12th July 2007 Archive

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  • Google hosting Frenchified Miami Vice episode

    Policy group cries foul

    Media 12 06:45

  • IBM performs AIX6 peep show

    Shows Sun and HP users its goods

    Servers 12 08:34

  • MEPs back green procurement

    New regs based on Energy Star

    Management 12 09:14

  • Laois takes 'All Ireland eBay Champion' crown

    Snap up cars, trucks and business goods

    Bootnotes 12 09:20

  • BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes

    Microsoft-only launch weeks away

    Media 12 09:21

  • Resellers warn of more expensive PCs

    Germany adds levy to PCs

    The Channel 12 09:24

  • Beeb reveals Kylie as Titanic waitress

    First still from Who Xmas special

    Bootnotes 12 09:28

  • Why the iPhone is a success

    Not for the reasons you think

    Networks 12 09:46

  • LG goes Goth with black Shine

    Phones 12 09:52

  • 'Smart and gets things done'

    Employ the best rather than merely the good

    Developer 12 09:52

  • Second-generation Sony PSP unveiled

    Slimmer, lighter; buys into Star Wars franchise

    Games 12 10:04

  • Water found on extrasolar planet

    Planet with sea views? Let's move

    Science 12 10:09

  • Belkin builds download 'speedometer' into next-gen Wi-Fi box

    Hardware 12 10:33

  • South Dakota rejoins the execution club

    Elijah Page first to die in 60 years

    Security 12 10:33

  • Stopping integration as an 'accident'

    Progress semantically

    Developer 12 10:40

  • Brit troops release badger plague on Basra

    Forces deny responsibility for musteline black op

    Science 12 10:52

  • If no news is good news, why do we have so many stories every week?

    To subscribe to Channel Register's weekly newsletter - seven days of channel news in a single hit - click here.

    The Channel 12 11:09

  • Logitech launches Wii Mote-like 'in-air' mouse

    Wave it around or put it on a desk, the choice is yours

    Hardware 12 11:13

  • Nintendo to let Wii gamers go for their guns


    Games 12 11:35

  • Netgear Storage Central Turbo SC101T network storage box

    SAN not NAS, OK 4 U?

    Hardware 12 11:42

  • What's al-Qaeda's take on the iPhone?

    Resolute silence on the paradigm-redefining device

    Data Centre 12 11:44

  • Plods to get helmet cams

    Successful trial leads to nationwide rollout

    Data Centre 12 12:01

  • EU info group probes UK.gov IT strategy

    Issues call for evidence

    Government 12 12:28

  • Samsung extends snapper series

    Hardware 12 12:33

  • Etymotic touts 'world's first' Bluetooth earphones

    Broadband 12 12:46

  • UK2.net hack cuts off email

    Pulling the plug

    Security 12 13:03

  • Sybase tools up for enterprise drive

    Data no longer satisfies 'hungry' Sybase

    Developer 12 13:07

  • Parliament's sci-tech committee faces permanent recess

    Science orphaned in Whitehall overhaul

    Government 12 14:05

  • Lib Dems call for NPfIT review

    Slam 'botched from start' system

    Government 12 14:43

  • 'Suspicious looking' man hauled off translatlantic flight

    'Middle Eastern' passenger provokes American Airlines divert

    Government 12 14:49

  • Experian rejects ID theft notification proposal

    Don't call us, and we won't call you either

    Security 12 14:58

  • Lightweight Java security app aims to pep up m-commerce

    Good things come in small applets

    Security 12 15:07

  • Oz watchdog accuses Google of misleading public


    Law 12 15:21

  • Salesforce.com takes corp-anthems into the developer ghetto

    Can you handle Dylan and the Devsters?

    Developer 12 16:04

  • Evesham re-packs e-box for HD era

    Hardware 12 16:14

  • MS update sends PCs 'haywire'

    .NET patch trips up systems

    Security 12 16:15

  • Microsoft's software IP prophylactic

    Protect your IP - but not with our stuff

    Software 12 17:07

  • Microsoft pushes Office 2007 with 'try-before-you-buy'

    Limited use, certain risk

    The Channel 12 17:44

  • Aussies face the threat of Robo-Pacinos

    Don't panic

    Science 12 18:11

  • Student's suspension for IM buddy icon upheld by US court

    Ready . . . AIM . . . censor!

    Law 12 18:15

  • Court denies stay of internet radio execution

    Three days and counting...

    Media 12 18:50

  • 75-year-old has world's fastest private internet connection

    Let me show you my grandchildren at 40Gb/s

    Data Networking 12 19:32

  • Dell promises 'radical,' two-year metamorphosis

    Angst removal for fun and profit

    Servers 12 20:44

  • Whole Foods CEO went after rival as a message board troll

    'I never intended those postings to be identified with me. Gosh, I'm cute'

    Financial News 12 22:51

  • Warner rescues imeem from indie-music hell

    Goodbye, litigation. Hello, partnership

    Media 12 23:09

  • Fujitsu Siemens makes tiny, quiet, green tower server

    For the Al Gore in your remote office

    Servers 12 23:56