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UK gov: Galileo must deliver value for money

Troubled Euro satnav initiative Galileo took something of a beating during a UK Parliamentary debate on Monday.
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Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys

FoTW Well, it's been quite a week. The release of Apple's long-awaited, eagerly-anticipated and much-hyped iPhone saw a level of fanboy hysteria matched only by the 1632 demonic possession of the Ursuline convent in Loudun - a sorry affair later attributed to a nasty case of mass hysteria.

O2 gets UK iPhone deal

Mobile network O2 is close to getting the exclusive right to sell Apple's ludicrously-hyped iPhone in the UK. The handset has gone on sale in the US with one network partner, AT&T, and Apple is looking to set up similar exclusive deals across Europe.
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Tibco ties BPM to SOA

Hot combinations of three letter acronyms (TLAs) can set the pulse racing, and the current top pair have to be BPM and SOA (that's business process management and service oriented architecture for any visitors from Alpha Centauri).

Sleek and stylish - ladies and gents, please welcome the iAudio 7

It's got the dimensions of a mobile phone and even some similar looks, and now Cowon's latest digital music player, the iAudio 7, is available in to UK-based buyers.
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Direct Line squashes esure's mouse on wheels

Direct Line Insurance has won the High Court's backing in a bid to block a rival's application to trademark a representation of a computer mouse on wheels. Direct Line said esure's mark was too similar to its own, a red telephone on wheels.
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Teens using M-rated games to vent anger

Teenagers are using violent video games to vent their stress, a new study has found.
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CSA IT 'a turkey from day one'

The Child Support Agency computer system has cost millions and created chaos, but MPs remain sceptical about its replacement.
Kablenet, 05 2007
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Dublin college introduces video game degree

Video game fans may now have a legitimate excuse to spend all day hooked up to their PlayStations and Xboxes - thanks to a new video game masters degree at Trinity College Dublin.

MS makes date for Xbox Elite Japanese debut

There's still no word on the Xbox 360 Elite's UK debut - we know nothing, the reps claimed again - but the none-more-black games console will be coming to Japan on 11 October to give - Microsoft hopes - a much needed boost given its June sales performance there.
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Blades carve up Top 500 supercomputers list

Comment With much anticipated fanfare, the Top500 Supercomputer list was announced last week at the International Supercomputing Conference in Dresden, Germany.

2P Slim-Mouse

Exclusive Review Manufacturer Power Positioning - aka 2P - describes the G4 Slim-Mouse as "the thinnest laptop mouse ever invented". That's not entirely true - Newton Peripherals' MoGo Bluetooth-connected rodent is just as thin as the Slim-Mouse and has been around for a little longer.
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Hyperion harbours building blocks of life, says NASA

Hyperion, one of Saturn's many moons, is covered in the raw material necessary for life to form, according to new data from NASA's Cassini space craft.

Sidekick-style Motorola handset spied on web?

Speculation surrounding the release of Motorola's alleged Sidekick -style handset, aka Zante, took a leap forward this week, following the release of some glamorous pictures and - it has to be said - a somewhat iffy spec sheet.
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US reclaims world hotdog scoffing crown

US forces in Iraq can today console themselves that if all is not going exactly according to plan in that sun-kissed land astride the Tigris, the Land of the Free has at least reestablished world domination where it really counts - in the sport of stuffing your fat face with hotdogs.
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Simpsons mobile content to sell direct

As hype for the Simpsons movie builds up, Jamba has announced that mobile content to go with the film will only be available from its subscription portal.
Bill Ray, 05 2007
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BlackBerry gets green light for China

The Chinese Ministry of Information Industry has given permission for BlackBerry to start selling its addictive email devices in China.
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Britain gets shiny new science minister

Ian Pearson has been named as the new minister in charge of science in the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS).

Toshiba sues DVD duplicator

Another day, another vendor fires off a lawsuit alleging another company has violated its DVD patents. Yesterday it was LG going for Quanta; today, it emerged Toshiba is taking on German disc replication company EDD Bizz GmbH.

Finance sector still the disk backup leader

More than half of British companies now prefer disk-based backup over tape, and in the financial services industry the margin is even greater, with almost two-thirds opting for spinning storage, according to a survey commissioned by RAID developer Infortrend.

Accused web terror trio change pleas to guilty

Three men accused of inciting terrorism via the internet have all now changed their pleas to guilty.

Sky torches Sony over HD TV campaign

The British 'HD for All' campaign, designed to promote hi-def TV, drew a withering blast from Sky yesterday.

It's a long way from Cupertino to Roswell, but we'll get there

For those of you who may have missed it, a Cupertino-based company called Apple launched a mobile phone in the US last Friday and sold an awful lot of them over the weekend. It would be hard to miss the iPhone, of course, because it seemed not a single story about mobile phones has gone by without a reference to it - at last count, at least 20 stories mentioned it over the past six days.
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German courts demand no more Gmail squabbling

German courts have banned Google from further attempts to wrestle the rights to the "Gmail" trademark away from a businessman who registered the name several years before it launched a webmail service.
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Scouse builders nab six millionth .co.uk domain

Merseyside building and shopfitting outfit Klassik Builders has registered the six millionth .co.uk web address.

iPhone hack project aims to open up device

Efforts to open up the functionality of Apple's iPhone to users disinclined to sign up to expensive two year contracts with AT&T are growing.
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Thin clients catch VDI for VMware access

Server-based computing schemes such as Citrix and Windows Terminal Server now have a serious rival in the shape of VDI, claimed German thin client developer IGEL Technology, as it added VDI support to its desktop devices.
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HMRC could seize late taxpayers' cash from bank accounts

Tax dodgers could soon see money owed to the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) taken automatically from their bank accounts, if the revenue get their way.
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Collaborators offered pre-built SharePoint app

A British software company is claiming that it can deliver a basic but fully working Microsoft SharePoint collaboration system in as little as an hour, and without the customer needing to buy SharePoint client access licences (CALs).
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Spanish telco defiant over huge broadband anti-trust fine

O2 parent company Telefónica has protested innocence after it was slammed by European anti-trust regulators for gaming the broadband market in its Spanish home territory.

