11th July 2007 Archive

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  • JP Morgan's iPhone Nano report is rubbish

    So says JP Morgan

    Phones 11 00:24

  • Former ATI chief quits AMD

    Leaves a mixed bag of chips

    The Channel 11 00:41

  • A serious browser vulnerability, but whose?

    Security researchers can't decide whether it's in IE or Firefox

    Security 11 00:50

  • Facebook found pimping crudware

    Serves up ads for deceptive security software

    Security 11 01:47

  • MS Exchange comes to the iPhone

    Synchronica offers mail without pushing

    Mobile 11 01:57

  • Deadline looms for science and tech student awards

    Clever? Get your name in the hat

    Science 11 06:02

  • Sun's activity not to blame for climate change

    All quiet on the solar front, research shows

    Science 11 07:02

  • 'My very first SAN'. Brought to you by Fujitsu Siemens

    Storage is for little people, too

    Small Biz 11 07:02

  • Rufus quits Gadspot

    Battling tech support thanks El Reg

    Data Centre 11 07:50

  • Tiscali: breaking DNS for fun and profit

    Ghosts of typo hijacking past

    Networks 11 07:58

  • Books for the beach – 10 titles for techies

    Get your holiday reading material here

    Site News 11 08:02

  • Gardener offers mouthwatering 'mow and blow' deal

    A full service from Jose's Landscaping

    Bootnotes 11 08:42

  • ICO names Orange, retail banks amongst data bandits

    'Frankly horrifying'

    Law 11 08:50

  • Evesham fires up Zieo NX600-HD gaming notebook

    Hardware 11 09:18

  • Deal struck on the phone is binding, rules High Court

    Your word is your bond

    Law 11 09:50

  • Sebastian Faulks pens Bond novel

    Devil May Care to mark Fleming centenary

    Bootnotes 11 09:52

  • Xbox 360 Elite to raid Europe next month

    At last...

    Games 11 09:54

  • Sky hails broadband explosion

    Flocking to the Murdoch bosom

    Networks 11 10:04

  • Albatron reinvents graphics card as Blu-ray booster

    Nvidia GPU handles the HD lifting

    Hardware 11 10:08

  • HP turns green on data storage

    Wants to hang out with the cool kids

    Storage 11 10:15

  • Sick to death of the bloody iPhone? Click here

    Will it blend?

    Mobile 11 10:17

  • Three critical flaws mark July Patch Tuesday

    .NET, Active Directory and Excel flaws patched up

    Security 11 10:32

  • Samsung to launch '€400' Blu-ray/HD DVD player next month

    Watch out, Toshiba

    Hardware 11 10:42

  • Fast flux foils botnet takedown

    Many-headed foe hard to combat

    Security 11 10:46

  • Music radio: saved from premature burial

    Hang the DJ marketing agency

    Media 11 10:48

  • US man flies 193 miles in deckchair

    Hits 11,000ft in helium balloon stunt

    Bootnotes 11 11:08

  • Carbon emissions - this time it's personal

    Hardware 11 11:34

  • Chinese unleash Caspian Sea Monster

    'Wing In Ground' aircraft is go

    Science 11 11:41

  • Casio cosies up to YouTube

    Hardware 11 11:55

  • Reg hack hypnotised by bouncing boob samba

    Strangely fascinating mobile phone animation

    Bootnotes 11 12:52

  • Harman Kardon Guide+Play GPS-500

    Providing directions, or just leading you on?

    Science 11 13:02

  • ST Micro pulls plug on three chip plants

    Six inches just ain't enough these days

    Hardware 11 13:56

  • NEC boffins develop 3D paint, spray it on laptops

    For once, worth watching it dry?

    Hardware 11 14:00

  • Nokia swallows Skype on tablet deal

    N800 model coughs up wireless calls

    Mobile 11 14:02

  • Bletchley Park opens computing museum

    Blighty's cultural computing heritage safe at last

    Data Centre 11 14:26

  • Alleged Apple ultra-thin MacBook rumour restoked

    Hardware 11 15:21

  • Microsoft rings the changes with Halo 3 Xbox

    Games 11 15:32

  • Greek mobile wiretap scandal unpicked

    Olympics-gate dissected

    Security 11 16:46

  • Oracle aims for g spot with Database 11

    Will developers be happy as Larry?

    Developer 11 16:49

  • Microsoft and Cisco play top trumps with exam providers

    Prometric and Pearson Vue divvy up the goods

    Business 11 16:52

  • Microsoft promises VMware beater despite reversals

    Blames media, not own, confusion

    Servers 11 18:15

  • Voltaire ponders $100m IPO

    The IB switch guys. Enlightenment reformist doesn't need the cash

    Data Networking 11 18:27

  • MySpace succumbs to The Buttock

    C'est un éditeur!

    Applications 11 19:35

  • Scientists need you to organize galaxies

    1m star clusters form consternation in night sky

    Science 11 21:00

  • Sprint boots 1,000 phone customers for talking too much

    So long, annoying people

    Mobile 11 21:04

  • Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

    Better all the time

    Operating Systems 11 23:19

  • Moto says hello to disappointment with Q2 warning

    End of Zandr line cheers gloomy investors

    Mobile 11 23:48