20th July 2007 Archive

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  • Broadcom signs licensing pact with Verizon

    Income and revenue down, something about an ex-CEO and whores...

    Data Networking 20 00:49

  • Microsoft grows despite Windows Vista

    Wow not now

    Operating Systems 20 01:03

  • Google earnings less astronomical than expected

    CEO blames new employees

    Applications 20 01:07

  • Harry Potter and the Chancers of eBay

    Deathly Hallows - Buy It Now!

    Bootnotes 20 08:53

  • Wattson to make electricity monitoring elementary?

    Power consumption monitoring in the palm of your hand

    Hardware 20 08:55

  • AMD halted market share slump in Q2, says analyst

    Well, just about

    Hardware 20 09:13

  • Sun breaks into U-Verse

    A stream runs through it

    Servers 20 09:22

  • DVLA urged to consider number plate recognition

    Keeping an eye on vehicle tax evasion

    Policy 20 09:29

  • AMD posts Catalyst 7.7

    Tweaks, performance boosts ahoy

    Hardware 20 09:31

  • Sony to simplify home cinema with all-in-one Bravia

    Hardware 20 09:43

  • Users to force green IT agenda

    The Inefficient Truth

    Business 20 09:50

  • US patent reform clears House hurdle

    Could bring US patent awards in line with rest of world

    Law 20 09:54

  • Dell parks notebook in Carphone Warehouse

    Jumps directly into the channel

    Hardware 20 09:56

  • Wii sales top 3m in Japan

    Outsold PS3 3:1

    Games 20 09:58

  • Speeding up the net - is it possible?

    It takes a little control

    Data Networking 20 10:03

  • Star Wars laptops - for the Jedi in you

    Hardware 20 10:17

  • Should you treat IT as an investment portfolio...

    ...or as a town planning project?

    Developer 20 10:51

  • BOFH: Operation bean the beancounter

    Pre-emptive strike

    BOFH 20 10:55

  • USB market sprouts wooden Flash drive

    Hardware 20 11:15

  • Rittenmeyer takes CEO job at EDS

    Smooth succession at services giant

    The Channel 20 12:16

  • Stealth bombers to get bunker-nobbling weapons

    As new Iranian nuke bunker appears on Google Earth

    Science 20 12:21

  • Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles

    But global roaming still some way off

    Security 20 12:32

  • Peak readies three-in-one Flash card

    Hardware 20 13:12

  • DARPA seeks 'Deep Green' battle computer

    Human GIs to be pawns in deadly man-vs-machine chess game

    Data Centre 20 13:31

  • German firm grabs iSoft in £160m raid

    IBA jilted on way to the altar

    The Channel 20 13:33

  • Vote now for the ultimate 'nom de sex'

    100 contenders vie for porn immortality

    Bootnotes 20 14:11

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 2.67GHz desktop processor


    Hardware 20 14:47

  • Woman's fiery Mac rage as Germans get hot under the collar

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    Business 20 14:51

  • Vodafone forced to recognise Connect

    Not just logo that's red

    Mobile 20 15:02

  • Japanese P2P leak cop fired

    Tokyo drift

    Security 20 15:05

  • Taser markets electric cattleprod gun to the laydeez

    Available in shocking pink, naturally

    Bootnotes 20 15:27

  • Capgemini wins government-backed kids database contract

    Will hold child's info from birth to 18

    The Channel 20 16:08

  • Google sees big money in tiny cell sites

    Femto-feeding frenzy commences

    Mobile 20 16:20

  • Vodafone sinks to new low

    State of the art HQ disappears under torrential rainfall

    Mobile 20 16:28

  • Supercomputer Wars: IBM vs. Sun vs. Google vs. Quantum Boxes

    Also: How to ignore Nvidia

    Semi-Coherent Computing 20 18:58

  • Acer countersues HP in PC patent row

    HP: You're a patent infringer. Acer: I know you are but what am I?

    Hardware 20 19:50

  • HP and MIT form worldwide digital archiving group

    Antarctica aside

    Applications 20 20:39

  • Google ponies up $4.6bn for wireless spectrum

    If the FCC obeys its demands

    Broadband 20 21:37

  • Ask.com unveils anti-Google tool

    'Hey! We care about privacy'

    Applications 20 23:54