EU Commission probe HD DVD and Blu-ray backgrounds

Movie studios backing the rival HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc optical formats have until tomorrow to tell the European Commission about how they chose which of the two to back and why.
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Danes tout flamethrower-packing robot 'farmworker'

Danish agro-boffins have developed a robot which appears at first sight to be a welcome diversion from the ongoing parade of deadly military slaughter machines.
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Wireless access - Is it just size speed that matters?

Reader Poll Modern wireless network technologies for remote access are increasingly offering greater bandwidth. But is it just speed that's important when considering the requirements of different types of application from a mobile connectivity point of view?
Dale Vile, 05 2007

D-Link to simplify wireless networking

D-Link has created two wireless modem router starter kits, which it claims have been designed to bring wireless connectivity to those not so familiar with the wireless internet revolution.
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Defra appoints new top boffin

As the Gordon Brown reshuffle continues, we bring you news of at least one non-political job-swap. Defra (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has appointed Dr Robert Watson (pictured), a former aide to the White House on climate change, as its new chief scientific advisor.
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Sole competitor comes second in cake-baking contest

A grandmother whose Victoria Sponge was honoured with runner-up spot in a village fete cake-baking contest was rather disappointed to discover she'd actually been the only competitor, the BBC reports.
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Electric Cloud creating a Build storm

Interview Electric Cloud supplies software to speed up the Build process that's such an important part of modern "agile" software delivery. It uses a sophisticated approach to running the components of a Build in parallel.
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El Reg to bite hand that feeds ICT?

Reader poll It's come to our attention that some of you are none too keen on the term "ICT" - the bastard offspring of IT and an apparently pointless exercise in augmenting a perfectly functional acronym to endow the term with more gravitas and import.

Sky is 'silly' to whine about HD for All

Comment Satellite broadcaster Sky's public affairs chief, Martin Le Jeune, is correct: HDTV is not a fundamental human right. Neither is standard-definition TV. But that doesn't mean it should be limited to two providers, his own company and cable broadcaster Virgin Media.

Dell trips over printer cable

Computer maker Dell has been rapped by the UK advertising watchdog after failing to include an essential cable in one of its PC and printer bundle ads.
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Tories offer record industry cash for righteousness

In an extraordinary quid pro quo, Dave Cameron has promised cash-strapped record industry execs an extra £3.3bn over the next five decades in exchange for less sex and violence in music.
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Torchwood sends inspection team to CERN

Brief Torchwood's Captain Jack has been sighted at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Does this mean that when it is switched on it is likely to open a rift under Cardiff from whence all manner of spooky things shall spring?
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Firmware snub: Sony Ericsson relents

Owners of Sony Ericsson smartphones released last year now have some hope of seeing some bugs fixed.

Google gives away FeedBurner

You knew this was coming. Weeks after it paid $100 million for news-feed management company Feedburner, Google has removed all price tags from the company's services.
Cade Metz, 05 2007
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Belgium judge orders ISP to clean up network

A Belgian legal victory by authors and composers means that the country's third-largest ISP has six months to clean up its networks of copyright infringing material distributed by P2P.
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Olympics minister email spoofed

Newly demoted Olympics minister Tessa Jowell has fallen victim to pranksters who sent spoof messages in her name.
Dell Inspiron 1420

Dell chats up Asian retail stores

Dell continues to cheat on its twenty-year relationship with the direct sales model. Having fallen behind HP in the worldwide PC market, the Texas manufacturer earlier this month began selling selected desktops through WalMart stores in the U.S. and Canada. It's flirted with indirect sales in Europe. And now, it's in talks with various retail outlets in Asia.
Cade Metz, 05 2007
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Microsoft tells Ultimate Extras fans to 'hang on'

Microsoft has offered little satisfaction to Windows Vista Ultimate users frustrated by the dearth of goodies used to justify the operating system's premium price.

IBM Almaden ready for storage spin-off

IBM Almaden Research Center has been doing R&D in silicon valley for 21 years, but it's not too old to learn new tricks.
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Is Red Hat doing its part to win the 'open source' war?

Analysis Should you believe Red Hat's claims that its new Exchange marketplace for "open source business applications" contains nothing but open source business applications? We say "no" - since not even Red Hat appears to have a good answer for this question.

MS Patch Tuesday to include trio of 'critical' fixes

Next week's Patch Tuesday will see Microsoft issue three updates that fix "critical" security vulnerabilities in Windows, Office and the .Net framework. The critical designation is Microsoft's most severe rating and usually applies to flaws that can allow a computer to be hijacked with little or no interaction on the part of the user.

Bladelogic seeks $45.4m IPO

BladeLogic has revealed intentions to raise about $45.4m in an initial public offering of common shares later this year.