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Spanish satire mag savaged over royal sex cartoon

A Spanish judge last Friday ordered the confiscation of all copies of satirical magazine El Jueves whose front cover carried a cartoon of Crown Prince Felipe administering his wife Princess Letizia a right royal rogering while saying: "Do you realise that if you get pregnant . . . It will be the closest thing to work I’ve done in my life?”
Lester Haines, 22 Jul 2007

Far out Yuzoz gambles on the stars

Do you believe the Universe is really random?
Burke Hansen, 22 Jul 2007

Of automated test case management

We recently published an article on all-pairs testing (read it here) by Keith Vanden Eynden of Seapine Software, in which he was enjoined not to “push” Seapine’s tools.
David Norfolk, 22 Jul 2007

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