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NASA preps robots for future fake moon landings

Creeping slowly over the permafrost locked within the arid and isolated polar desert of the Haughton Crater, two robots survey the world around them.
Austin Modine, 21 Jul 2007

Netezza nets plenty of cash in IPO

Netezza sure sounds like some namby-pamby Web 2.0 start-up destined for failure. The company, however, is actually a masculine, high-end hardware and software maker that just enjoyed an almost spectacular initial public offering (IPO).
Ashlee Vance, 21 Jul 2007

The audience cackles as Sony launches Crackle

CommentYou may have heard that Sony has renamed the Grouper user generated website that it bought a while back for some $65m, as Crackle, and begun trying to drag its content into the professional zone by putting up minor amounts of content that Sony owns to make the professional level of the site stronger than, say, YouTube.
Faultline, 21 Jul 2007

Oracle refutes 'SSH hacking' slur

An investigation by Oracle has revealed the none of its systems were involved in launching a recent brute force attack on secure servers around the net.
John Leyden, 21 Jul 2007
Recycle sign

Is 'green' software possible?

As Kermit the infuriating frog puppet once said "It's not easy bein' green" - especially as a software developer. OK you can do all things that everyone else does - buy a Toyota Prius hybrid or even cycle to work (as long as you avoid Lycra and silly helmets). You can scribble notes on recycled paper with a pencil (made of wood from managed forests) and turn your machine off standby. You can even diligently recycle your printer ink cartridges and offset your energy consumption by planting a few trees.
Phil Manchester, 21 Jul 2007

Keeping abreast of disappointing Apple products

CommentsThe iPhone continues to dominate this week, with many comments telling us or fellow readers to shut up. Nobody seems to have any intention of doing so, which is as it should be.
Robin Lettice, 21 Jul 2007

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