

    Science 23 Jul 09:21

  • Chinese tuck into Texas turtles

    Export trade threatens snappers, conservationists claim

    Science 23 Jul 09:25

  • Belgian ISP will appeal order to block file-sharing

    Claims ecommerce directive trumps copyright directive

    Law 23 Jul 09:38

  • Samsung spotlights 'first' five-megapixel camera phone

    Phones 23 Jul 09:59

  • Read about the last British computer company - in the bath

    Psion special goes binary

    Small Biz 23 Jul 10:00

  • Add a dash of Wi-Fi and sprinkle with data services

    How do you concoct the right mobile services mix?

    Mobile 23 Jul 10:10

  • Spammers dump images, switch to PDF files


    Security 23 Jul 10:10

  • US service personnel at risk of ID theft

    Half a million people's records sent unencrypted

    Security 23 Jul 10:17

  • LG spins 6x speed Blu-ray Disc burner

    BD/HD DVD combo drive too

    Hardware 23 Jul 10:24

  • Transformers, MP3 players in disguise

    Hardware 23 Jul 10:30

  • The search for alien life

    How do you look for something if you don't know what it looks like?

    Science 23 Jul 10:37

  • Facebook buys Firefox startup

    Firefox co-founders get networking

    Small Biz 23 Jul 10:52

  • MPack developer on automated infection kit

    'We are just a factory producing ammunition'

    Security 23 Jul 10:58

  • Dubai claims world's tallest building title

    Dubai Tower hits 512.1m

    Bootnotes 23 Jul 11:21

  • OLPC project goes into production

    First machines being made

    Hardware 23 Jul 11:27

  • Fasthosts hit by severe floods

    Unlucky web host firm suffers second downtime in a week

    Data Centre 23 Jul 13:01

  • Boffins build miniature robot Jesus

    Walks on water; but can't turn it to wine

    Science 23 Jul 13:12

  • ICSTIS tells sex lines to clean up their act

    Warns on warnings

    Law 23 Jul 13:19

  • Autonomy reports big jump in pre-tax profits

    Revenue up 18 per cent

    Business 23 Jul 13:32

  • PHP takes aim at Radar

    Zend pitches PHP to the enterprise

    Business 23 Jul 13:36

  • Amp'd shuts up shop

    Last one to leave please turn down the volume

    Mobile 23 Jul 13:43

  • Laser-sight gun grip targets Wii gamers

    Bang, bang

    Games 23 Jul 13:53

  • NASA seeks inflight comms for sky marshals

    'Don't call me at work love, I'm undercover'

    Data Centre 23 Jul 14:05

  • Thomson DTI 6300-16 TopUp TV Anytime DVR

    DVR meets VoD

    Hardware 23 Jul 14:40

  • Western Digital channel in a spin over new green HDD

    'Show the channel more respect'

    The Channel 23 Jul 15:03

  • TomTom bids €1.8bn for map provider

    Where maps meet social networking?

    Business 23 Jul 15:17

  • US wants trucks mounted with frikkin' laser beams

    Raygun lorries to beam enemy shells out of the sky

    Data Centre 23 Jul 15:43

  • Logitech plugs in 'world's smallest' cordless mouse dongle

    Don't lose it...

    Hardware 23 Jul 16:11

  • HP bids $1.6bn on Opsware, $214m on Neoware

    What did you buy today? A latte? That's cute

    Servers 23 Jul 19:06

  • Microsoft and Yahoo! trumpet anti-Google privacy policies

    Just like Ask.com

    Applications 23 Jul 19:49

  • San Francisco's proposed Wi-Fi network facing angry mobs

    Pitchforks out for Google, Earthlink, and tech-happy mayor

    Broadband 23 Jul 21:05

  • XenSource ropes Symantec into storage OEM deal

    Strength in numbers

    Servers 23 Jul 21:20

  • Isilon gets thin with phat storage app

    Thin-provisioning. It's all the rage

    Storage 23 Jul 23:19