6th July 2007 Archive

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  • eBay goes after itself

    Craiglist owner launches Craigslist rival

    Applications 06 00:16

  • Red ring of Xbox death costs Microsoft $1bn

    Hot money hole

    Games 06 00:49

  • Showdown persists over '100% undetectable' rootkit

    Slight disagreement to the tune of $412,000

    Security 06 01:10

  • Heathrow to trial RFID tags

    No more lost luggage?

    Security 06 08:28

  • Police hunt renegade cow sex youth

    Nocturnal bovine botherer caught in the act

    Bootnotes 06 08:29

  • Skin cancer claims sun bed 'addict'

    Tragic end for 29-year-old mum

    Science 06 08:31

  • BT opens wallet for Brightview

    Customer service experts brought in

    Broadband 06 09:02

  • Oracle sends bloke cardboard laptop

    Why? God alone knows

    Applications 06 09:02

  • Dawn mission hiding out after lightning threat

    Well, slightly postponed

    Science 06 09:04

  • Nintendo launches face training game

    Pull faces, look younger

    Games 06 09:11

  • Google: Our data retention is not data protection watchdogs' business

    It ain't your field

    Law 06 09:26

  • Dinner party guest makes gruesome discovery

    Host's wife and son in freezer

    Bootnotes 06 09:32

  • Apple 8GB iPhone components 'cost $220'

    Does the remaining $400 cover software development etc?

    Phones 06 09:53

  • Helium balloon Brit breaks distance record

    3,434km across the Atlantic

    Science 06 10:19

  • Intel said to have released G31, P31 entry-level chipsets

    Dual-core Pentium friendly

    Hardware 06 10:24

  • Dell delays filing fiscal reports...again

    Likely to miss SEC deadline, could de-listing follow?

    The Channel 06 10:36

  • UK firm preps iPhone unlocking software

    Walls come tumbling down

    Applications 06 10:37

  • Microsoft tells GPLv3 to talk to the hand

    Nothing to do with us

    Developer 06 10:44

  • BOFH: Computer room deluge

    If you mix water and wires...

    BOFH 06 11:02

  • Trojan creates bogus webmail accounts to punt drugs

    Hotmail and Yahoo! captchas defeated?

    Security 06 11:27

  • Durex seeks hardened condom testers

    200 positions must be filled Down Under

    Bootnotes 06 11:29

  • Insuring iTunes: are your digital downloads covered?

    Not all insurance policies will protect your music

    Hardware 06 11:29

  • Verbatim buys into portable HDs

    Media maker finally notices nobody uses floppies anymore

    Data Centre 06 11:31

  • Sonnet Tempo SATA Express 34 ExpressCard eSATA adaptor

    Add-in eSATA ports for laptop Macs

    Hardware 06 11:38

  • Intel schemes to confound online gaming cheats

    FOGS of war

    Broadband 06 11:55

  • Rain fails to douse iPhone fever, bans and bombs

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    Business 06 12:00

  • ISPs face down Tories on file sharing

    Cameron plan for internet police state rejected

    Broadband 06 12:04

  • University boffins squeeze 500GB onto a DVD

    Aiming for a terabyte

    Storage 06 12:05

  • EU's anti-fraud boss to be hauled before European Parliament

    Olaf accused of irregularities and conflicts of interest

    Government 06 12:13

  • Fujitsu-Siemens launches Esprimo 3G-linked laptops

    Bland for business?

    Hardware 06 12:38

  • Psst - wanna buy a pirate MPack toolkit?

    Dirty deeds done dirt cheap

    Security 06 12:46

  • Turing test challenges spam filters

    Fuzzy PDF menace

    Security 06 12:52

  • Eckoh fined £150K over Richard & Judy quiz

    'Reckless disregard for viewers'

    Law 06 14:13

  • Another day, another iPhone rumour

    UK deal not past the round-of-golf stage

    Mobile 06 15:31

  • Security flaw marketplace lays out its wares

    Get yer luverly 0day IE exploits 'ere

    Security 06 16:29

  • AMD blasts $7.5m right into Transmeta

    Impressed by lawsuit against Intel low power IP

    Hardware 06 17:28

  • Shy IBM storage spin-off tries to erase itself

    Will store your info, just not its own

    Storage 06 19:12

  • Microsoft boots Savvis from data centers

    So UnGooglerific

    Servers 06 20:00

  • Brit fumes over Wikipedia, lava lamps

    Drops the C word

    Media 06 21:40

  • Alex Tatham leaves Bell Micro

    Off to pastures new

    Servers 06 23:03