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Boeing rolls out 787 Dreamliner

Boeing yesterday rolled out its "technologically advanced and environmentally progressive" 787 Dreamliner - heralded as "the world's first mostly composite commercial airplane".
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NASA delays Dawn again

Brief Dawn, NASA's mission to the asteroids, has been postponed again - this time until September. Mission managers had hoped to launch on Monday, but the final decision to delay was taken on Saturday.
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Bretons turn on Britons

If Jamie Oliver or Rick Stein were thinking of exporting their talents to Brittany, they might want to rethink their culinary imperialism plan.
Flag United States

US claims top spam spot

The US was top of the spam charts for the month of June, according to new e-mail security statistics from IE Internet.

Computershare acquires Datacare

Australian firm Computershare has purchased Monaghan-based software business Datacare for €12m.
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Reading: UK's epicentre of va-va-voom

It's official: Reading is the UK's "top performing" city based on "employment, population growth and skills", closely followed by Bristol, Southampton, Cambridge and York.
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Men jailed for inciting terrorism on the internet

Three men have been jailed for their use of the internet to incite terrorism. The three were convicted after entering a late change of plea to 'guilty' earlier this week.
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Bletchley Park scientist dies in car crash

Bletchley Park code-breaker Professor Donald Michie, 84, and his ex-wife, geneticist Dame Anne McLaren, 80, were killed in a car crash this Saturday.

AMD chops desktop processor prices

AMD today took the axe to its desktop processor price list, knocking up to almost 30 per cent off what it charges for its gaming, mainstream and budget CPUs, as expected. Still, an much-anticipated move to drop single-core chips from the line-up did not take place.
Sony PlayStation 3

Official: Sony to bring 80GB PS3 to USA

Sony has left its US-based PlayStation 3 fans drooling after announcing that it will release an 80GB version of the console this August. But non-US gamers were left playing the waiting game as the company also announced that the majority of new PS3 games and a $100 (£50) price cut for its 60GB version will initially only be available in the US.

AMD acknowledges top-end Turion

Hidden among AMD's big desktop processor price cuts, was the arrival on the chip maker's public price list of a new mobile CPU: the Turion 64 X2 TL-66.
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And the winner is...the laptop!

Reg Technology Panel You’re out and about, and you know you’ll need to hook back to the office to pick up that important email or access that corporate system – so what do you want to take, a notebook or a handheld device?
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eBay chokes on iPhones

Some were boasting from their camps outside Apple stores before the iPhone rush began, of how much money they would make on eBay auctions; and apparently, at least one optimist let it be known that $2,000 would be needed to buy a $600 iPhone.

Low-power AMD 'RD790' said to support 'triple CrossFire'

AMD's RD790 chipset will support three-way graphics card co-operative rendering, it has been claimed. The allegation matches details of the chipset's capabilities that leaked out in March this year.
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Sweden may block Pirate Bay over child porn

Swedish police say they may put the world's largest torrent tracker, The Pirate Bay, on its porn filter blacklist after complaints about child porn being traded on the site.
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Leaping sturgeon menace 'Swanee'

Boaters on Florida's Suwannee ("Swanee") river have come under increasing risk of leaping sturgeon attack during the last 18 months as low water levels continue to provoke serious collisions between the "armoured fish" and unwary humans, the Telegraph reports.

SAP upgrades foil buffer overflow flaws

Security researchers have discovered a slew of vulnerabilities in enterprise software packages from SAP that create a means for hackers inject malware onto or crash vulnerable systems.

UK going to hell on hardware, eco group warns

Turn off your telly, shut down your PC and dim down those lights, because if you don't, by 2020, 45 per cent of the UK's electricity will be gobbled up to feed the nation's love of gadgets, according to a report from British NGO the Energy Saving Trust (EST).
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(Un)lucky UCLA student cops Paris's old mobile number

A UCLA student has had the good fortune (or the misfortune, depending on how you view it) to acquire Paris Hilton's old mobile phone number - and has accordingly received a flood of SMSes and calls directed at the highly-talented former jailbird.
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Interpol chief slams UK on terror database cooperation

The boss of Interpol has slammed Britain's procedures for monitoring suspected international terrorists.

