3rd July 2007 Archive

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  • Woman arrested for WoW love affair

    She was a 31 mage, he was a 17 warrior. Unfortunately, we're talking about their ages

    Law 03 00:42

  • Massachusetts kowtows to Microsoft

    Redmond's 'open' standards approved

    Applications 03 00:46

  • Dell gets hot over refrigerant

    Ich liebe Liebert

    Servers 03 00:52

  • iPhone hackers disclose vulns and hunt for clues

    Closing in on their Holy Grail

    Phones 03 01:37

  • Kylie confirmed for Who Xmas special

    Oz popstress embarks on Voyage Of The Damned

    Bootnotes 03 06:46

  • Swiss take on North America at nano-droid Subbuteo

    'Sh*t, I've dropped the Annapolis football team down a drain'

    Science 03 08:02

  • Possession of extreme porn to become criminal offence

    Perpetrators face three years in chokey

    Law 03 08:50

  • Slot machine inventions denied patents

    Game over

    Law 03 08:56

  • Eircom injects €5m in Northern Ireland network

    More good news for the job market

    Networks 03 09:06

  • GSMA tackles 'innovation bottleneck' on mobile phones

    More innovation needed, and quickly

    Small Biz 03 09:13

  • Global mobile subscriptions hit three billion

    Multiple SIMs boosting numbers

    Mobile 03 09:14

  • EU launches EUtube with a bang

    Minor kerfuffle over soft-core shagfest

    Government 03 09:15

  • Website honours battling Glasgow baggage handler

    Buy a pint for 'BAA's answer to Jack Bauer'

    Bootnotes 03 09:17

  • UK gov fights public spending website

    Says it'd 'cost too much'

    Government 03 09:27

  • Vibrator speaker system causes a buzz

    You hum it, I'll play it

    Hardware 03 09:34

  • Digital divide becoming chasm, research reveals

    Work on bridging the gap has stalled

    Business 03 09:35

  • Banks want data pulled from US

    Swift told to retreat all but US data

    Government 03 09:53

  • Pensioner used live shell as doorstop

    Bomb disposal disarms 'family heirloom'

    Bootnotes 03 09:54

  • Europe and Russia plan next generation spaceship

    Parallel to Orion

    Science 03 10:03

  • Internet Governance Forum still searching for something to govern

    In the beginning was the...uh...

    Management 03 10:09

  • US nutter counts to one million on net

    Charity marathon caught on webcam

    Bootnotes 03 10:13

  • Institutional idiocy in IT

    High tech narcissism or old fashioned stupidity?

    Developer 03 10:25

  • Russian copyright wars to continue despite AllofMP3 shutdown

    iTuneski RIP, but more where that came from

    Media 03 10:47

  • Philips parades gem-like gadgets for luxury loving ladies

    Look, girls, sparklies

    Hardware 03 10:53

  • Autonomy forks out $375m for US expansion

    Eats Zantaz Inc

    Storage 03 11:18

  • Malware scammers target iPhone


    Mobile 03 11:23

  • Dell provides software assurance to Special Ops Command

    SEALs deal with snake-eaters

    Servers 03 11:27

  • Wireless gadget maker to offer on-the-move internet for free

    DataWind blows in to Blighty

    Phones 03 11:30

  • SEC chases former Veritas execs over cursed AOL contract

    Watchdog still bugged by year 2000 deal

    Servers 03 11:35

  • Downing Street dodges 'unlimited' broadband debate

    The latest victory for people's paralysis

    Broadband 03 11:35

  • Gigabyte Odin GT 800W power supply unit

    The Father of the Norse Gods sends a new PSU...

    Hardware 03 11:46

  • 'Effete' Europe useless in GWOT, says bin Laden man

    Declining continent - we don't need them anyway...

    Government 03 12:07

  • SAP confesses to 'inappropriate' Oracle downloads


    Servers 03 12:08

  • Defend your home with a walking webcam

    I, Robot

    Hardware 03 12:10

  • Starburst snap holds clues to galactic evolution

    Hubble's still got it

    Science 03 12:12

  • Six Wiis sold for every PS3 purchased in Japan

    We want Wii, say consumers

    Games 03 12:24

  • Holux says balls to GPS

    Science 03 12:45

  • Hacker stalked Linkin Park frontman

    Musical discord

    Security 03 12:47

  • London NHS paper reveals plans to share patient data

    Social services and ContactPoint included

    Policy 03 12:54

  • Never say sorry I'm late again

    Have your phone say it for you

    Mobile 03 13:04

  • MEP plans EU build ban on cars faster than 100mph

    Committee considers tech-lite plan to save planet

    Government 03 13:05

  • New ASA boss targets bogus web sites

    Advertiser websites in his sights

    Media 03 13:26

  • Customers give new ISP market thumbs down

    Consumer casualties on broadband battleground

    Broadband 03 13:31

  • Stingy AT&T spoiled the iPhone party

    Why the Jesus phone couldn't perform miracles

    Mobile 03 13:34

  • Inflated real-estate market goes ballistic (in space)

    You can afford to build it: can they afford to come?

    Science 03 13:40

  • Virgin: Take the money and run, Beardie

    Carlyle's cash could come in handy

    Networks 03 13:47

  • Universal downgrades kneecapping to kick in nuts

    Reserves nuclear option

    Media 03 14:02

  • Whiteboards could damage kids and teachers' eyesight

    Razzle dazzle 'em

    Policy 03 14:09

  • Carphone Warehouses picks BlackBerry

    Phones 03 14:29

  • Riverbed dives into certification territory

    Teams up with Pearson Vue

    Broadband 03 15:46

  • Talking Trojan taunts victims

    Everything must go

    Security 03 15:49

  • Palm OS II launch date delayed again

    Not dead, just sleeping

    Operating Systems 03 15:51

  • Intel, MS eye Japanese housewives in mobile PC push

    Keyboardphobe friendly

    Hardware 03 16:00

  • Google buys voicemail firm for $50m

    Loose change for Grand Central

    Broadband 03 16:58

  • US Navy looks to achieve spy-fi miracle-dork capability

    'OK Brains, where's the secret enemy HQ?'

    Science 03 17:17

  • MPack malware exposes cheapskate web hosts

    Apache and the Domino Effect

    Security 03 19:21

  • Apple, Ebay and Amazon receive failing grade from environmentalists

    Big Blue is green, Apple is brown. Whodathunkit?

    Hardware 03 20:01

  • Gates loses 'World's richest' crown

    Slim only in name

    Financial News 03 20:07

  • Yahoo! Unveils! New! Banner! Ad! Engine!

    It knows what you want

    Applications 03 21:27

  • Sony teams up with Nielsen to track game ads

    Press start to enjoy Funyuns® brand Onion Flavored Rings

    Financial News 03 22:10