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JP Morgan's iPhone Nano report is rubbish

Yesterday's report from JP Morgan that Apple is building some sort of slimline iPhone? It's been discredited. By JP Morgan.
Cade Metz, 11 2007

Former ATI chief quits AMD

David Orton, former president and CEO at ATI Technologies, has resigned as executive vice president of AMD.

A serious browser vulnerability, but whose?

A serious vulnerability that causes Internet Explorer to launch Firefox and execute a malicious payload is sparking debate about exactly who is responsible for the flaw.

Facebook found pimping crudware

Facebook has become the latest website to be found pushing services that deliver highly deceptive security warnings designed to trick users into buying software.
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MS Exchange comes to the iPhone

Software companies are rushing to supply iPhone users with the functionality that Apple forgot to include. Undaunted by their inability to install software on the handset they have adopted a variety of approaches to making their software work without a client on the device.
Bill Ray, 11 2007
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Deadline looms for science and tech student awards

Time is running out for university lecturers to enter their most promising students in the Science, Engineering and Technology Student of the Year Awards for 2007, so if you think you're in with a chance of getting a first and put a decent final paper together, get on the phone to your professor right now.
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Sun's activity not to blame for climate change

People are a contrary bunch. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the recent fashion for dismissing global warming as a load of hot air. Indeed, it has become de rigueur to attribute recent increases in global temperatures to something other than human industrial activity and the consequent emission of various greenhouse gases, CO2 among them.
Fujitsu Siemens

'My very first SAN'. Brought to you by Fujitsu Siemens

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) thinks storage area networking is for the little guys too. It has drummed up a technology bundle and a marketing slogan - "My very first SAN" - to capture that lucrative, but oh so elusive, small and medium-sized business (SMB) market.

Rufus quits Gadspot

Battling tech support hero Rufus, who became an overnight internet legend for apparently calling one customer a "pain in the butt" and threatening to "server" him "for being mean", has quit his frontline post at Gadspot.com.
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Tiscali: breaking DNS for fun and profit

Tiscali is hijacking mistyped URLs to serve to its customers sponsored links.
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Books for the beach – 10 titles for techies

Summer is with us, or at least it should be once the rains stops, and it’s getting to that time of year when we all take the customary two week break away from the stress and the strains of work and the modern world. Trouble is, once we’re away from it, we start to miss it.
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Gardener offers mouthwatering 'mow and blow' deal

California readers looking for a landscape gardener who offers a full service and is willing to negotiate on price were recently pointed in the direction of "Jose Barajas and his gang of six cabaleros!" by one highly-satisfied customer:
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ICO names Orange, retail banks amongst data bandits

The Information Commissioner Richard Thomas said British chief executives need to take the safety of customers' and employees' data more seriously after a series of breaches over the last year.

Evesham fires up Zieo NX600-HD gaming notebook

Evesham has expanded its Zieo big-screen notebook range with the NX600-HD, a 17in Sony Vaio-esque model that should play well with gamers.
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Deal struck on the phone is binding, rules High Court

An oral contract over the phone is binding, the High Court has ruled in a multi-million pound case which threatened to undermine the way the world of high finance operates. The verbal agreement did not have to be in writing, the court found.
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Sebastian Faulks pens Bond novel

Brit author Sebastian Faulks has penned a new James Bond novel to mark the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth, the Ian Fleming Estate has announced.

Xbox 360 Elite to raid Europe next month

Millions of European gamers have sat patiently beside their old standard Xbox 360s ever since the first official mention of the all-black Elite version waiting for word on when they'll be able to get their hands on one. Now they know - the European launch date is 24 August 2007.
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Sky hails broadband explosion

The BSkyB juggernaut's plough into broadband shows no sign of slowing, with the announcement today that it bagged more than 250,000 new punters in the last three months.

Albatron reinvents graphics card as Blu-ray booster

Here's a novel idea: take a regular graphics card and re-style it as a Blu-ray Disc decoder for machines that already have their own, integrated graphics card. That's what board maker Albatron's done with its latest offering.

HP turns green on data storage

HP has introduced what it has dubbed its green storage technology that can cut storage array power and cooling costs in data centers by 50 per cent.
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Sick to death of the bloody iPhone? Click here

We have some absolutely splendid news today for those among your who are heartily sick and tired of the bloody iPhone - those very silly people down at Blendtec have done the decent thing and stuck the infernal device in the blender:

Three critical flaws mark July Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday update brought six patches, three of which Redmond described as critical fixes.

Samsung to launch '€400' Blu-ray/HD DVD player next month

Samsung will launch its promised dual-format HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc player in Europe next month, the company has said, and industry insiders are already claiming the machine could be priced at just €400 ($548/£271).