Imagination licenses PowerVR, won't say who to

Imagination Technologies, the UK technology company behind the PowerVR line of mobile-friendly graphics cores, last week announced its next-gen chip design has been licensed by... er... someone.
Warning: uneven road

Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn

Best Buy Geek Squad workers are a caring, sharing, diligent bunch.
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Remember the ‘Service’ in SOA

There is, of course, no widely agreed definition of Service Oriented Architecture – I know this to be true because I read it on the Web. However most people might agree, if they happened to be chilled out and mellow at the time, that, as my Web source (Wikipedia as it happens) continues “Service-orientation describes an architecture that uses loosely coupled services to support the requirements of business processes and users.”

2in-thick aluminium iMacs to ship in August?

Apple's anticipated aluminium iMac will be a mere 2in thick when it hits the shops in August, it has been claimed.
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BBC stumbles on email list

The BBC has suspended its London Travel email list after mistakes were made which led anyone trying to unsubscribe from the service sending their email address to everyone on the list.
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Postmaster kills off 'free for life' webmail

Postmaster will shutter its free webmail service from the middle of next month because it has been unable to win enough advertising revenue.

Is your phone free?

The OpenMoko project has debuted what could be the ultimate geek handset: a Linux-based mobile phone, complete with an open-source operating system and application suite.
Bill Ray, 09 2007
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Warrantless wiretap opponents lose brace of court cases

Opponents of the Bush administration's controversial warrantless wiretapping program have suffered a pair of defeats in their efforts to rein in the scheme.
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ICT cast down into the eternal fires of hell

Poll result It's official: the term ICT has joined mobe and lappy in the eternal fires of lexicographical hell after 1,396 of you (57 per cent of the vote) demanded its immediate consignment to the dustbin of history.

Google bags hosted security firm Postini for $625m

Updated Google has announced a plan to acquire on-demand web security firm Postini for $625m cash. The deal, which is subject to regulatory approval, is expected to close by end of the third quarter 2007, after which Postini will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google.

i-mate unwraps Ultimate smartphone series

Windows Mobile smartphone seller i-mate has unveiled a five-strong collection of mobile devices, dubbed simply Ultimate.
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Chinese netizens prevent 800-cat stir-fry

Chinese animal lovers saved more than 800 cats from ending up on dinner plates after answering an internet call to intercept a cargo of live feline delicacies, Reuters reports.

Sony's 80GB PS3 pic points to rumble-ready controller

Sony's announcement that it is to release an 80GB PS3 in the US next month has sparked fresh rumours that it intends to incorporate a rumble feature into its SixAxis wireless game controller.
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US court spanks porn company over credit card copyright suit

Perfect10 is at it again.
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Telnic.org in limbo

ICANN San Juan 2007 A novel and convenient service on the board for years at ICANN has hit a snag, apparently.

Dodgy anti-virus update bunfight goes to court

Chinese anti-virus firm Rising Tech has hit back at claims by larger Russian rival Kaspersky that it engaged in anti-competitive practices. In response to a 2 July lawsuit, Rising Tech says that Kaspersky made "six serious mistakes" involving anti-virus definition files over the last two weeks, Interfax reports.
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Google an Asian also-ran

Google may be the most popular web destination in North America. It may be tops in Europe. It may be on its way to conquering the universe. But it's a step behind in Asia.
Cade Metz, 09 2007

Commvault storage suite gets souped

Commvault Systems is rolling out a major product overhaul and re-branding of its storage software. The product revamp includes improved performance, new security tools, de-duplication technology, and new search capabilities and indexing for better access to data.

Intel codifies VMware lust with $219m investment

Reinforcing its status as the software darling of the moment, VMware has secured a whopping $219m investment from Intel.

Apple emasculates the iPhone

Comment Within hours of last week's iPhone debut, hackers were dissecting it. Their goal: unlock capabilities Apple preferred customers not have. As a result, it's now possible to activate the device without entering into a two-year contract, and it's only a matter of time until you can run third-party apps.

Microsoft points robots toward point upgrade

Microsoft today further sealed the fate of mankind, effectively hurling open the gates that so precariously protect our species from an unending flood of mechanical horrors bent on the annihilation of flesh with the announcement of version 1.5 of its Robotics Studio development kit.

Google pressed to reveal AdWords secrets

Google may turn over information about third-party keyword purchases after being subpoenaed by a recreational flooring company.
Cade Metz, 09 2007
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ICANN: 'The rum made us do it'

Hack's Notebook The ICANN event ritual we most enjoy here at El Reg is the final press conference, in which leaders Paul Twomey and Vint Cerf field questions from assorted hacks about the week's events. With that press conference - and the ICANN San Juan meeting itself - now a week behind us, we thought the time was right to offer a final tip of the cap to the latest ICANN extravaganza.