Fast flux foils botnet takedown

Network security analyst Lawrence Baldwin has helped take down his share of bot nets, but he worries that those days may largely be over.
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Music radio: saved from premature burial

A startling claim lands on the desk of Vulture Central. Research from London-based marketing agency Frukt raises the verbless question, "Music radio dying?"
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US man flies 193 miles in deckchair

An Oregon man has undoubtedly set some kind of record by travelling 193 miles in a flying deckchair, the Bend Bulletin reports.

Carbon emissions - this time it's personal

If last weekend's Live Earth taught us anything, it's that we all need to take responsibility for our combined impact on the environment. Thankfully, monitoring our everyday impact may soon become much more straightforward thanks to the Carbon Hero, a portable carbon-footprint calculator.
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Chinese unleash Caspian Sea Monster

China today confirmed it has developed a "Wing In Ground" (WIG) sea-skimming aircraft, state media reports.

Casio cosies up to YouTube

A tie-up between Casio and YouTube wouldn't have been our first guess for an expansion attempt by either of the two companies, but when you think about it, it sort of makes sense. And, hey, Google needs to recoup some of its $1.65bn.
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Reg hack hypnotised by bouncing boob samba

NSFW We really are very much obliged to reader James Gauth who pointed us in the direction of this bunch of mobile phone animations down at ringtonezone:

Harman Kardon Guide+Play GPS-500

Review What more do you want from a GPS unit than the ability to get you from A to B when you haven't got a clue where you are or which way to go? Well, Harman Kardon is hoping that multimedia features will also feature highly on your shopping list as its new Guide+Play GPS-500 also features video and audio playback.
Will Head, 11 2007

ST Micro pulls plug on three chip plants

ST Microelectronics is shuttering three chip plants as part of its effort to ditch aging 6 inch wafer factories and other old production lines.
Joe Fay, 11 2007

NEC boffins develop 3D paint, spray it on laptops

NEC designers must have been working overtime if its latest creation is anything to go by: a coloured casing for its LaVie compact notebook with a unique 3D optical effect.
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Nokia swallows Skype on tablet deal

Nokia has made Skype telephone services available via its N800 internet tablet.

Bletchley Park opens computing museum

Bletchley Park, where code breaking machines were developed during the Second World War, is to be home to a national museum of computing backed by the British Computer Society and the Codes and Ciphers Heritage Trust.

Alleged Apple ultra-thin MacBook rumour restoked

Apple's much-rumoured ultra-skinny MacBook Pro sub-notebook has reared its Flash-filled fascia again, this time in a story suggesting the unit will sport a 12.1in screen and less than three-quarters of an inch thick.

Microsoft rings the changes with Halo 3 Xbox

Another week, another special edition Xbox 360 is unveiled for the gaming community. This time it's a design based on perhaps one of the Microsoft console's biggest-selling game series, Halo.
Flag Greece

Greek mobile wiretap scandal unpicked

More details have emerged on how Vodafone's Greek network was bugged three years ago to spy on top government officials.

Oracle aims for g spot with Database 11

Oracle was banging its drum hard today, as it launched version 11g of its eponymous Database product.
Joe Fay, 11 2007
Mortar board

Microsoft and Cisco play top trumps with exam providers

Microsoft and Cisco have been playing tit for tat with rival exam providers Prometric and Pearson Vue.

Microsoft promises VMware beater despite reversals

WPC Microsoft has delivered a spirited defense of its Windows virtualization roadmap, blaming misreporting - not internal disorganization - for causing confusion.

Voltaire ponders $100m IPO

Israel-based switch maker Voltaire told US federal regulators today it plans to raise up to $100m in an initial public offering.
Myspace logo

MySpace succumbs to The Buttock

The Buttock has successfully sued MySpace for copyright infringement. Late last month, a French High Court ruled that the popular U.S.-based social networking site acts as a publisher as well as a hosting service, making it liable for unauthorized broadcasts of films from the French comedian known as "Lafesse." Yes, that's how it translates.
Cade Metz, 11 2007
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Scientists need you to organize galaxies

A group of scientists are looking for internet volunteers to take part in what they claim will be the largest galactic census ever compiled.
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Sprint boots 1,000 phone customers for talking too much

Sprint-Nextel has terminated the accounts of its 1,000 most-annoying customers. After a recent internal review, the U.S. wireless carrier gave at least 1,000 people the boot because they've been making far too many calls to the company's customer care centers. Of course, the real shocker is that the company has agreed to waIve their termination fees.
Cade Metz, 11 2007
MS Windows Vista logo

Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

WPC Microsoft has used its annual Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) to stress that it's working to solve stubborn compatibility problems between Windows Vista and partner products.
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Moto says hello to disappointment with Q2 warning

Motorola is forecasting another dreary quarter, citing poor sales in Asia and Europe for its lower-than-expected outlook.